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Learn How Vaping Improves The Lives Of Mental Health Patients And What It Means For You
A major psychiatry organization has recently come out in full support of vaping as a smoking cessation tool for patients Even with everything the anti-tobacco movement has been able to accomplish over the last 30 years, smoking remains the leading cause of preventable death and disease across the globe.... Read more
Compare Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits
Are you shopping for an e-cigarette kit and feeling overwhelmed by all of the options? We’re going to make it easy to find the perfect electronic cigarette with the help of a simple e-cig comparison chart. Here’s how it works… Just select the kits you are most interested in... Read more
We at ECR.net don’t allow reviews submitted by company/brand owners for obvious reasons, however, Karl from V2Cigs has written a detailed response in regards to the complaints, suggestions and/or comments that have been left by numerous visitors & reviewers of ECR, so I thought I would create this page... Read more
Kit Price: $79.95 Flavors: 5 Nicotine Levels: 4 ECR.NET Discount: $20 Off Pre-Orders Discount Code: N/A Overall Rating: Greenarette™ Electronic Cigarettes – Smoking 2.0™ Greenarette™ Electronic Cigarettes have a launch date set in place for March 15, 2010. The Greenarette™ Electronic Cigarette starter kit will cost $79.95, but they... Read more