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The Best Box Mod Guide of 2020 The Best Box Mod Guide of 2020

Introduction to Box Mods

Enthusiasts in the vaping community have been adopting box mods at an unprecedented rate, as they’ve proven themselves to be a more advanced option. Most of these vapers were looking to upgrade to something more powerful than standard cig-a-likes or vape pens. Box Mods offer extended battery life and an array of advanced features, making them the preferred choice for much of the vaping community these days, many of the seasoned staff here at ElectronicCigarettesReviews.net included.

With an ever-expanding variety of box mods available on the market, it can get pretty overwhelming for those trying to choose the box mod that’s just right for them. Luckily for you, we’ve put together our annual guide of the best box mods on the market to help you find the one that’s right for you. Featured in this box mods Guide, you’ll see our top devices categorized by best in class, best for beginners, and best value. If you’re new to vaping or merely looking for more information, we’ve written a comprehensive beginners guide to help get you started. To top it off, we’ve included 10 of our other favorite mods that didn’t quite make the top three.

Our User Top Rated Devices

Best In Class

Yihi SX Mini G Class 200W TC

 Yihi SX Mini G Class 200W TC It was a great year for YiHi, as they found themselves on top of several best of the year lists with their brand new SX Mini G Class 200W Mod. The heart of this incredible device is the high powered YiHi Chipset, which gives the SX Mini a plethora of versatility. Other manufacturers have attempted to pack as much power and craftsmanship into their devices as YiHi, but so far they’ve been unchallenged. The care and quality used in their construction make the YiHi Mini G Class 200W Box Mod an easy choice for our 2020 Best In Class pick.

Powered by dual 18650 batteries, the SX Mini G Class provides precise control between 5W and 200W. You can also alter the voltage between 1.0V and 9.5V while functioning with resistance as low as 0.05 ohms. Built from extremely high-quality Zinc Alloy and Stainless Steel, the SX Mini G can take whatever life throws at it. But don’t think that means it’s by any means a bulky mod. It’s made to be equal parts durable and ergonomic, thanks in part to excellent features such as the high-quality joystick control. It also supports Bluetooth connectivity, which works perfectly in tandem with the OLED display for an overall intuitive experience no matter what level vaper you are.

By building the SX Mini G Class around their incredible SX550J chipset, YiHi has indeed created something special. Taking advantage of the innovative SXi-Q Intelligent Taste Curve only further improves the experience by producing thick and flavorful vapor with a wide range of e-liquids. These added functions prove YiHi is willing to go the extra mile. When other brands too often choose the bare minimum, as long as it doesn’t draw too much negative attention, YiHi holds themselves to a higher standard. It sells for $239.95 MSRP and comes in a few different color styles, so be sure to check out what they have before you buy. Also, don’t forget to look around for deals or discounts as most manufacturers continually offer special prices if you know where and when to look.

Buy The Yihi SX Mini G Class 200W TC


Best Versatility

Vaporesso Polar 220W TC

 Vaporesso Polar 220W TC Vaporesso is at it once again with a fantastic vaporizer for an insane price. One of several successful devices to come out last year from Vaporesso was the Polar 220W Starter Kit. In fact, this was considered by many to be the best vaporizer they released, with a particular note given to its versatility. It doesn’t take long to realize precisely why so many people swear by the Polar for their different vaping needs. This makes it an ideal device for anyone who likes to spend time perfecting their setup with the latest tanks and atomizers.

The Vaporesso Polar is powered by dual 18650 batteries which allows it to reach a max wattage of 220W, all while functioning with resistance as low as 0.03 ohms. With such a wide range, the Polar is built to work with most types of common tanks and atomizers. This particular kit comes with a Vaporesso Cascade Baby SE Sub-Ohm Tank, which is a fantastic tank to start with. The durable tank is built using Stainless Steel, and Pyrex reinforced glass, which allows it to take some abuse. The Omni Board 4.0 powers the Polar providing consistently incredible flavor and mouthfeel, all with an insanely fast activation speed of only 0.001 seconds.

The strikingly beautiful vape features a high-quality OLED display which displays all the most relevant information intuitively. You can get yours in any of seven vibrant and beautiful color schemes, including three exceptional color gradients. At just $99.95 MSRP, the Vaporesso Polar 220W Starter Kit is an absolute steal. But if you’re always looking for the best deal possible, be sure to check around for an even better special price. The kit was made for all you adventurous vapers out there always looking for the latest and greatest atomizers on the market. That makes the Vaporesso Polar 220W Starter Kit the only choice for 2020’s most versatile vaporizer.

Buy The Vaporesso Polar 220W TC


Best Value

Innokin Proton 235W Box Mod

Innokin Proton 235W Box Mod Many in the vaping community swear by Innokin as the premier brand for high-quality, yet affordable experiences. They protected this reputation so well this year they even earned our pick for the Best Value Vaporizer of the Year with the Innokin Proton 235W Box Mod. It’s ideal for vapers who desire top notch vapor quality, but don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend. So if this sounds like you, be sure to check out what you’re missing.

The Innokin Proton is powered by two 18650 batteries, providing a broad range between 6W – 235W, with voltage maxing out at 7.5V. Even more impressive is just how incredibly low the resistance can be while still functioning safely, going down to just 0.05 ohms. It was built with portability in mind, but that doesn’t mean it lacks in the style department. The durable Zinc Alloy body ensures the Proton can take whatever life throws at it. You can quickly and easily change the settings with just a single hand thanks to the all-new joystick controls.

We’ve come to expect nothing less from the makers over at Innokin. They’ve expertly crafted a device which provides an exceptional vaping experience, all at a bargain price. It sells for only around $79.95 MSRP and is offered in one of three color styles. If it’s still a bit too expensive for you, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for new offers and deals on the Innokin Proton 235W Box Mod.

Buy The Innokin Proton 235W Box Mod


Best of the Rest Box Mod Reviews

Vapor Storm Puma 200W TC

 Vapor Storm Puma 200W TC You may not know the name Vapor Storm, but with incredible devices like the Puma 200W Mod, it won’t be long before they’re a household name. This beautifully designed vape was made to offer incredible functionality and power at a fraction of the price others charge for similar features. You can get one of over 20 different faceplates for you Puma, but they’re more than simple color swaps. Instead, they offer several intricate patterns and themes along with vibrant colors. As such, this is the perfect device for making a statement every time you vape.

The Puma is powered by dual 18650 batteries, which provides it with max outputs of 200W and 600 degrees Fahrenheit, all while allowing for resistances as low as 0.06 ohms. As such, it’s excellent for vapers who want to try a wide variety of sub-ohm or RDA setups. The body is constructed to be extremely durable, made from an advanced lightweight ABS material. It can be fully temperature controlled, including two programmable presets when using Ni200 Nickel, Ti01 Titanium, or SS316 Stainless Steel coils.

Vapor Storm may be a newer brand, but with exceptional devices like the Puma 200W Mod, it won’t be long before every vaper has heard of them. While they offer over 20 different options for faceplates, many of the more popular styles can often be sold out. So be sure to check in regularly for restocks if the one you’re after is currently unavailable. At only $49.95 MSRP, the Puma is one of the most affordable vaporizers on our list, but you can usually find even better prices if you keep an open eye and know where to look.

Buy The Vapor Storm Puma 200W TC


Vaporesso Revenger Mini 85W TC

Vaporesso Revenger Mini 85W TC The original Revenger Mod was one of the most successful vaporizers of the last several years, and now Vaporesso is offering a more compact version, dubbed the Revenger Mini 85W Mod. Unsurprisingly, this vape was designed for those looking to take their vaping on the go without too much of a hassle. But it’s not just portability it provides, as it implements several innovative features which significantly increase the quality of the vaping experience.

The Revenger Mini is powered by an internal 2500 mAh battery, allowing for a maximum output of 85W and 600 degrees Fahrenheit, all while working with resistance as low as 0.05 ohms. The body was constructed using an exciting new method, where high quality and durable ABS material is combined with an aluminum alloy frame to ensure the Revenger Mini can take a beating. Fans of the original Revenger can rest assured, the famous Customized Curve of Wattage (CCW) and Customized Curve of Temperature (CCT) modes found on the original version are both standards on the Mini as well.

Plenty of brands attempt to make “mini” version of their most popular devices, but few succeed as much as Vaporesso has with their Revenger Mini 85W Box Mod. It packs everything you loved about the original into a much more compact package. You can get yours in any of five color options, including a unique green and red Christmas themed version. Anyone in the market for a high-quality vaporizer that’s built to take with you anywhere should seriously consider the Vaporesso Revenger Mini 85W Box Mod.

Buy The Vaporesso Revenger Mini 85W TC


VooPoo Mojo 88W TC

VooPoo Mojo 88W TC Most people know VooPoo as the kind of brand who doesn’t waste time and money on unnecessary flashy features. This drive to only give people what they need is as evident as ever with their Mojo 88W Box Mod. This device is perfect for any vaper, as it’s easy enough to use for beginners, but packs enough power and functionality to keep advanced vapers happy. As such, it’s ideal for anyone looking to upgrade by taking their first step into the world of box mods.

The VooPoo Mojo is powered by an internal 2600 mAh battery which provides a maximum output of 88W and 8.5V, all while functioning with resistance as low as 0.05 ohms. This simple and stealthy vaporizer is equipped to handle lots of different styles, providing some surprising versatility. The Mojo is also constructed from a high-quality Zinc Alloy, making it extremely durable and able to take whatever you can throw at it. The whole device is powered by the impressive GENE chip, which allows the Mojo to provide consistently incredible and robust vapor. You won’t have to wait long either, as it sports an insanely fast 10 millisecond firing time.

While not a direct sequel, the Mojo is undoubtedly a spiritual successor to other popular VooPoo vaporizers like the Too and Drag mods. Being made by VooPoo means everything is done with a level of passion and love that is rarely seen from other manufacturers. It comes in any of seven striking colors, such as a recreation of the famous Tiffany company light blue. It sells for only $64.95 MSRP, making it one of the more affordable vapes on our list. Anybody who wants an intuitive, but still versatile device should take a good hard look at the VooPoo Mojo 88W Box Mod.

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Aspire Puxos 100W

Aspire Puxos 100W Aspire has built a reputation over the last several years for providing vapers with an incredible vaping experience alongside striking design. Their best vape of last year was none other than the Puxos 100W Box Mod, which was built to be extremely efficient thanks to its tech and versatility. It’s especially great for vapers who are always on the go and need a vaporizer that can keep up with them.

The Aspire Puxos is powered by either a single 20700, 21700, or 18650 battery, giving it added functionality. When using a 20700 or 21700 battery, the Puxos has a maximum output of 100W, while it maxes at 80W with an 18650 battery. The minimum resistance regardless of battery type is 0.1 ohms which allow it to work in many sub-ohm setups. The Customized Power Settings mode enables users to set a couple presets, making it a total breeze to pick up right where you left off.

As 18650 batteries are quickly becoming the standard, it’s great to see a brand take advantage of other battery styles. Each type of cell has a specific ideal use, and the Puxos takes advantage of those differences to provide a consistently long lasting and high-quality experience. You can get yours in any of fourteen styles, including seven solid colors and seven designs such as jazz and camo. Anyone looking for a long lasting vaporizer with a personality should check out the Aspire Puxos 100W Mod.

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Sigelei Kaos Spectrum

Sigelei Kaos SpectrumThe Kaos Spectrum by Sigelei offers users the single best value on the market today. Boasting a massive 230 watts of power off only two 18650 batteries, featuring full temperature control with a level of precision rarely seen before. Crafted with a modern aesthetic, the device offers a TFT color screen housed in a sleek black body wrapped in a belt of LEDs with six adjustable colors. That allows you to customize the device to fit any mood or occasion.

The Sigelei Kaos Spectrum gives users an incredible array of features considering its economical pricing. The device features a preheat mode to maintain an optimal temperature, ensuring you’ll get rich, flavorful clouds every hit. The Kaos Spectrum also offers variable wattage and bypass modes giving you excellent flexibility and control over your vaping experience. Sticking with the theme of versatility, the Kaos Spectrum allows users to connect any 510 threaded atomizers, and it offers firmware upgradability through the use of USB.

This device easily offers over $100 of value, but you can regularly find it priced around $50. The Kaos Spectrum by Sigelei is one of the most versatile, yet economical devices available on the market, making it the Best Value for anyone from beginners to cloud-chasing, power users.

Buy The Sigelei Kaos


GeekVape Aegis Shielded

GeekVape AegisThe innovators at GeekVape bring you the Aegis Shielded 100W Temperature Control box mod, one of my personal favorites on this list. It was designed to be waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof thanks to its unique LSR injection-molding technology. The compact form makes it the perfect choice for vapers on the go, with a sleek, yet durable design crafted to stand the test of time.

The Aegis can be powered by either a single 26650 or 18650 battery, giving users flexibility not seen on similar devices. The atomizer heats to the optimal range within seconds, offering users adjustable wattage and temperature control mode. This vaporizer meets MIL-STD-810g standards for shock-proofing and features an IP67 rating for dust and water-proofing.

The Aegis features a comfortable ergonomic grip in a slim form and is available in a variety of colors. GeekVapes proprietary chip delivers a powerful feature-set making for one of most advanced box mods available on the market today. All this for a hyper-competitive price makes the Aegis by Geekvape a fantastic option for anyone looking for precise control over their vaping experience.

Buy The GeekVape Aegis



SMOK GX350 Box Mod ReviewSMOKtech brings you their most recent innovation, the SMOK GX350 starter kit. The GX350 has proven itself to be a hit in the vaping community thanks to its massive power, sleek design, and robust feature-set. Match all this with impressive battery life, and you’ve got a vape good enough for any cloud chaser.

The GX350 harnesses the power of 4 18650 batteries bringing you up to 350 watts of adjustable power. These extra cells give you an extended battery life that easily outlasts competitors, allowing you to blow clouds for hours on end. The firmware of the onboard chipset is fully upgradable, allowing the option for even higher performance output. This device offers compatibility with practically any atomizer you can throw at it, as well as provide consistent and precise temperature control.

The GX350 by SMOK offers built-in protections against low voltages, short-circuiting, low resistance, and battery depletion to ensure you and your mod are safe. This model also features a minimum functional resistance of 0.06 ohms, making it the perfect fit for any sub-ohm vaping enthusiasts looking to maximize their power output while paying a minimal price.

Buy The SMOK GX350


SMOK G Priv Touch Screen

Smok G Priv Vape ModSome companies are perfectly fine with resting on their laurels, continuing the pump out the same products year after year. SMOKtech refuses to be complacent and continues to push its legacy of innovation with the SMOK G-Priv Touch-Screen box mod. Gone are clunky button controls of the past, giving way to a unique 2.4” OLED touch-screen. This beautiful display gives you access to every setting, offering users an unprecedented level of customization and allowing them to push the device to its fullest potential.

Aside from a fantastic touchscreen, the innovative G-Priv by SMOK delivers up to 220 watts of power output from two 18650 batteries and offers a temperature control mode. The minimum resistance of this box mod is 0.06 ohms, allowing compatibility with practically any atomizer, giving users the flexibility to build any setup they can imagine. This device features pre-heating enabling users to begin blowing cloud after cloud quickly. The beautiful modern design incorporates shatter-proof glass, giving it unparalleled durability.

If you’re conscious of battery life, the G-Priv has a dedicated button to turn the screen on and off when not in use to help mitigate any unnecessary draining. The gorgeous display and robust feature-set are controlled by the most innovative high-end chip available. The G-Priv by SMOK offers users a genuinely revolutionary vaping experience, and when paired with the fantastic deals found here at ECR you can often see the device listed for as low as $75. Making it the perfect way for any enthusiast to get one of the most advanced box mods on the market today.

Buy The SMOK G-Priv Touch



iJoy RDTA 200W Starter KitiJoy has completely changed the face of box mods as we know them, sparking a revolution in the vaping industry. While companies are scrambling to create imitations, iJoy was the first to implement a built-in larger capacity RDTA. A true reflection of innovation and engineering, iJoy brings you the convenience of a built-in RDTA with a tank boasting an impressive 12.8mL e-liquid capacity. To top it all off the RDTA gives 200 watts of power output, allowing you to puff rich clouds for hours on end.

This device is a flagship for iJoy and helped cement their dominance of the market. This box mod exudes quality, with a durable build quality and a comfortable ergonomic grip that feels natural in your hands. The iJoy features interchangeable decks, allowing a high level of customization through the 11 variations they offer. The device hosts a beautiful LED vertical stack display and is powered by two 18650 batteries, allowing all day use even for the heaviest power-users.

The iJoy RDTA balances optimal efficiency with maximum power output, making it truly a builder’s dream. This box mod is thoroughly worth the purchase, coming in a variety of colors and can be found priced below $75, thanks in part to the great deals found on ElectronicCigarettesReviews.net. This device is easily best in class with competitors struggling to play catch-up, do not miss your opportunity to own one of the greatest box mods available on the market today.

Buy The iJoy RDTA


SMOK Alien 220W

Smok Alien Box ModNext up from SMOKtech is the SMOK Alien box mod. Living up to its namesake, The Alien is simply out of this world in performance, design, and unique features. This otherworldly beast is powered by dual 18650 batteries and can deliver an impressive 220 watts of power output near instantaneously. The device is also capable of handling resistances as low as 0.06 ohms through either its wattage or temperature control modes, helping to distinguish the Alien from anything else on this planet.

The Alien’s proprietary chipset by SMOKtech is one of the most intelligent on the market, offering advanced customization with a robust feature set. The firmware is capable of being fully upgradable through the use of its micro USB charging port. That ensures you’ll always have the latest advancements to help you unlock your devices potential. SMOKtech has an impressive track-record of pushing out timely and innovative updates, continually pushing the limits of their devices. The Alien hosts a beautiful OLED display that features dual battery indicators and an array of other information, offering you more versatility with your vaporizer.

The SMOK Alien box mod offers built-in safety protections against short-circuiting, low voltages, and low resistance. These protections help provide peace of mind to users who enjoy vaping at higher power outputs. The Alien boasts an inspired design, unlike anything you’ve seen before. By featuring a comfortable ergonomic grip in a sleek and compact form, this vaporizer offers users incredible portability. The Alien by SMOKTech delivers out-of-this-world performance paired with space-age design, making it a phenomenal choice for enthusiasts of all levels.

Buy The SMOK Alien


WISMEC Predator

Wismec Predator Box ModWismec Electronics and Sinuous Designs have teamed up to bring you the Predator 228, an extremely powerful and advanced dual battery box mod. It blends recent advancements and innovations in vaping technology with a bold modern aesthetic brought to you courtesy of Sinuous Designs. The Predator offers users unrivaled portability and power, making it an excellent go-to vape for everyday use.

The Predator by Wismec boasts Buck-Boost technology delivering steady power output that allows you to fire up to a 50 amp current. Powered by dual 18650 batteries, this 228-watt beast features 2A rapid-charging and is even capable of serving as a power bank to charge your smartphone through the use of a separately purchased adapter. The device offers a temperature control mode alongside a variable wattage mode allowing a high degree of control to help you produce that perfect cloud. The onboard firmware is fully upgradeable, offering users greater expandability and customization.

The Predator by Wismec Electronics offers users plenty of innovation packed into a beautiful compact form thanks to a collaboration with Sinuous Designs. The device’s advanced feature-set and inspired crafting make it an excellent choice for all-day, everyday seasoned vapers while offering convenience and ease of use for the novice as well. Combined with its very affordable pricing, the Predator makes the perfect go-to for vaping enthusiasts of any level.

Buy The WISMEC Predator



Wismec Reuleaux RX Gen 3 Box ModWismec continues to push the limits of vaping technology by fusing innovation and inspiration in its third generation of the Reuleaux RX series. Wismec was previously known in the industry for being in an all-out wattage war with competitors trying to see who can get the most power at the cost of comfort and design. Wismec has now long since changed its direction and continues to do so by offering users an ergonomic grip in a sleek form with impressive power output.

The Reuleaux RX Gen3 comes in a variety of five color options, looking great in all of them. Despite its slim form, the Gen3 still offers users a gorgeous 1.3-inch OLED display allowing convenient access to information. The device gives users a temperature control mode and a variable wattage mode offering up to a hefty 300 watts of power. It features a minimum resistance of 0.05 ohms in temperature control mode, and a minimum of 0.1 ohms in wattage mode, giving sub-ohming users an incredible amount of customization to chase the rich clouds of their dreams. Wismec has implemented a variety of safety protections against low voltages, low resistances, short-circuiting, reverse polarity, and battery depletion, ensuring protection against damage and peace of mind.

The Reuleaux RX Series Gen3 by Wismec Electronics makes an excellent vape for at-home use and will help you generate rich, massive clouds with the right atomizer. This device is great for testing your limits and is more beautiful than ever thanks to designs by JayBo. The Reuleaux RX Gen 3 makes an excellent box mod for intermediate to advanced vapers thanks to its ability to pair any atomizer, helping unlock the device’s real potential.

Buy The WISMEC RX Gen 3


WISMEC Reuleaux RX 2/3

Reuleaux RX 2/3Next up from Wismec is another innovative collaboration with Jay-Bo, the Reuleaux RX Series 2/3. Featuring the ability to use 2 or 3 18650 batteries this device offers excellent flexibility in power options with beautiful design and delivers a rich feature set all at an affordable price. While not considered compact by any stretch of the imagination, this device makes a great go-to for at-home use.

The Reuleaux RX 2/3 features variable wattage with a maximum of 150 watts with two batteries and up to 200 with three. It also offers a variety of other temperature control modes giving users a high degree of control to chase that perfect cloud. The device is capable of firing at 0.05 ohms, so should you enjoy pushing the envelope the RX 2/3 offers several built-in protections to guarantee users peace of mind.

Wismec Electronics’ Reuleaux RX 2/3 is a mighty device, while the designs by JayBo bring an elegance you’re going to be thrilled to show off to guests. A balance of power and safety at an affordable price, thanks to excellent deals here at ECR, make this the perfect device for the novice cloud chaser looking to push their boundaries and limits.

Buy The WISMEC RX 2/3


SMOK X Cube Ultra

Smok X-Cube Ultra Box ModThe X Cube line has proven to be a substantial critical and commercial success over the years, and SMOKtech continues that legacy of innovation with the X Cube Ultra. They’ve upped the wattage to a mighty 220 watts, compared to 160 in previous versions, giving the device the flexibility to fire virtually any RDA and sub-ohm tank on the market. SMOKtech manages to pack plenty of innovation and inspiration into a bold modern box.

The SMOK X Cube Ultra boasts several unique features including haptic feedback to give you greater insight into your vaping experience. This feature notifies you when turning it on or attaching an atomizer, for example. Luckily it can be turned off entirely if that’s not your sort of thing, with a traditional screen combined with an innovative LED strip used instead to keep you informed.

The X Cube Ultra by SMOKtech offers one of the most exceptional vaping experiences available when paired with the TFV12 tank, so be sure to check out the kit deals when purchasing. SMOK gives users advanced device control with either its built-in buttons or through the companion app. The device also features expandability with upgradeable firmware via micro USB or Bluetooth, making it a perfect fit for both new and experienced vapers who want to unlock all their device has to offer.

Buy The SMOK X Cube Ultra


Eleaf iStick Pico Box

eLeaf iStick Pico Box ModThe 21700 is the latest innovation in the iStick Pico line by Eleaf. Another box mod collaboration by Jay-Bo Designs, the iStick Pico 21700 combines exceptional style with advanced features. Pico is an acronym meaning preferable, innovative, compact, and outstanding. Our seasoned staff here at ECR will gladly attest that the 21700 easily lives up to its namesake.

The iStick Pico 21700 gives users an all-in-one vaping solution with its hyper-efficient ELLO tank giving users the ability to blow massive clouds. This tank offers a capacity of 2mL, which should deliver daylong usage to all but the heaviest of vapers. The device features variable wattage that can reach up to 75 watts, with adjustable resistance ranging from 0.1 to 3.5 Ohms. It also offers full temperature control which operates at resistances of 0.05 to 1.5 Ohms. All this powered by an included high-drain Avatar 21700 cell, with support for 18650 batteries as well.

The iStick Pico 21700 by Eleaf delivers an exceptional vaping experience packed into an advanced box. The built-in safety protections help guarantee users peace of mind. All this at a very competitive price point makes the Pico 21700 an excellent choice for the novice vaping enthusiast on the go.

Buy The eLeaf iStick Pico


Tesla Invader 2/3

Tesla Invader 2-3 Box ModTeslacigs brings you one of the best devices on the market with their new Invader 2/3 box mod. This vaporizer blends functionality with slim design, all for an impressive price. A successor to the popular Invader III kit, Teslacigs latest innovation improves efficiency by delivering up to 50% more power output with the option for a third battery.

The Invader 2/3 is indeed a beast of a vape and uses 2 or 3 18650 cells. Two batteries are capable of reaching a maximum output of 240 watts, and three can produce as high as 350 watts when inserting a third. This device features variable voltage with the ability to adjust between 3.0-8.0V, allowing users to dial in that perfect cloud.

The Invader 2/3 by Teslacigs delivers dominant performance crammed into a bold box. Tesla also continues to bring you all the latest innovations in safety protocols and protections to help guarantee peace of mind. Letting users just sit back and focus on chasing those clouds. By giving users mighty power output in a bold form, all at a reasonable price, Tesla has made the Invader 2/3 one of the best choices for power vapers looking to step their game up in 2020.

Buy The Tesla Invader 2/3


Guide to Vaporizer Pens

The Basics of Box Mods

The advanced personal vaporizer or APV, better known as Box Mods, offer users greater versatility and power over conventional vape pens. These powerful devices deliver users the latest innovations such as variable voltage and temperature control. Often these devices will feature upgradable firmware, allowing the option for further expandability.

The term mod came from the age of early users modifying antique hardware to expand the functionality of their devices to unlock their true potential. Manufacturers quickly took notice, rapidly pushing out innovations of their own and helping vaping technology reach new pinnacles. Modern mods offer a wide array of functionality and are carefully designed to handle the massive advancements in power output.

The box portion of the name stems from the simple rectangular form of earlier designs. While there are plenty of companies that still offer this basic shape, manufacturers have drawn plenty of inspiration over the years, pushing the limits of their design while improving ergonomics. In the following guide, you will find plenty of useful information on box mods including the different classes, styles, and features of devices. Hopefully, by the end our grizzled staff here at ECR will have left you an informed consumer, feeling confident about finding the box mod that’s perfect for you.

Types of Vape Mods

Every advanced personal vaporizer or box mod is either an unregulated (mechanical) or regulated (circuit-protected) mod.

Unregulated mods, also known as mechanical or mech mods for short, offer users less sophisticated hardware to deliver the full power of the battery directly to the atomizer. While access to this raw power is perfect for advanced vapers seeking to push the limits of themselves and their devices, these mods can present a hazard to the beginner or novice that lacks knowledge on safe use.

Unregulated mech mods have long-since faded from popularity, with regulated mods delivering comparable power on top of implementing built-in safety features. These devices feature an integrated chipset that regulates the amount of power going to the atomizer. It allows users to safely adjust the temperature to their personal preferences, giving them the control to chase that perfect cloud. These devices tend to offer a variety of advanced features not seen in mech mods such as variable wattage, temperature control, pass-thru charging, upgradeable firmware, and much more. Some devices even offer hardware-level customization to advanced users, such as dynamic wattage curves and high-level memory configuration.

How to Choose Your Perfect Box Mod

System Style

One of the first things to consider when on the market for a box mod is whether you’re looking for an expandable device or all-in-one system. The all-in-one systems offer users an atomizer built directly into the vaporizer. Often these atomizers are not able to be swapped out and upgraded. However, an integrated atomizer ensures it pairs perfectly with your device to provide the most pleasant vaping experience possible. However, there are plenty in the vaping community who enjoy tweaking and upgrading their devices and may see this as a drawback

An expandable system offers users greater flexibility by allowing you to select a base box mod then pair it with your perfect atomizer. Having the ability to swap atomizers is a fantastic option as technology rapidly advances. That can essentially allow users to upgrade their device for years without the need to purchase an entirely new box. That also gives users the ability to mix and match components until they find the right combination for blowing that perfect cloud. The main drawback is that those new to vaping may have a more difficult time choosing the atomizer that’s right for them, in what some may consider a saturated marketplace. But a word to the wise is that you can rarely go wrong by choosing a box and atomizer combo from the same manufacturer.

Features vs. Cost

No matter your system style, the next factor you’re going to be concerned about are the devices features. One of the more important things to consider is how much power you want, or are going to need. The number of batteries the device can hold is important to consider, not only because it can allow for higher power output but it can also give users an extended battery life between charges. You may also want to consider the design and ergonomics of the box itself to ensure the vaporizer will feel comfortable to use and be easy to carry.

Generally speaking, the more options a unit offers, the more expensive it’s going to be. While integrated chipsets offer users an advanced array of features, these devices often come with hefty price tags. If you’re shopping on a budget, you may need to keep this mind and narrow the variety of functionality you seek in a device.

Control Modes

Several box mods offer users bypass, temperature control, and variable wattage/voltage modes. Some box mods may only support one, while others may implement several. If you know you’re just going to use one type of mode, you can save on your purchase by selecting a device that caters to your preferences without spending frivolously on extra bells and whistles. But the majority of users are going to want to choose a unit that offers temperature control or variable wattage modes. These vaporizers provide the most compatibility with the broadest array of tanks on the market.

All-in-one versus expandable system styles, features versus cost, and the differences between control modes are all crucial factors to consider when shopping around for that perfect box mod. The research ramps up when you discover the world of advanced features and innovations available on the market today. While this list is far from all-inclusive, it serves as an excellent educational foundation to leave you an informed vaper, ready to face the market.

Box Mod Feature Guide

The vast array of features available in box mods today may be intimidating for newer members of the vaping community. Much of the terminology can often sound like a foreign language, but once you begin to understand the different features and their respective functions, a clearer picture emerges.

This newfound understanding eases the burden of being in the market for a box mod and helps ease the transition from more conventional vaporizers. In the following section, we’re going to go over these very features to hopefully leave you feeling informed and confident to make a purchase.

Temperature Control

Temperature Control is one of the newer methods for vaping when compared to fixed voltage, variable voltage, and variable wattage control modes. Often referred to as TC for short, temperature control offers users a safe and innovative way to dial in their perfect experience. It may be a more recent innovation, with its debut coming in 2014, but the feature has exploded in popularity practically becoming an industry standard for nearly all models and not just the most advanced box mods.

Temperature control is, in its most basic form, the device operating at a user-defined temperature. The mod is regulated to this temperature, ensuring smooth, consistent performance with every pull. An onboard chipset determines how much power should be supplied to the coil to maintain that temperature, and adjusts accordingly with any fluctuations. Note that it doesn’t detect the temperature directly, but instead monitors any changes in the resistance of the coil installed. By identifying the resistance, the device can correspond to predictable temperature fluctuations using the chip inside. That allows for consistent performance during your vaping session.

A dry-hits occurs when the coil is overheating, or your tank is out of e-liquid. When you draw from the device, you may experience an unpleasant taste with virtually zero vapor. If you’ve ever had the displeasure of taking a dry-hit by mistake, you’ll know this is something you want to avoid. You’re inhaling combusted byproducts rather than e-liquid vapor, negating the entire point of vaping. Temperature Control mode can help prevent dry hits through its dynamic temperature adjusting. If the chip detects that the coil is overheating, it will reduce power. If the coil is dry, it will cut the power to help prevent that dry-hit.

When selecting a device with a Temperature Control mode, there are three different coil materials to consider: nickel, titanium or stainless steel. Other coil types may work with temperature control mode in the future, but until thoroughly tested to guarantee safety, we advise that you stick to these three. Temperature Control enabled vaporizers will operate at a range of 100 to 300 degrees Celsius, translating to roughly 300 and 600 degrees Fahrenheit. While we have seen lower operating temperatures, 300 degrees Celsius is the maximum we’ve seen available today. With Temperature Control you can dial right into that sweet spot, allowing you to chase your perfect cloud. Please bear in mind that various e-liquids will vaporize more efficiently at different temperatures depending on their mix.

Given the obvious upsides of Temperature Control, you might think users universally love them, but this isn’t the case. The main downside is simple; you tend to produce less vapor. Now when we say less, we’re not talking disposable cig-a-like levels, these devices are still capable of blowing big clouds. However, if you’re looking to be an aspiring cloud chaser, taking your game to higher levels, you may want to pass on a model forcing this feature. Do-it-yourself coil builders take issue with Temperature Control mode as the nickel wire used in the coil must be very thin, and requiring a thin wire increases the difficulty and cost of building custom coils. Temperature Control mode makes an excellent feature for a majority of vaping enthusiasts. Its negation of dry-hits certainly helps ensure a pleasant vaping experience, but advanced vapers, such as cloud chasers and coil builders, may want to shop around for devices that offer a little more customization over their experience.

Voltage and Wattage Mode

Variable Voltage first appeared on the vaping scene in early 2010, with Variable Wattage following soon after in mid-2011. They emerged from fixed voltage designs which are still in use today, such as in cig-a-likes vaporizers. Fixed voltage offers just one setting and operates the vaporizer at that voltage until the battery is depleted. Due to their lack of versatility, it’s unlikely you’ll find any box mods with fixed voltage available on the market. You will, however, see both Variable Voltage and Wattage modes that allow you to change the voltage and wattage to your liking.

Variable Voltage introduced a massive innovation in vaping technology, with Provari and BuzzPro being some of the first companies to utilize it. Its introduction shook up the foundation of the vaping industry, giving way to much of the innovation you see today. These devices feature microprocessors that allow you to dip below or exceed the output voltage of the battery, which will enable you to increase or decrease vapor production based on your personal preference. The main downside to variable voltage is that your settings need to be adjusted depending on the resistance of your atomizer, meaning you have to manually tune to that sweet spot every time you swap tanks or coils. While variable voltage vaporizers are still available on the market today, variable wattage has mostly taken over completely.

Variable Wattage models began popping up following the emergence of Variable Voltage, first appearing in the pioneering Darwin by Evolv. Quite the fitting name as the Darwin indeed changed the industry, surviving as one of the fittest in what some may consider a saturated market. Variable wattage allows users to keep their power settings constant even when adjusting atomizer resistance, solving the issues that stunted variable voltage vaporizers. An integrated microprocessor calculates the atomizer resistance with the strength of the batteries to set the wattage. That provides users with some of the most pleasant and consistent vaping experiences possible. It also allows more users to make their coils, reducing the additional work required to ensure compatibility with variable voltage devices.

The simplest way to understand both variable wattage and voltage is to grasp the differences in power achieved between the two. A higher wattage/voltage produces a hotter vape, while a lower wattage/voltage produces a cooler vape in regards to temperature. As mentioned previously, some e-liquids vaporize more efficiently and create a stronger vapor depending on the temperature. A simple analogy to help you understand the differences is to think of variable voltage like using the gas pedal of your vehicle. As you approach hills or different obstacles you can adjust the pedal to get the same desired speed. Pushing the gas pedal is the equivalent of changing the voltage of your device based on your atomizers resistance to help hit your sweet spot. Whereas variable wattage is more like cruise control, you set the speed of your vehicle to 55 mph, and the car automatically adjusts the acceleration to the defined speed. Variable wattage offers similar functionality by adjusting the battery power based on your coil resistance to meet the desired wattage.

The popularity of variable voltage can be attributed to the birth of the box mod, as creators needed more space to house all the innovations they were attempting to implement. This innovation, especially concerning variable wattage, drove vaping forward into the booming box mod driven industry that is today.

Advanced power-users still seek out variable wattage for their ultimate level of precision and control. Temperature control mode helps prevent dry-hits and provide a consistent experience by actively monitoring coil conditions. Alternatively, variable voltage models just watch the coil to keep consistent wattage regardless of anything but resistance.

Bypass Mode

Bypass mode allows you bypass the integrated safety protections, essentially turning your device into an unregulated mod. The vaporizer can’t entirely bypass the chipset, meaning the core safety protocols are still in place. You’ll have the ability to utilize the output of the battery at full power, should any issues occur the safety features would kick in and shut down the device. As innovations continue and users shift from rebuildable drip atomizers to tanks many users see this as a costly and redundant feature, as you don’t need to use bypass mode with a tank.

There are still power users in the community who enjoy the customization it offers, but much of the community dismiss it as a burden. In a recent poll, AspireCigs asked its users if they should keep this mode or remove it, and almost 80% of respondents voted to drop it. That is far from an essential feature to any but the most unique cloud chasers.


As more innovations and features are introduced into products at an unprecedented rate, the need for robust safety features is greater than ever. The desire to maximize performance for chasing a perfect cloud has caused the industry to seek out higher and higher power outputs, increasing potential risk to users. You’ll want to be sure that your vaporizer is well protected, knowing that if a user or device error occurs, you’ll be covered. It would be a shame to spend hundreds of dollars on that perfect box mod only to have it short out on you due to faulty coils.

To make sure you’ve got a solid understanding of proper safety procedure, we’re going to cover four major safety features in detail: low voltage protection, short circuit protection, low resistance protection, and lock mode. These protections have become standards in the industry, and you should be sure that any box mod you consider has those features implemented (unless of course, you’re seeking out an unregulated mechanical box).

Low Voltage

Low voltage protection prevents the battery from over-discharging, which would ruin the cells ability to retain a charge. The device’s microprocessor detects when voltage begins to drop and cuts off the battery. Inexperienced users lacking fundamental knowledge of battery voltages should strongly consider vaporizers with this feature. Low voltage is observed by a severe drop in quality of the vapor itself. The battery likely won’t explode, but you can severely damage its capacity to carry a charge if you continue vaping when the device voltage is too low. The need for this protection is amplified if you happen to be making the terrible choice of using low-quality or counterfeit batteries.

Short Circuit

Short circuit protection has become an industry standard essential feature in the regulated box mods of today. Some unregulated mods have achieved this by using a fuse that will blow when the current exceeds the devices limits. Sigelei created a cost-effective Vape Safe Fuse that only runs users about $6, much cheaper than having to replace the entire mechanical mod or potential medical bills from any injury that may occur. The consequences of using a mechanical mod without this protection could potentially be lethal, which makes it all the more critical to know what you’re doing when using unregulated mods.

Low Resistance

Low resistance protection prevents your batteries from firing when the atomizer coil is at too low of a resistance for the current wattage. Some models may give a visual or audible warning, but none will fire. Always be sure to know the proper resistance for your atomizer and box mod beforehand. This information can be found in the manual or online. Adequate knowledge should help prevent such incidents from happening, but it’s good to have peace of mind in the event of an accident.

Lock Mode

Lock mode prevents you from accidentally firing the device while not in use. We don’t recommend products without this feature, as we’ve personally seen cases where the vape is in someone’s pocket, and they’ll accidentally trigger the power button causing the device to fire for an extended period, ultimately causing burns. It’s an avoidable accident that makes a lock mode a no-brainer when shopping for a new mod. At the very least, it’s a great way to help prevent unnecessary battery drain while on the go. Depending on your model, you can set your mod into lock mode by rapidly pushing the power button 3-5 times, which won’t unlock until you quickly press it 3-5 times again.

Charging Methods

Different box mods bring different charging options. Some units feature a built-in cell, while others use removable batteries. For mods featuring an integrated battery, you’re doing to need to charge it via USB. When shopping for a device with a built-in cell, be sure to look for one with a high enough capacity to ensure daylong usage if you’re often on the go. Some devices offer pass-thru capability allowing you to use your vape even while it’s charging.

If you purchase a box mod without a built-in cell, you’re going to need to buy a separate battery charger. We have written up a phenomenal list of chargers that handle multiple batteries over in our deals section. The upside to a standalone charger is that you can buy various batteries and always have a couple charged and ready to go, this way you’re never a prisoner of a depleted power source. Many newer box mods now offer USB charging for removable batteries as well giving you the best of both worlds.

Final thoughts

As we’ve covered, there are many options and factors you need to consider when purchasing the box mod that’s right for you. The experts here at ECR compiled this guide to help you in determining which box mod will be the best fit for you. Keep in mind that no single mod is perfect for everyone. Being informed of the various features and understanding your preferences will help guide you to the mod that’s perfect for you.

We presented you with in-depth reviews of the top devices on the market spanning Best In Class, Best For Beginners, and Best Value. Our reviewers also covered an additional ten critical and commercial darlings that have been much discussed among members of our community. The veterans here at ECR have utilized our years of vaping experience in reviewing these incredible devices to help guide you to that perfect kit.

While we’ve tried to put together one of the most comprehensive guides to box mods online, we appreciate and understand if you have further questions. Feel free to leave a comment below or connect with us on either Facebook or Twitter, our seasoned staff and knowledgeable community of vapers are always available to help.

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