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South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke Affiliate Program Rating
Commission Amount: 25%
2nd Tier Commissions: 5%
Signup Bonus: N/A
Overall Rating:

Sign up now for the South Beach Smoke affiliate program and earn 25% commission on all sales that you generate with South Beach Smoke. You will also receive a lifetime residual of $4 per customer on Monthly Cartridge Auto-Ships with their Affiliate Program!

Why sign up to become a South Beach Smoke Affiliate?

  1. You will receive a 25% commission rate on all orders and $4 for each customer per month that signs up for the Home Delivery Program.
  2. 2-Tier Program giving you 5% of the sale on all of your sub-affiliates while they still earn 25% on each sale!
  3. 365 Day Cookie that means if someone visits from your site and orders 365 days later to buy, the sale is yours!
  4. Free Marketing Materials and Extensive Affiliate Manager Involvement.
  5. Attractive and easy to use website that is built to convert
  6. Free Personalized URL to send your visitors to, i.e. www.southbeachsmoke.com/YOURNAME

How does the South Beach Smoke Affiliate Program earn you money?

  1. Your website visitor clicks on an affiliate link on your site or in an email.
  2. The visitor’s IP is logged and a cookie is placed in their browser which tracks their activities on the South Beach Smoke website
  3. The visitor browses the South Beach Smoke website, and may decide to order from their incredibly low priced e-cig products.
  4. If the visitor you directed to the site orders (the order does not need to be placed during the same browser session–cookies and IPs are stored indefinitely), the order will be registered as a sale for you in your account.
  5. South Beach Smoke will review and approve the sale.
  6. You will receive commission pay-outs every month bycheck or direct deposit regardless of the amount!

South Beach Smoke has one of the highest converting affiliate programs out there. They have a beautifully crafted website and offer HUGE Discounts to your customers that are sure to drive sales.

They also have auto refreshing banners to ensure the latest sale is always up on your site

Dustin Erickson

Dustin Erickson - ECR.net Editor

Dustin can lay claim as one the first e-cigarette reviewers on the internet. Back in the summer of 2009 he set out on a mission to spread the word about e-cigs with this very site. Nearly 2.5 Million visitors, 1,700 Reviews collected and 5 years later, he’s still as passionate as ever and one of the leading Vaping advocates online.

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