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V2 Pro Series 9

The V2 Pro Series 9 is the newest and most advanced device in their Pro series of devices. It features a touch-screen app that allows you to change the voltage, temperature, air-flow, and cut-off times.

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V2 Pro Series 7x Review

The V2 Pro Series 7x expands upon the technology of the original Series 7, and features a longer battery life and more advanced cartridges to vape a variety of different mediums.

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V2 Pro Series 3x Review

V2 recently released the Series 3x, which is a super-portable, yet powerful vaporizer that’s capable maxing out your PG e-liquids. It also features variable voltage and temperature settings.

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VaporFi VOX II MOD Review

The VOX II MOD from VaporFi is a variable voltage mod that is designed for more advanced vapers. The VOX II MOD Starter Kit comes with either the Bolt RDA, the Volt Hybrid Tank, or the Rebel Tank, depending on your vaping preference. The mod itself is a very powerful device that can operate anywhere from 7 – 50 watts. This device is used to get those huge clouds that most vapers dream of, but the VOX 50 MOD makes it a reality.

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V2 Pro Series 3 Review

V2 Cigs’ review first appeared on the site in 2010 and has been one of the most highly rated brands on electronic cigarette reviews sites for nearly 4 years now. They have now established themselves as one of the biggest names in the e-cigarette industry and we’re constantly impressed by how many of our readers have positive things to tell us about them on the site. However, as we’ve seen before, even the biggest and best electronic cigarette names can experience big growing pains, with customer service and delivery times suffering as a result. Will V2 Cigs suffer the same fate this year? Read our full Review now for the full low down on if V2 Cigs is really the best e-cigarette.

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Zig-Zag Vaporizer Line
The summer of 2014 is bringing another vaporizer to a market that has been exploding in the past few years with options. With the amount of products available, you may already have a vaporizer that you are happy with. We can assure you of one thing, you won’t be... Read more