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Smoke 51 Affiliate Program

February 25th, 2011; Updated On: February 3, 2014

Fifty-One Affiliate Programs

Smoke51 Affiliate Program Rating
Commission Amount: 31% – 51%
2nd Tier Commissions: 20%
Signup Bonus: N/A
Overall Rating:

Sign up now for the Smoke51 Electronic Cigarette affiliate program and earn 31% commission on all sales that you refer to Fifty-One. Commission levels are increased based on performance up to 51% of the sale.

Why sign up for the Fifty-One affiliate program?

(1) For every sale that you refer, you are paid a 31% commission for the total amount of the sale.

(2) When you sign up for the affiliate program, you will add one of the most recognized and most searched e-cig brands!

(3) Commissions are paid out every month! Sometimes multiple times a month!

(4) Receive banners and text links from Smoke51 to help jumpstart your ad campaign and drive revenue into your wallet.

(5) As a Smoke 51 affiliate, you will have access to live reports on your campaign that update as sales are made.  You can add details to your links and analyze what button or text your visitors are clicking most.

Fifty-One is going to be around for a long time and is working in conjunction with the FDA to design a new electronic cigarette. Their products are found in stores, however when you sign up through ECR.net, you will gain access to coupon codes to use in your campaign to compete against high storefront prices.

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