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Are you shopping for an e-cigarette kit and feeling overwhelmed by all of the options? We’re going to make it easy to find the perfect electronic cigarette with the help of a simple e-cig comparison chart. Here’s how it works… Just select the kits you are most interested in... Read more
We at ECR.net don’t allow reviews submitted by company/brand owners for obvious reasons, however, Karl from V2Cigs has written a detailed response in regards to the complaints, suggestions and/or comments that have been left by numerous visitors & reviewers of ECR, so I thought I would create this page... Read more
Kit Price: $79.95 Flavors: 5 Nicotine Levels: 4 ECR.NET Discount: $20 Off Pre-Orders Discount Code: N/A Overall Rating: Greenarette™ Electronic Cigarettes – Smoking 2.0™ Greenarette™ Electronic Cigarettes have a launch date set in place for March 15, 2010. The Greenarette™ Electronic Cigarette starter kit will cost $79.95, but they... Read more