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The Safe Cig Affiliates

The Safe Cig Affiliate Program Rating
Commission Amount: 20%
2nd Tier Commissions: 20%
Signup Bonus: Free Kit After 5 Sales
Overall Rating:

Sign up for The Safe Cig Electronic Cigarette affiliate program now and earn 20% commission for all sales that you refer to The Safe Cig!

Why sign up to be an affiliate for The Safe Cig?

(1) You receive 20% commission for all sales that you refer to The Safe Cig! All you need to do is pass traffic to The Safe Cig website through your affiliate link and your account will automatically receive 20% of the total amount of the sale.

(2) Get paid your commissions every month! You will get paid for all sales, regardless of the dollar amount in your account each month.

(3) You receive a FREE Safe Cig Starter Kit ($90 value) after you sell 5 starter kits.

(4) Keep your customers for life! That’s right, you earn commission on all of the sales that you refer to The Safe Cig.


What are you waiting for? Don’t get left behind, sign up for The Safe Cig affiliate program and start earning money while promoting a great product!

Dustin Erickson

Dustin Erickson - ECR.net Editor

Dustin can lay claim as one the first e-cigarette reviewers on the internet. Back in the summer of 2009 he set out on a mission to spread the word about e-cigs with this very site. Nearly 2.5 Million visitors, 1,700 Reviews collected and 5 years later, he’s still as passionate as ever and one of the leading Vaping advocates online.

  • scott

    June 27, 2011 #1 Author

    Safe cig is a great product if your looking to spend a bit more money for your buck. I have been smoking my safe cig for little over a year and still use it daily.

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