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South Beach Smoke Review South Beach Smoke Review
Kit Price: $29.99*/ with Coupon
Flavors: 5
Nicotine Levels: 4
Warranty: 10 Year
  • Great Looking Products
  • Cartridge Subscription Program
  • Older Models Inconsistent
  • Lacking Some Quality Flavors
4.4 of 5
South Beach Smoke South Beach Smoke has high-quality e-cigs and accessories that look great. They also offer a cartridge subscription program.
80 100 37


South Beach Smoke has been one of our top brands for years because of their quality products and dedication to constant innovation.  They carry a wide variety of products including e-cigs, cartridges, starter kits, vaporizers, e-liquids, accessories, and more. They also offer free shipping on all US orders over $100.  All their products come with a 30 day money back guarantee, so if you’re not happy with your purchase for any reason, it can be returned with no questions asked.  They also offer a lifetime warranty for all current and active members of the South Beach Smoke Home Delivery Program for cig-a-like products.

If you’re just getting into vaping and like something that’s portable and convenient, their cig-a-like starter kits are perfect.  They come with everything you need to start using your new device and use convenient pre-filled cartridges so you’ll never have to worry about leaks or spills.  They’re also very compact and are able to easily fit in a pants pocket or purse.  If you’re looking for a more advanced device, the Vaporizers section of their website features devices from a variety of companies.  They offer a wide range of vaporizers, from pen-style devices to temperature control mods.  Regardless of your experience level or needs, South Beach Smoke will have a device that’s perfect for you.

Popular Products:

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits:

South Beach Smoke’s electronic cigarettes combine advanced micro-electronic technology and patented high-frequency technology to atomize nicotine, which will leave you with a satisfying hit every time.  They’re extremely easy to use and are portable enough to fit in your pocket without weighing you down.  Each electronic cigarette is comprised of an atomizing device, a microcomputer controlled circuit, and a rechargeable lithium battery.  As you inhale on the device, the electronic circuit will be activated and the indicator light at the end of the device will turn on.  When you stop inhaling, the atomization of the nicotine will stop and the indicator light will turn off and the device will go into stand-by mode.  Since its automatic, you won’t have to worry about fumbling with buttons or looking at a screen, simply begin inhaling and the device will turn on.

The battery life on these last a very long time, and will easily last an entire day for someone who vapes moderately throughout the day.  You’ll know it’s time to re-charge when the indicator light on the end of the device begins to blink.  My favorite part about these kits is how easily it is to charge the batteries.  All you have to do is unscrew the cartridge, screw the battery into the charger, and plug it in.  You’ll know it’s fully charged when the indicator light turns from red to green.  These batteries are one of my favorites because they charge in only 2 to 3 hours, which is a considerably shorter time than some other batteries I’ve tried.  Also, since the device is automatically put into stand-by mode when you’re not using it, it preserves the battery life dramatically.  Whether you feel you need one battery or numerous batteries, South Beach Smoke offers a variety of starter kits that will appeal to your specific needs.

Deluxe Starter Kit:


The Deluxe Electronic Starter Kit is the best option for those looking to make the switch to electronic cigarettes.  This starter kit is available for $19.99 and comes with one Deluxe Standard Battery, one Deluxe High-Capacity Battery, one portable wall charger, one USB charging adapter, and 10 large nicotine cartridges/atomizers, which is the equivalent to 14-16 packs of cigarettes.  Not only will you be making the switch to electronic cigarette, but you’ll also be saving money.  The price of the Deluxe Starter Kit is equivalent to paying approximately $1.41 per pack of traditional cigarettes.

This kit is perfect for those who are looking to try out electronic cigarettes for the first time, or those who are just looking for an affordable starter kit that comes with everything you need.  You can also choose between 16 different cartridge flavors and 5 different strengths.  For the price and the quality of their products, it’s clear why this one of their most popular starter kits and is rated 5 stars by users.  This kit comes with everything you need, while still being extremely affordable.

Deluxe Plus Starter Kit:



The Deluxe Plus Starter Kit is just like the Deluxe kit, except it comes loaded with must-have accessories to further enhance your vaping experience.  This kit comes with one Deluxe Standard Battery, one Deluxe High-Capacity Battery, one portable wall charger, one USB charging adapter, one universal compact carrying case, and 10 large nicotine cartridges/atomizers available in 16 flavors and 5 nicotine strengths.  This kit is also extremely affordable, retailing for $29.99 on their website.

This kit is perfect for those looking for a starter kit that comes with additional accessories for a very low price.  The universal compact carrying case is a great addition to this kit because it will keep your batteries safe from any unexpected drops or falls, and also has room inside of it to store additional cartridges.  The case is definitely a must-have if you’re someone that’s constantly on the go.  The portable wall charger also makes it much more convenient to charge your batteries, since you will be able to plug the charger directly into the wall instead of trying to find a USB outlet.  The Deluxe Plus Starter Kit is their most popular e-cig kit, and is rated 5 stars by users.

Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit:



The Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit is just like the Deluxe kit, except it has even more accessories added in.  This kit is definitely perfect for anyone looking for a complete kit that comes with everything you would ever need.  This kit comes with 3 batteries: one Deluxe Standard Battery (Automatic), one Deluxe High-Capacity Battery (Automatic), and one Deluxe High-Capacity Battery (Manual).  Manual style batteries allow you to have more control over the device, allowing you to get bigger clouds of vapor.  One of the reasons why this is my favorite kit is because you’re able to decide whether you want to use an automatic or manual style battery.  It also comes with one personal charging case, one portable wall charger, one USB charging adapter, one universal car adapter, one universal compact carrying case, one electronic cigarette lanyard, and 20 nicotine cartridges/atomizers for $53.75.

This is by far my favorite kit because it comes with so many different accessories and batteries so you’ll be able to vape for a long time without having to order anything else.  I also really liked that this kit comes with not only a carrying case, but a personal charging case as well.  The personal charging case allows you to screw your batteries directly into the charger and charge them while you’re on the go.  I know sometimes I’m too busy to charge my batteries or find myself in a situation where a wall outlet isn’t available.  This portable charging case solves those problems by charging my batteries while protecting them at the same time.  I also really liked the fact that it allows you to choose between automatic and manual style batteries.  Some people have a preference of which type they use, but I like the freedom of being able to use both.  This kit also comes with 20 cartridges, which is equivalent to 28-32 packs of cigarettes.  If you’re looking for a kit that comes with everything you could possibly need for a very reasonable price, the Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit is for you.

Deluxe Couples Kit Combo:


Are you and a friend, family member, or significant other looking to make the switch to electronic cigarettes?  South Beach Smoke offers a kit that comes with everything two people would need to switch over to e-cigs.  This kit comes with 2 Deluxe Starter Kits and an additional 2 car adapters for a special discounted price.  It comes with two Deluxe Standard batteries, two Deluxe High-Capacity batteries, two portable wall chargers, two USB charging adapters, two car adapters, and 20 large nicotine cartridges/atomizers for $43.99.

This kit is a great option because it’s much easier to switch to electronic cigarettes when you have someone else that will do it with you.  This is perfect for couples who want to make the switch together, but is also great for friends and family members as well.  It also makes a perfect gift so you can share the South Beach Smoke experience with someone special.

Reusable Express Kit:


South Beach Smoke’s reusable express kit is the perfect economical introduction to the world of electronic cigarettes.  If you still aren’t sure if e-cigs are right for you, this is the perfect intro kit since it’s available for only $9.99.  It comes with one Deluxe Standard Battery, one USB Charger, and 2 nicotine cartridges/atomizers.  The battery included is the same one you’ll find in their other starter kits, complete with their new SuperMAX battery technology.  It comes in your choice of tobacco or menthol flavors in a 16mg strength.

I really like the express kits because they’re extremely affordable and are perfect for those who want to try out electronic cigarettes without investing too much money.  Also, if you decide you really like e-cigs and want to expand your kit, the battery included in the Reusable Express Kit will fit in perfectly with the other South Beach Smoke Starter Kits.  If you’re looking for a high-quality e-cig for a super low price, definitely check out the Reusable Express Kit.


South Beach Smoke has been highly regarded for their high-quality e-cigs and has now expanded their line of devices to include vaporizers that are perfect for anyone looking for a more powerful device.  They have many different options to choose from, including pen-style devices and mods.  If you’re on a budget and don’t want to buy an extremely expensive device, South Beach Smoke has you covered by offering vaporizer starter kits from $14.95 to $64.50.  They also give you the option of building a custom device by using their custom vaporizer builder.

South Beach Smoke features different types of vaporizers for different types of vapers.  If you’re looking for a more portable device, a pen-style vaporizer may be for you.  They currently have a variety of options including the SMOK Vape Pen 22 Kit, the SMOK Stick One Basic Kit, the Innokin Endura 22 Vape Starter Kit, and many others with varying specifications so you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you.  If you’re more of an advanced vaper that’s looking for a mod-style device that will give you huge clouds, the Innokin Coolfire IV ISUB 40W Kit, the Vaporesso Tarot Nano 80W TC Kit, and the Kanger Nebox TC All-In-One Kit are great options.  They also have many other mod-style devices available with varying wattage and resistance ranges.  No matter what you’re looking for, South Beach Smoke has a device for you.  Below we’ve reviewed a few vaporizers that are available on their site.   For the full list of devices, check out South Beach Smoke’s website.

Kanger Top EVOD Vape Starter Kit


The Kanger Top EVOD Vape Starter Kit is perfect for those looking for a more powerful device that’s affordable and portable.  This kit comes with everything you need to start vaping.  It comes fully built with a battery, tank, and USB charger for only $14.95.  It’s perfect for beginners looking to get into more advanced devices because it’s extremely easy to fill and operate.  However, it also makes a great travel option for advanced vapers.

This device is extremely easy to use.  Simply unscrew the base from the tank, drop the e-liquid onto the exposed cotton on the tank atomizer, fill your tank to the top fill port and then reattach the tank.  Turn the device on with 5 clicks of the fire button and you’re ready to start vaping.

The 650mAh battery on this device is long-lasting and will ensure that you’re not constantly looking for an outlet to re-charge your device.  For those that are regular vapers, this battery will easily last you all day.  It’s also charged via a micro-USB port and has a low-battery warning indicator to alert you when it’s time to re-charge.  It also includes a short circuit protection and overcharge protection to keep you vaping safely.  The included tank holds 1.7mL of e-liquid, which will last you all day with regular use.  It also has a minimum resistance of 0.4ohms, so you’ll be able to produce huge clouds of vapor.  If you’re in the market for a powerful device for an extremely affordable price, look no further than the Kanger Top EVOD Vape Starter Kit.



Vaporesso Tarot Nano 80W TC Kit


South Beach Smoke has also added mods to their lineup of devices, one of which being the Vaporesso Tarot Nano 80W Temperature Control Kit.  This device is not only extremely powerful, but extremely portable as well, making it perfect for those who are on the go.  This mod is sub-ohm compatible, with a 0.15ohm minimum resistance range, so you will be achieving some massive clouds with this device.  It’s also extremely easy to use, so it’s great for beginners and advanced vapers.

The kit comes with one Tarot Nano 80W TC Mod, one Veco EUC Sub-Ohm Tank, one 0.4ohm Clapton traditional EUC coil, one 0.5ohm 316L Ceramic EUC coil, one spare glass tank section, one pack of spare o-rings, one micro-USB cable, and one user’s manual for $59.95.  It has a wattage range of 5.0 Watts to 80.0 Watts and a temperature control range of 280° to 600° Fahrenheit.  This device is perfect for those who want to use a variety of coils, since it is compatible with Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel atomizers.  To keep you vaping safely, it features low voltage protection, short circuit protection, low resistance protection, and a low battery warning.  It’s also conveniently charged with a micro USB port.  The included tank has a 2mL e-liquid capacity, which will be sure to keep you vaping all day and it also has a leak-proof construction so you’ll never have to worry about any leaks or messes.

This device is capable of getting some gigantic clouds and is perfect for anyone looking for a powerful temperature control mod at an affordable price.  For more information on the Vaporesse Tarot Nano 80W TC Kit and many other mod-style devices, check out the South Beach Smoke website.


Cartridges & E-Liquids Review:


South Beach Smoke’s original patented technology utilizes a unique disposable cartridge that provides a new and clean vaping experience each time the cartridge is replaced.  Since they contain their own atomizer, you’ll never have to worry about purchasing atomizers or regular maintenance.  Simply change out the cartridge and you’ll have a brand new vaping experience each time.  Each cartridge is comprised of an inhalation shell, a liquid compartment comprising of nicotine diluents in a glycerin base, as well as the built-in atomizer.  I really like these cartridges because unlike more advanced devices, you don’t have to worry about up-keep or the hassle of buying separate atomizers.  Their cartridges are available in a variety of flavors and strengths, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect one for you.

Their cartridges are available in various flavors including: tobacco classic, tobacco blue, golden tobacco, menthol, double apple hookah, grape, Frank’s lemon-lime, orange mint, tobacco mint, watermelon, chocolate, vanilla, cherry, peppermint, pina colada, and peach.  They come in strengths of:  0mg, 6mg, 12mh, 18mg, and 24mg.  They’re available in packs of 15 for $39.99, packs of 30 for $69.99, and packs of 45 for $99.99.  You also have the option of signing up for their home delivery program, where South Beach Smoke will have your cartridges conveniently delivered to you once a month for 20% less than the original price.  Being enrolled in this program will also qualify you for lifetime warranty on all parts nd exclusive sales events and promotions.

These cartridges are some of the best I’ve tried because the flavor profile of all the flavors taste amazing and they give off a ton of vapor.  I really liked how they have a wide variety of tobacco and menthol flavors and also have a bunch of dessert and fruity flavors to choose from as well.  They also last a really long time, and maintain the same flavor from start to finish.  They may seem somewhat expensive on first glance, but if you do the math you’ll be saving so much money compared to traditional cigarettes.  If you’re looking for quality cartridges that give off a ton of vapor and have delicious flavors to choose from, definitely check out the selection from South Beach Smoke.



South Beach Smoke offers a wide variety of e-liquids on their website in various flavors and nicotine strengths.  They also have a custom blend e-liquid tool, where you can combine up to three of their flavors to create one that’s unique to you.  Each custom blended e-liquid comes in either a mix of PG and VG or max VG formulas.  It also allows you to choose between 5-6 different strengths depending on the mixture you choose. The custom e-liquids are great for those looking for a unique flavor combination that’s customized to your liking.  South Beach Smoke also offers 25% off any bottle of their Blend of the Month.  The Blend of the Month changes monthly, so be sure to keep checking back on their website to see if one of your favorites is on sale.

South Beach Smoke offers a wide variety of e-liquid flavors to choose from, including: Classic Tobacco, Mighty Menthol, Menthol Freeze, Sahara Gold Tobacco, Carnival Caramel Apple, Banana Pancakes, American Red Tobacco, Strawberry Macaron, Watermelon Wave, Strawberrylicious, Very Vanilla, Fresh Mint, Peppermint Party, Tobacco Menthol, Amaretto Sunrise, Cherry Crush, Java Jolt, Cuban Cigar, Raspberry Razz, Tobacco Mint, Juicy Fruit, Heavenly Clove, Appletini, Pina Colada, Tobaccolicious, Double Apple Hookah, Blue Razzle Berry, Peachy Keen, Red Hot Cinnamon, Carnival Cotton Candy, Double Espresso, Island Pineapple, Top Shelf Bourbon, Strawberry Milk, Juicy Red Apple, Sweet n Silky Tobacco, Pie Crust, Mango Orange Fusion, Marshmallow, Melon Berry Razz, Orange Crush, Chocolate Delight, Smooth Chocolate, Totally Toffee Latte, Blueberry Blast, Holy Cow! Condensed Milk, Frosty’s Eggnog, Tobacco Cherry Bomb, Strawnilla Custard, Sinful Smores, Heavenly Silk Pie, Maple Berry Donut, Manager’s Special, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Sweet Tobacco, Chocomint, Caribbean Escape, Mango Lemon Delight, Chocolate Cherry Tobacco, Pear Mint, Sea Spray, White Gold, and many more.  Their full list of flavors is too long to type, that’s how many options they have to choose from!  To check out their full list of e-liquids, head over to the South Beach Smoke website.

I personally love these e-liquids because there’s a flavor for everyone.  They have so many flavors to choose from.  If for some reason you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can always use the custom blend e-liquid tool to give you an even greater list of flavors to choose from!  I also really like that they give you the option to choose between 70%PG/30%VG or MAX VG blends.  I personally like using MAX VG blends because it’ll give you the greatest vapor payoff, but for those looking for a stronger flavor profile, the 70%PG/30%VG blend is perfect.  They also give you a lot more options of strengths that found in traditional vape shops for the MAX VG e-liquids.  I would recommend these to anyone looking for a quality e-liquid with a seemingly infinite amount of flavor possibilities.

Accessories Review:


E-Cigarette Accessories:

South Beach Smoke offers a variety of accessories to go with their starter kits and cig-a-like batteries.  If you want additional batteries, they offer their Supermax batteries in standard and high capacity options, both of which are available in black or white and in manual or automatic style.  These batteries are perfect for those who don’t want to buy an entire starter kit or for those looking for additional batteries to add to their collection.  They’re also great for those looking to own a manual battery if they didn’t receive one in their starter kit.  They range from $17.95 for the standard capacity and $22.95 for the high capacity batteries.  The standard capacity Sueprmax batteries are also available in a convenient pack of 3 for $49.99.

They also have a variety of chargers available including USB chargers, wall adapters, and a universal car adapter.  The Deluxe Portable Charging Case is a perfect option for those who are constantly on the go and are regularly away from a power outlet.  This charging case sells for $59.99 and allows you to charge your batteries while keeping them safe and protected from any drops or falls.  If you’re looking for just a standard carrying case, South Beach Smoke sells one that can store one battery, a USB charger, and 2 cartridges and retails for only $9.99.  They also offer a larger carrying case for $19.99 that holds 3 batteries, 4 cartridges, and a USB Charger.  If you’re looking for an even more convenient way to carry around your e-cig, South Beach Smoke offers lanyards in red and black for $7.99 that can be conveniently stored around your neck.

If you want to try out any of South Beach Smoke’s wide range of e-liquids, they offer mini clear cartomizers that are available in packs of 3 for $14.99.  These are perfect for those who want to try out e-liquids, but don’t want to upgrade to a vaporizer or larger device.  These cartomizers fit perfectly on your battery and allow you to have so many different flavor options.

Vaporizer Accessories:

South Beach Smoke offers many different accessories for their various vaporizers. They have a wide range of batteries, including 18650 batteries, Curve 650 batteries, Thunder Variable batteries, Storm batteries, and many more. Many of these batteries also come in a variety of color options, so you’ll be able to find one to suit your personal style. 18650 batteries are more commonly suited for mod-style devices, whereas the other batteries are suited for pen-style vaporizer devices. They also have a wide selection of tanks for both pen-style and mod-style devices. They offer large tanks, smaller tanks, sub-ohm tanks, tanks with top and bottom airflow control, and many more. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced vaper looking to get some gigantic clouds, South Beach Smoke has a tank that’s perfect for you.

South Beach Smoke also has you covered if you need any additional atomizers or cartomizers. They have all different types of coils to work directly with their vaporizer line. They also have plenty of different chargers to choose from to make sure that all your batteries will charge quickly and safely. They even have lanyards and carrying cases that are made especially for vaporizers. I really like ordering tanks and accessories from the South Beach Smoke website, because all of the atomizers you’d need are listed on the site, so you don’t need to go searching on the internet to find what you need. They’re also very reasonably priced, which is always a plus. Check out their full list of batteries, tanks, and accessories, head over to their website.


South Beach Smoke is one of our top brands because they not only utilize the latest technology to create high quality products, but they also have something for everyone.  Whether you’re just getting into the world of e-cigs or are an advanced vaper looking to get the biggest clouds, South Beach Smoke has you covered.

If you’re a beginner, it’s best to check out their electronic cigarette starter kits.  These kits are very reasonably priced and include everything you need to get started.  They also offer a variety of flavors of cartridges and a home delivery program that can save you money on monthly orders.

If you’re an advanced vaper, South Beach Smoke offers a variety of pen-style and mod devices.  They also have a variety of accessories including atomizers, tanks, and carrying cases.  They also have a giant list of e-liquid flavors to choose from.  Whether you’re looking to purchase your very first e-cig or looking for a device that will produce massive clouds, South Beach Smoke has a device you’ll love.

Archived Review:

South Beach Smoke has been a leader in the e-cig market for several years and we’ve ranked their products near the top since the beginning. Over this past year, they’ve released several big changes to their starter kits so if you haven’t purchased a new kit from South Beach Smoke lately, it might be time for an upgrade!

If you aren’t sure if your kit is the latest edition, here are some clues to help you find out. The easiest way to tell the difference is to look at the packaging. The box with the blue corner is the oldest. The next version also had a blue corner, but it had a sticker that said, “New and Improved”. The newest version of the South Beach Smoke starter kits has an orange corner. So if your box has a blue corner, you don’t have the newest version and you will probably want to consider buying a new kit to take advantage of the new improvements they have made.

How South Beach Smoke Is Improving

The biggest change we’ve seen has been with the batteries and e-liquids. South Beach Smoke has now launched their new SuperMAX Batteries. These batteries are Lithium Ion powered, have a higher voltage, and a longer battery life. They also have a new orange glow crystal tip to improve the look of the South Beach Smoke E-Cigs. Using Lithium Ion technology means you no longer have to “train” new batteries by fully charging and running them down several times. You can plug it in at any time. The higher voltage means you get more vapor than ever before! I used the new batteries yesterday and it improved the South Beach Smoke kit exponentially.

South Beach Smoke has also reduced the prices of all kits, cartridges, and accessories resulting in them being one of the most affordable electronic cigarettes on the market today with Starter Kits as low as $21.99!

They also offer 10 great flavors: Classic Tobacco, Tobacco Gold, Tobacco Blue, Menthol, Chocolate, Vanilla, Cherry, Peppermint, Pina Colada, and Peace. Nicotine strengths range from 0 to 24mg.

South Beach Smoke Deluxe Kit Review

So what should you expect with your new South Beach Smoke Deluxe starter kit? I recently tried the new Deluxe Starter Kit, priced at $59.99. Inside, there is a membership card with info on e-cigarettes. The card explains that the South Beach Smoke is not a cigarette, produces no second hand smoke, and isn’t harmful. It also says that it should not be subject to any federal or state smoking law. While the information is good, don’t be misled into believing this gives you a free pass to vape anywhere. Keep in mind you will need to follow local laws and respect the policies of each individual restaurant, bar, or theater.

The kit also includes a manual. The deluxe user manual gives you details on the e-cig, how to take care of it, and how it works. The book is full of good, relevant information that is helpful to the vaper. Plus, I liked the design and layout.

The kit includes 2 SuperMAX batteries (one high capacity long and one short). These new batteries last a little longer and they have a crystal tip with a metal ring around it. It lights up orange when you puff on it.

The kit also includes a USB charger, a wall adapter, and 10 large cartridges. These 10 cartridges should last as long as 14-16 packs of cigarettes so when you do the math, you’re getting a good value! That brings us to the other big change in South Beach Smoke’s latest product updates. The liquids included in all South Beach Smoke cartridges are made in the USA… not China. That’s a huge bonus! Most companies use China-made ingredients, but South Beach Smoke is stepping up their game and making all their ingredients in the USA. That really gives them big points in my book!

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  • Given name of the e-cig package Kit Name:
  • The e-cig's construction. Cartomizer: = Atomizer built into replaceable cartridge; 3 Piece = Separate Atomizer.E-cig Type:
  • Number of batteries contained in your kitBatteries:
  • Number of cartridges included in your kitCartridges:
  • Battery Wall Charger Included?Wall Charger:
  • Battery USB Charger Included?USB Charger:
  • Battery Car Charger Included?Car Charger:
  • Personal Charger Pack Included? (Allows recharge on the go)PCP:
  • Standard Storage/Protective Case Included?Case Included:
  • Power Through (Hardwired Battery to USB Port) Included? Power Through:
  • Score from our readers ratings & commentsUser Score:
  • Retail Price (check our coupon section for discounts!)


  • Compare this kit against other brands in the same price range Rival Compare:
  • starter

  • Deluxe Kit
  • Cartomizer
  • 2
  • 10
  • yes
  • yes
  • no
  • no
  • no
  • no
  • $59.99

  • standard

  • Deluxe Plus Kit
  • Cartomizer
  • 2
  • 10
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • no
  • yes
  • no
  • $89.99

  • highend

  • Deluxe Ultimate
  • Cartomizer
  • 3
  • 20
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • no
  • $159.99

Recommended South Beach Smoke Accessories

In terms of accessories, we really recommend you get some kind of case to keep your e-cig in when you aren’t using it. You can choose a carrying case of a portable charging case. The South Beach Smoke Universal Carrying Case will hold a short battery, a long battery, a cartridge, and the USB charger. It’s a good option for people that don’t need a PCC, but still want an organized way to store and carry their e-cig stuff.

The Portable Charging Case comes in a box similar to the iPhone. It looks like a pack of cigarettes. The charger plugs into the side and it has a light indicator to show you when it’s charging. This one has an LED display that shows how much battery is left. It lights up orange and shows you four battery bars, which will go down as the battery charge runs out. There are three buttons labeled B1, B2, and B3: the first one lights up LED display. The second one lights up a little flashlight on the PCC that stays on for about 30 seconds. That is handy if you’re looking for something in a dark closet or trying to find the right key to unlock your door. The third button turns on another light to illuminate the interior contents of the case.

The PCC holds six cartridges and one battery. You have to screw the battery into place for it to charge. There is no indicator light or anything to show you the battery is charging so that would be a nice feature that South Beach Smoke could potentially add to the PCC in the future. Another downside is that the long batteries don’t fit in the PCC. So don’t buy the long batteries if you are going to use the PCC case!

My Overall Opinion of South Beach Smoke

They claim the new e-cig is better than ever and after putting it to the test, I definitely agree. The new South Beach Smoke e-cig definitely produced more vapor and it has a great throat hit. This will vary based on the cartridges you choose, but you can read more about which cartridges give you the best throat hit and vapor by reading our cartridge reviews.

As far as vapor, South Beach Smoke is a real contender in today’s market. It gives you a solid amount of vapor, but it’s not overwhelming. Sometimes you don’t want an e-cig that produces huge clouds of vapor anyway. For instance, I was recently at an MMA event and I wasn’t 100% sure whether I was allowed to use my e-cig or not. I wouldn’t have wanted to use a Green Smoke or V2 because the vapor would have been way to noticeable. South Beach Smoke gave me a good satisfying amount of vapor without drawing a lot of attention to myself. Score!

Overall, the new battery is more powerful and delivers an excellent throat hit. But the best thing of all is that South Beach Smoke is now using all American-made e-liquids. That means they are really standing out from competitors and working hard to make sure their products are the best on the market today.


South Beach Smoke has high-quality e-cigs and accessories that look great. They also offer a cartridge subscription program.
  • Great Looking Products
  • Cartridge Subscription Program
  • Older Models Inconsistent
  • Lacking Some Quality Flavors

4.9 of 5

4.3 of 5

4.3 of 5

4.2 of 5

4.5 of 5

4.0 of 5

4.2 of 5

4.4 of 5
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