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Help demand recognition of electronic cigarettes as as an effective alternative to smoking!

Signatures to the petition must be submitted by October 27th!

Force the White House to respond to America about the products that can create jobs as well as offer an effective alternative to traditional cigarettes!

Sign the petition and let your friends and family know about it as well!

email New York Senate

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Recognize electronic cigarettes as an effective alternative to smoking and support job creation in this new industry.

Electronic cigarettes have just begun to capture the attention of the American public, 24% of whom are regular cigarette smokers. This new technology has shown promise in reducing the adverse health effects associated with smoking, while delivering an experience that can satisfy the cravings which make quitting so difficult. It’s no secret that smoking accounts for nearly $100 billion dollars in healthcare costs annually- not to mention the productivity lost when smokers fall ill or pass away due to smoking related diseases. The administration’s support for this emerging technology would pave the way for reducing the societal costs of smoking, while creating jobs in a new sector which has grown significantly in the past two years. Support job creation and deficit reduction by signing now!

ECR.Net Statement

ECR strongly supports this petition and encourages a positive response from the White House.

Not only does ECR.net support this petition, but Dustin, Jane, and James are joined by thousands of readers that are able to declare they have not smoked traditional cigarettes since using electronic cigarettes as an alternative. With ECR being the original review site, we have seen the number of e-cigarette brands out there grow significantly over the last few years which affirms that the industry is indeed creating jobs. While not all brands last, it is clear that there are many more major e-cig companies employing ten to 100s of employees throughout the United States alone. This petition has the approval of ECR and we encourage all our readers to sign it today.

email New York Senate

  • Shari HinsonWolf

    April 23, 2012 #1 Author

    the ecigarettes have decreased my smoking and my spending.

  • Laura mathews

    October 15, 2011 #2 Author

    I find it amazing that there is an alternative to cigarettes that the government does not recognize !!! Maybe it is because they will lose tax dollars of the lack of sales of traditional cigarettes…… Antyhing that will help people stop smoking cigarettes with more than 200 carcinogens in them should be recognized !!!! I hope the government will look past greed and start looking at saving lives by breaking the cycle of addiction to cigarettes ( traditional)

    Laura Mathews

  • Elise Hvazda

    October 13, 2011 #3 Author

    Enough can not be said on how much better these electronic cigarettes are than tobacco cigarettes. I am a new user and I have managed to get three other smokers to switch to the healthier alternative.

  • joni chamberlain

    January 24, 2011 #4 Author

    NY STATE ASSEMBLY- PERTINENT NOTES FOR YOU ABOUT PROPER RESTRICTIONS ON POTENTIALLY HAZARDOUS ECIGS RATHER THAN BANNING ALL ECIGS- Due to the enormous potential for harm reduction, please do not ban all ecigs but restrict only those that are potentially hazardous, and create very high penalties for violations: 1) over 10 mg (or dose potentially lethal to small child) 2) flavors potentially attractive to kids such as candy and fruit flavors etc. 3) pull-off cartridges versus screw types because the pull-off types can more readily become litter, choking, and trip-hazard debris that is also child or pet-accessible 4) non-tamper-proof, unsealed cartridges that can become acessible 5) non-rechargeable disposables which will more likely create litter, acessible debris, and battery and plastic landfill 6) 3-part ecigs that require more small parts which are more likely to become debris and can be filled by a user with many non-suitable nicotine strengths and other substances. 7) Direct Chinese or other imports without verification and full disclosure of chemical contents. 8) Those that make illegal health claims. 9) Any grab and go product that could readily be used by a child. 10) Any product containing substances produced in facilities that also handle nuts. RECOMMENDATION: Please allow the least hazardous types, which are smaller ecigs with rechargeable batteries, lower nicotine doses, traditional bitter leaf flavors, sealed, non-tamper-proof cartridges, contained in a solid (locktite) case, with chemicals/substances/plastics/inks that have had US quality control and full disclosure, and no illegal health claims or claims about providing smoking cessation.

  • Joni Chamberlain

    January 24, 2011 #5 Author

    Please allow ecigs whose components are carefully tamper-proof and whose ingredients have been quality controlled in the US and are fully divulged. However, please discourage disposables and 3-part products, which may much more likely leave debris with accessible nicotine liquid.

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