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The Secret To Many Perfect Vape Tricks Is Easier Than You Think The Secret To Many Perfect Vape Tricks Is Easier Than You Think

Everyone loves a good vape trick show, so we’ve made this how to vape tricks guide containing both vape tricks for beginners as well as more complicated tricks to impress your friends.

We’ve seen it played out in movies and TV shows, the main character walks into the dimly lit back room, and the villain puffs his cigar, producing a perfectly shaped O of smoke before leaning into the light. For as long as people have been smoking they have been doing these sorts of smoke tricks. Since vaping has gained prominence, these sorts of tricks have come back into style, only this time utilizing vapor instead of smoke. While some are simple, others can be intricate and mesmerizing, pushing the boundaries of what once were simple parlor tricks. The artists who do these cool vape tricks, also known as cloud chasers, can be found around the world.

More often than not you’ll encounter these artists in local vape shops, producing videos online, or in competitions. Competitions are most frequently held in vape shops, and the best in the biz eventually make their way to competitions held at expos and fairs, where sponsors can see them first hand. Making it that far takes a lot of hard work and practice.

It’s important to note that part of the reason vape tricks can be so groundbreaking is that cloud chasers use e-liquids which contain little to no nicotine, reducing any risk of dangerous side effects that can occur when you ingest too much nicotine at once.

The world of vape tricks can be alluring, and with enough practice, anyone can become great. So with that in mind, we’ve assembled a guide to help start you out in the right direction, whether you just want to impress your friends with a few fun tricks or be the G.O.A.T. We’ll do some detailed overviews some of the easiest moves to master, then move onto some impressive advanced tricks. Finally, we’ll take a look at what some of the leading vape artists are doing.

It’s never easy to become the best, but with enough practice and dedication, you’ll be at the top of your game.

Beginner/Easy Tricks

How To Make Vape Rings

Vape rings are one of the tricks you see the most. As mentioned before this trick is commonly utilized in movies and TV.  While we do have this listed as one of our easier tricks, it can still be quite difficult to perfect and takes practice to master. However, learning this trick is an essential foundational step in becoming a legitimate cloud chaser.

You start by taking a deep pull from your rig and holding the pull in the back of your throat. Your tongue should be positioned at the bottom of your mouth but pulled back slightly from its natural position. Next, you form an O shape with your mouth, before finally forcefully releasing a short burst of air from your throat. It can be helpful to think of this as similar to stopping yourself mid-cough. What you get is a small puff of vapor that, being pushed through your O shaped lips, forms a ring. Making the size of your ring bigger or smaller is done by adjusting the O of your lips. The vape ring is often times the base of more complicated maneuvers. That’s why it’s important to practice it so that you can learn to manipulate it later.

Eventually, when you are comfortable with the traditional vape ring, you can try spamming or doubling them. Doing one or both of these methods can fill a room with smoke rings in a matter of seconds. For doubling, simply place a finger over the O shape of your lips, then continue like you would with a standard vape ring. This splits what was previously one ring into two. Spamming, or producing rings at a faster rate, is performed when you’ve taken a drag and are holding the vapor at the back of your throat. Instead of forcing a short puff out, you tap the side of your throat. While these adaptations take some getting used to, when you get it down it is an impressive and fun trick to perform.


French Inhale

Next in our set of tricks is the French Inhale. This is a trick that stems from cigarette smoking but has been expanded and developed by vapers with twists like the Bane becoming quite popular.

For a French inhale you take a decent sized pull and let it settle in your mouth. Then you part your lips slightly and extend your lower jaw to allow the vapor to leave your mouth. As the vape smoke is exiting your mouth, you inhale it through your nostril. This can be difficult at first so it may take some trial and error to get it right.

The Bane variation is accomplished by holding your teeth together. The vapor is then separated and becomes multiple trails before being inhaled again.


Ghost Inhale

The Ghost inhale is another fun vape trick. Some feel that the ghost and French inhales are the same since they require very similar skills, but they are widely considered two different tricks. While the ghost inhale is one of the more simple tricks to achieve, doing it properly can actually be a real challenge.

The gist of the trick is to take a drag, then exhale the cloud, before finally sucking it all back in. You achieve this by taking a big hit, allowing the vapor to sit in your mouth for a moment. Then, as quickly as possible, you exhale in one burst. Finally, you re-inhale the vapor, moving your mouth towards it to prevent escape.


Advanced Vape Tricks

Once you work out the skills to perfect the more foundational steps, then you’re ready to move on to the next level of vaping tricks. This is where tricks tend to be more specific to vaping, which allows more creativity than with traditional smoke tricks. Advanced tricks take a lot more time to master, but the results can be amazing. Learn enough tricks, and you can put on an entire show by yourself. There are so many variations, but here we’ll focus on just two of them; The vape tornado and the jellyfish vape trick.

Vape Tornado

The vape tornado is a fun move that has been gaining popularity for a while. In summary what you do what the name implies and take vapor and turn it into a small tornado. It’s accomplished by first taking a huge pull from your vape, then slowly exhaling it onto a flat surface. This can be a table a counter, whatever you want as long as it’s flat. You have to move quickly after exhaling, to ensure the vapor is still as thick as possible. Then in a few quick motions, you take your hand, chop and flick the vapor upward. You move your hand upward in a spiraling motion. This moves the vapor up into a tight spiral. Once mastered this move can be chained with others to create insane combos.


Occasionally known as the forcefield or the atomic bomb, this move is most widely called the Jellyfish. In order to accomplish this move, you will have needed to master vape rings. The goal of this trick is blowing two different sized vape rings. First a more massive ring and then a smaller one that passes through the first, creating a jellyfish-like shape.

To start you blow a large smoke ring, then immediately slow it down by placing your palm behind it. You then blow a second smaller ring and aim it to pass through the larger. When done correctly the circles combine and move together, leaving a trail behind them which resembles a jellyfish’s tentacles. Some cloud chasers finish this move by leaving it to hang while compounding other moves, others simply inhale the jellyfish for a final touch.

Best Type Of E-Liquid For Tricks?

Switching your liquid is one of the simplest ways to optimize your vape trick skill. As mentioned earlier, for your safety and health, it is essential to use a liquid that is zero nic. If you are only dabbling, low nicotine is fine, but if you plan on pursuing tricks with hours of practice 0mg nicotine is the way to go.

The other part of e-liquids that most affects vape tricks is the PG/VG balance. Since flavor is not the critical part of tricks or chasing, you’ll want to opt for a liquid with higher VG levels, which promotes thick vapor but inhibits flavor somewhat. While practicing, a 70VG/30PG split works well. For competition though, we recommend using a max VG liquid which will give you larger, thicker cloud to work with.

What Are The Best Vapes For Tricks?

Depending on what you use now, you may be looking to upgrade your device so you can be more efficient doing tricks. The most significant factors for easy vape tricks are cloud production, which is most impacted by the power supply, output, and airflow. Everyone has a sweet spot within these factors that works best for them and their trick style. It takes some time to find that spot, but when you find it the pay off is fantastic.

There are a few general criteria that can help point you in the right direction. For starters, you’ll want a box mod, preferably powered by two or more batteries. That being said, some newer single and internal battery mods have advanced to the point of providing sufficient power. A lot of advanced cloud chasers prefer to use unregulated devices, with RDA’s often working best at giving them control and customization. Using an unregulated mod safely, however, requires an immense amount of knowledge of proper battery care. If you are not overly confident in your understanding of unregulated mods, the best option is to opt for a regulated mod, paired with a sub-ohm tank. This pairing is also capable of producing massive clouds.

While a powerful mod and atomizer are essential, to perform at a high level consistently, it still takes a few more pieces. First thing is quality batteries. It’s important to only use high-quality batteries from manufacturers you can trust. When cared for properly, batteries can help your device handle strain. Coils are also very important. It matters less what they are made of, as long as they are rated as safe to use with your device. Instead what matters most with coils is how much of the coil’s surface area is in contact with your saturated wicking material. This is key to making your coils efficient for cloud chasing.

If you are looking for supplies like these, and you aren’t looking to break the bank doing it, you should definitely head over to our deals section. We regularly update it with the latest deals on some fantastic products and devices. It’s our hope that we can help make vaping more accessible for the budget conscious.

Can You Do Tricks With A Juul?

While having more power in your mod and atomizer, along with the right e-liquid makes vape tricks easier, it is still possible to do many tricks with a cig-a-like such as Juul. For instance the beginner tricks we went over before, the French inhale, and the ghost inhale, are both relatively easily accomplished with a Juul. Smoke rings can be performed as well if you take a big enough drag. The more complex tricks, however, require more vapor, and cig-a-likes have a limited ability to produce it.

Top Vape Artists

Austin Lawrence

If you search the internet for vape smoke tricks one of the first videos you come across will probably be from vAustinL or Austin Lawrence. This 23-year-old has a reputation for being one of the best trick artists in the world. He hasn’t achieved his popularity through competition, but rather through his astronomical social media presence. He boasts 1.9 million followers on Instagram alone. Even the rich and famous follow this guy, with the likes of Drake having sought out private lessons with the guy.

Austin is the co-owner of a vape shop, which is frequently the setting of his videos. He performs mesmerizing tricks, often while showing off the latest in gear and e-liquids. Though he is a master of many a trick, Austin is absolutely at his best with vape rings. Some of the feats he accomplishes, with what appears to be relative ease, are basically unrepeatable by anyone else. A video of @vAustinL is like a masterclass in the art of vaping.

Zach Berge

Zach Berge is a well-known name in vaping. VGODs, the group Berge helped found, is even more well known. You’ll find their strong social media presence across the web. As a solo act, Zach skyrocketed to popularity after posting his first vape video. Within a week he went from 75 followers to 75,000, and since starting VGODs, those numbers have only grown. The videos Berge posts are mind-blowing, his jellyfish moves, in particular, are gorgeous. Berge continually acknowledges how grateful he is to the vape community and the future they have given him and his friends via vape tricks.

Titus Edwards

Another social media superstar, Titus Edwards, better known as King Titus, has 242k Instagram followers and growing. Vaping since 2015, Titus started to help him quit smoking. When a friend showed him a vape trick video, his heart was captured. He practiced and eventually started his Instagram. He has since earned a reputation as one of the top dogs in the community, with brands often paying him to use their products. Titus’ specialties are his smoke ring splits and merges, which are stunning vape tricks to watch.

Japan Trick Factory

While this group hasn’t gained much prominence outside of Japan, it is apparent to those who watch that their star is on the rise. Posting videos with mind-bending tricks, each one is more impressive than the last. It is no wonder that this troop calls themselves the number 1 vape team in Japan. Their skills certainly deserve more widespread notoriety, and a visit to their Instagram is a must.

Manny Urzua

Another performer that is not as well known as they ought to be, Manny Urzua went from up and comer to top of the game when he became the VC Cloud Trick Champion. The VC Cloud Championship is known for being the largest prize in vaping. Manny, like so many peers, started vaping to help him quit smoking. In fact, he says that vaping saved his life, giving him direction and passion along with a career, Manny specializes in rings and is at his best when combining and spamming.


To help you really get a feeling for how to do vape tricks, we’ve included these choice compilations to show you what professionals look like when they’re putting on a show.

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