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The Best Electronic Cigarettes Guide 2020

Introduction To Electronic Cigarettes

As more researchers begin to agree on the extreme harm reduction value of e-cigarettes, they’re becoming more popular than ever. While vaporizers now come in lots of different styles, many smokers looking to quit still prefer something familiar and straightforward over versatile and powerful. For smokers deciding if vaping is right for them, the best place to start is often cig-a-likes. That’s why we created this list and guide for the best electronic cigarettes of 2020. These simple but effective vaporizers are perfect for individuals who are focused on finding the ideal flavor and feel to replace their smoking habit. Cig-a-likes tend to be the first choice of smokers switching to vaping, likely due to their relative familiarity.

Our over 20 years of collective vaping knowledge went into deciding which cig-a-likes were worthy of being called the best of 2020. It’s our goal to help bridge the gap between smoking and vaping, by making the transition as smooth as possible. Even with the relatively simple cig-a-likes, there is still plenty of choices out there, making it hard for newcomers to be confident in their purchase.

No matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced user, our list of the best e-cigarettes of 2020 will be sure to help you make a decision. In the end, choosing the right device comes down to your specific needs and wants more than anything else.

No matter what kind of Vaper you are or plan to be, our guide is sure to have you covered. We start off with our category champions, including Best Performance, Best Value, and Best Vape Juice. Following those top selections, you’ll find six more fantastic cig-a-likes worthy of your consideration. To ensure that you’re making the correct choice, we’ll also go over each piece of cig-a-like devices as well as proper management before discussing how to know which one is right for you. This quick walkthrough is an invaluable resource for beginners just because of the magnitude of information available out there. Let us help you make the best choice for your lifestyle.

Best In Class

Best Performance


VaporFi Starter KitA cig-a-like that is explicitly made to be as close to the real thing as possible is the VaporFi Express. The taste and feel of the VaporFi Express expertly replicate cigarette smoke, down to the utter ease of the draw. Creating a cigarette like pull is something that VaporFi does better than most other cig-a-likes. But just because their primary objective was replicating a true smoke like experience, doesn’t mean that they have forgotten to offer different flavors. In fact, they go above and beyond, offering over 100 unique tastes. You can even combine different flavors to create an almost infinite amount of options. VaporFi takes the best parts of cigarettes and combines them with the harm reduction and flavor options of vaping.

Anyone looking to get started with cig-a-likes for the first time should consider the VaporFi Express Starter Kit. It comes standard with two batteries, and five Classic Tobacco flavored cartridges, along with charging cable and manual. You even receive your very own VaporFi membership card. One of the batteries included is 180mAh, while the other is a longer lasting 280mAh. VaporFi also offers refillable cartridges in addition to the disposable ones, so you can decide which is best for you. Each flavor comes in four nicotine strengths between 0% and 2.4%. Personally, once you’re feeling confident enough, refillable is the way to go since it not only saves money but it also dramatically expands the variety of flavor options available.

VaporFi’s commitment to intuitive and realistic cig-a-likes resulted in their desire to take it to a whole new level with the VaporFi Express. The VaporFi Express looks just like a real cigarette, making it that much more subtle in a social situation, so much so, it may cause people to think you’re smoking instead of vaping. The sheer amount of flavor options can feel like too much, but more customization is hardly a bad thing. The only other issue we had was a quiet crackle during heat up, but this is inaudible in most situations. While it may let some people down that there aren’t different color options like with most vaporizers, VaporFi went above and beyond to create the perfect experience for vapers who still desire the look and feel of a real cigarette.

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Best Value

Halo G6

Halo G6 Starter KitOur pick for the best value cig-a-like of 2020 is the Halo G6. Considering all of the functionality built into its simple frame, it’s no wonder that the Halo G6 quickly took the crown for being the best value of 2020. The high-quality materials used for its parts only bolster its case as a better value than anything else currently on the market. For the scant price of $35, you get all of the features of higher priced cig-a-likes, with better quality parts than many others. That is why the Halo G6 is the best choice for cost-conscious buyers who still value having a quality device.

The box comes with two 280mAh batteries, five flavor pods, charging cable, and manual. The batteries come in four colors, midnight blue, demon red, princess pink, and titanium. They offer lots of flavor options, with each one coming in several different nicotine strengths. One feature of the Halo G6 that most other cig-a-likes cannot match is their “blank” cartridges, which you fill yourself with loose e-liquid. For anyone looking to save, this is hands down the way to go. Their patented “flame-guard” prevents dry burn and therefore the horrible taste associated with it. It’s one of the most useful features, since no one, and I mean no one, likes to hit a dry burned cartridge.

On top of all that, Halo completely redesigned their cartomizer for the G6. Typically the coil is found in the middle of the unit, while the G6 moves this heating element to the bottom, which they say fosters a much better and more consistent experience. It is very evident when you compare the vapor made in traditional cartomizers vs. the vapor quality of the Halo G6. Their Infiniglow battery uses an internal cutoff to stop it from losing charge when not in use.

There is just no better quality cig-a-like for the price than the Halo G6. It’s so packed full of features that it even gives the most high quality cig-a-likes a run for their money. Right now we can get you the Halo G6 for an even better price, by using our coupon code for 5% off.

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Best Vape Juice


JUUL Starter KitOur selection for the best Vape Juice of 2020 goes to JUUL. While they are gaining a reputation for being one of the most portable vaporizers out there, where the JUUL shines is their fabulous flavors. This category could be the hardest to win, based solely on how many options are out there, but JUUL was able to handily win this title by offering some of the highest quality and best-tasting cartridges we’ve ever used. If you’re looking to make the switch, but are worried about the taste, JUUL and their included variety pack is your new best friend.

The JUULpods each hold 0.7ml of e-liquid, which is said to be good for around 200 pulls. They come in five flavors, creme brulee, mango, cool mint, Virginia tobacco, and fruit medley, all at 5% nicotine, which is perfect for smokers just making the switch. The real secret to the flavor of JUULpods is utilizing nicotine salts. Research has shown that this type of nicotine produces a much higher quality vape, compared with the lab cultivated nicotine found in most brands of e-liquid.

Even more than most similar e-cigs, the JUUL was made for people looking to switch. That’s why they made it as simple and flavorful as possible. The starter kit comes with a rechargeable battery, USB charger, as well as a four pack of different flavors, cool mint, fruit medley, Virginia tobacco, and creme brulee. As stated, each pod is good for around 200 pulls, which is about the same as a pack of traditional cigarettes. That makes their $15.99 price for a four-pack a steal compared with cigarettes. You can make it an even better deal if you sign up for their auto-shipping program that sends refills to you for 15% off.

JUUL has the hands down best quality vape juice we’ve ever tried. It’s no wonder why with their commitment to being the go-to choice for vapers looking for a satisfying taste and feel.

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Other Favorite Brands


SmokeTip Starter E-Cig KitIf you’re looking for a genuinely streamlined option, SmokeTip may be the e-cigarette for you. Intuitiveness is at the heart of every choice made for this vaporizer. With this in mind, it’s no wonder why they only offer one type of kit since they spent so much time making it exactly how they dreamed it up. However, they do provide over 20 different flavor options, with four nicotine strengths. It’s such a well made and easy to use device that it’s perfect for both beginners and advanced users who value simplicity.

The standard package comes in a sleek gift box and includes five flavor cartridges, two batteries, and charging cable. What’s cool about SmokeTip is that their batteries come fully charged, so you’re ready to vape as soon as you pick it up. If you’re looking for something that lasts longer, SmokeTip offers high-capacity batteries. Although they take a second to get ready, once it’s at the optimum temperature the SmokeTip batteries produce vapor comparable to more expensive cig-a-likes. For just $49.99 you receive all this, plus free replacement batteries. They even ship it to you for free! SmokeTip is an excellent choice if you’re concerned with the long-term value of your cig-a-like.

We appreciated just how much time, and effort has went into making the SmokeTip look like a real cigarette. Since it’s intuitive, it’s perfect for beginners, but its power and portability make it a legitimate choice for advanced vapers too. Even though it’s been out in its current form for a while, the SmokeTip is still going toe-to-toe with the best e cigarettes on the market.

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South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke Electronic CigarettesSouth Beach Smoke is no stranger to being a top electronic cigarette. When you take a look at everything they offer, it becomes apparent why. They consistently release new vaporizers made from only the best materials. Unlike some of our other brands, they offer several different types of starter kits so you can get what fits you best. All of their cartridges are prefilled and leak-proof, so changing them out is a breeze. South Beach Smoke offers a great selection of different types of tobacco flavors, which is something not offered by many other cig-a-like brands. All of their flavors come in five nicotine strengths, between 0mg and 24mg. You can get an extra 20% off if you sign up for home delivery through South Beach Smoke.

The base South Beach Smoke Starter Kit is called the Deluxe. In that package, you get two batteries, one standard capacity and one high capacity, ten pack of flavor cartridges, and charging cable. Each flavor cartridge is enormous, advertised as lasting as long as 1.5 packs of cigarettes. The Deluxe Starter Kit only costs $19.99, so it’s easily one of the cheapest options available anywhere. The two upgraded kits are named Deluxe Plus and Deluxe Ultimate. If you’re someone who values their accessories then springing for the Ultimate Kit is worth a look, since it comes with a charging case, car adapter, lanyard, and even ten extra flavor cartridges. Aside from that, South Beach Smoke also offers a “couples” kit designed for two people. It’s two Deluxe kits plus car chargers, all for a discounted price.

South Beach Smoke is a perfect mix of form and function. Their kits are sure to fulfill whatever needs you may have, while the well-built devices are made to last. More important than any of that is the fact that they are incredibly satisfying. They’re so efficient in fact that even advanced vapers often choose to stick with South Beach Smoke instead of upgrading to a more advanced kit. The long-lasting batteries and cartridges make them ideal for taking on the go. South Beach Smoke is a quality product that continues to do its job well, even after years on the market. Each kit offered by South Beach Smoke fits a particular need and is guaranteed to do it in a consistently quality manner.

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Blu Cigs

Blu Cigs E-Cig KitOne of the best known and oldest cig-a-like brands is none other Blu Cigs. It’s easy to see why they’re so popular once you give them a try. Their unique mix of sleek style and high performance is hard to match. They are indeed a worldwide cig-a-like, as they can be found in most corner stores no matter where you are. Although, it’s ill-advised to buy them that way when you can get much better prices online through the Blu Cig company or your favorite online shop. People tend to stick with Blu once they give them a try, and often reference the fantastic taste as a primary reason.

The Blu Plus+ Kit is their best seller, coming standard with a very cool charging case. They were one of the first to offer such a holder, and since then the idea has been copied by many other brands. Blu continues to be at the forefront of form and function, always updating their technology. Along with the charging case, the standard kit comes with two Blu Plus+ batteries, along with three classic tobacco flavored cartridges, made in the USA. There are also high-end kits offered by Blu, including more extended batteries. Their e-liquid comes in four nicotine strengths as well as several different flavors.

You’d be hard-pressed to find another brand of cig-a-like that is anywhere near as stylish as Blu. That plus their famous functionality make it no wonder that they’re one of the most popular cig-a-like brands ever. They don’t quite match up with the highest powered cig-a-likes, but make no mistake, just because Blu takes their time to craft a stylish product, doesn’t mean they’re pushovers. The long-lasting batteries and high-end liquids both make for a consistently fantastic experience. While no one will ever mistake a Blu Cig for the real thing, that doesn’t mean they don’t have the correct taste and feel. Just be sure always to buy online to avoid crazy markup!

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White Cloud

White Cloud Electronic CigarettesOne of the highest end electronic cigarettes is the White Cloud brand. They’ve built a solid reputation for being as good as it gets in both durability and power. That kind of status does come at a higher price, however. White Cloud just recently rolled back the prices for their various kits, making them more accessible than ever. They're famous for their smooth draw technology that keeps clouds cool even when they get enormous. If you’re a heavy-duty vaper, this feature alone is worth the price tag. Indeed, it’s this smooth draw that keeps their customers loyal to the brand.

Most brands only include more pieces or extra cartridges to their premium kits, but White Cloud is not most brands. Each one of their packages is for a specific purpose and kind of vaper. The basic Cirrus 2 is a bit older, but you can’t beat the $49.95 price for a White Cloud cig-a-like. The Cirrus 2 kit comes with two batteries and five smooth draw pods, along with charging cable and manual. In contrast, the Cirrus 3 is all about portability. They made it as small as possible without losing any of that famous White Cloud performance. That kit includes three batteries, five smooth draw cartridges as well as a squid charger so you can charge all of your cells at once. Finally, the Cirrus 3X was made to be extremely long lasting, coming with high capacity batteries, good for over twice as many pulls. You can also purchase patented ShotGun Tips that give the user more control over the size of their hits.These tips allow you to use multiple e-cigs at once to create even bigger vapor clouds.

It’s no surprise why White Cloud is known for being one of the best electronic cigarettes brand ever made. They’re always looking to improve and innovate where others are content resting on their laurels. Now that they’re available at a discount, it’s even easier than ever to become a White Cloud convert. Even with the lowered price though, they’re still one of the more expensive brands. They consistently outpace most other cig-a-likes. If you’re looking for a high-quality device at a somewhat lowered price, look no further than White Cloud. The smooth draw technology and variety of kits ensure that you’ll consistently have the best experience possible.

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Apollo E-Cigarettes Starter KitsOur last pick for 2020 is Apollo cig-a-likes. Apollo focuses on providing the most real tobacco experience possible in a vaporizer. Their extended batteries are designed not to need charging very often, and the device itself is very intuitive. Apollo only carries tobacco flavored e-liquid, making them a bit different from any of the other brands on our list. Their classic and menthol flavors are simply put the best tobacco flavored e-liquids we’ve ever tried. Each Apollo cig-a-like comes with a limited six-month warranty, which is a nice bonus.

Their primary offering is the Challenger Kit, and it comes with two batteries along with USB/Wall/Car Charger. That means that you’ll have to order your flavor cartridges separate. But Apollo has made sure that their batteries function with any of the Extreme Kit parts. Both of their tobacco flavors come in five different nicotine strengths, getting as high as 24mg. The heavy duty batteries pair perfectly with the cartridges to produce large clouds with ease.

Apollo has created the best-tasting tobacco vapor ever. So for anyone looking to make the switch, but who are uninterested in the many flavors of vape juice, Apollo offers a fantastic option. After first trying to join in the market for specialty flavors, they eventually decided to focus exclusively on tobacco, and we believe it was the right move. In doing so, they’ve cornered the market for tobacco enthusiasts and can provide an exceptional experience consistently.

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Best Electronic Cigarettes Guide

What is an electronic cigarette?

If it’s your first time looking for a cig-a-like and you’re feeling a bit confused, you should read our guide explaining everything from their components to how to know which kind is best for you. Most cig-a-likes are relatively simple devices, only consisting of two pieces, a battery and flavor cartridge. While most advanced vaporizers use atomizers, cig-a-likes tend to use what is known as cartomizers. These little devices merely combine the heating element and e-liquid into a single, disposable unit. Not only is this a great way to ensure you’re never using a dirty coil, but it’s also one of the easiest ways to vape. Some people worry about cartomizers leaking, but that’s something that was only a significant problem with the very early models. You’re much more likely to ingest e-liquid with tanks and dripping atomizers for advanced box mods.

They can be broken down into two distinct categories, automatic and manual draw. Automatic devices have technology that detects when you’re pulling and activates the battery, while manual requires that you press a button to heat up to liquid by activating the battery. There are legitimate arguments to be made about why either type is superior, but the truth is that it depends on what you prefer. What is true of all cig-a-likes is that they are extremely low maintenance. Once the e-liquid runs out, you just toss the entire cartomizer, which means no cleaning required! It also has the bonus of ensuring clean vapor every time.

It didn’t take long for e-cigarettes to make a splash when they first hit the scene around 2008. By 2010, vaping was a full-blown success, with businesses popping up all over the country. Many attribute this to being able to vape in places where smoking is not allowed. Whatever the reason, this explosion led to a battle for supremacy among countless different new brands. At the end of it, only the best electronic cigarettes companies were left standing, a true testament to capitalism. In the ensuing years, the technology has improved to the point that cig-a-likes can even compete with some advanced setups regarding vapor production.

Why Choose E-Cigarettes?

  • Harm Reduction

The best reason to make the switch to vaping is your health. Over the years, lots of studies in peer-reviewed journals have concluded that e-cigarettes represent a dramatic reduction in harm compared with cigarettes. A 2015 study by Public Health England famously found vaping to be at least 95% safer than smoking, and more recently renowned tobacco control expert, Dr. Riccardo Polosa published a 3.5-year-long study that found “no significant changes” in respiratory function among the vaping group.

There’s no lack of data which backs up the belief that vaping is a whole lot less dangerous than smoking. In fact, a study out of the Journal of Aerosol Science found that the lifetime risk of cancer is over 50,000 times lower in vapers than it is in smokers. Most e-liquids offer low nicotine and nicotine-free options, so weaning off nicotine altogether is also very doable.We must note that the obvious best choice for your health is to quit altogether, but that isn’t a realistic option for many as they need assistance to do so.

  • Cost Savings

Another fantastic reason to switch to vaping is all of the money you’ll save. Refills and e-liquids especially are insanely cost-effective, giving you more use for less money than cigarettes. No matter what part of the country you live in, you’ll surely be able to save tons of money every year, with some brands costing under $1 for the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes.

You don’t have to be in New York or LA to save either, even in places where traditional cigarettes are not subject to high taxes, e-liquid is still the hands-down economical choice. These taxes on cigarettes are only going to continue to increase and proliferate across the world as legislators looking for new streams of revenue can make smoking an easy scapegoat.

  • Social Aspect

At the end of the day though, the only reason some people need to make the switch is the lack of undesirable odors and stains. Everyone knows that traditional smoking not only is terrible for your health, but it doesn’t help your love life either, making you smell bad and staining your teeth. It’s also looked down upon to smoke in public, which allows individuals who make the switch feel free again. No one wants to be associated with someone who is actively harming their health, and with vaping that’s no longer a risk.

Not only does vaping smell fantastic compared to smoking, but no research has ever found a connection between secondhand vaping and adverse health effects. This freedom is something that many smokers haven’t been able to experience in quite some time, and it’s a compelling reason to make the switch.

Choosing the Right E-Cigarette

There are a few crucial questions you must ask yourself when looking to find the right cig-a-like. First and foremost should be the flavor choices. After all, flavors are one of the most significant differences between smoking and vaping that isn’t about health. If you buy a brand that doesn’t carry any flavors or nicotine strengths you like, you’re not going to have a good experience. The next thing to consider is how much power you want. Those interested in humongous clouds will need to get something with bigger batteries, while those more interested in price or portability will look to options that are cheaper or more specialized.

At this point, you’ll have to narrow it down between a bunch of similar-seeming devices. This is when you should start to consider things like available accessories, battery price, and refill cost. While at first, these things can seem more or less the same, with a little research it can quickly become clear which one is the perfect choice for you.


If you’re thinking about making the switch to vaping from smoking, it’s a good idea to make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before you make a purchase. This guide was designed to help you do just that. It can be overwhelming trying to sort through countless different brands and devices while trying to find the right fit. We aimed to give you any information you may need to make this transition easier. As with anything, there is no one right answer for everyone, so trying different things is vital. You’ve first got to understand what it is that you’re looking for before getting carried away and buying the device that has the most bells and whistles.

It’s our sincere hope that this guide was helpful in getting you acquainted with what cig-a-likes have to offer. Even though they aren’t as advanced or complicated as pens or box mods, e-cigarettes can still be extremely powerful and equally daunting. We used our years of knowledge to curate this list and guide, with the explicit purpose of helping you see the best options. V2 is hands down the best cig-a-like of 2020, while JUUL has the best juice. If you’re looking for good performance at an even better price, our pick for best value cig-a-like of 2020, the Halo G6 won’t let you down.

The vaping industry is currently focusing on advanced box mods and vape pens, but cig-a-likes are still filling the much-needed niche of easy to use devices for new vapers. We hope that this guide answered any questions you have, but in case we missed something feel free to drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter, or even by just leaving a comment below. We’re always ready and more than happy to help get you on the path to a better life with vaping! Let us know what your favorite e-cigarette is below too so we can help everyone who stops by to read.

ECR.net Top 50 E-Cig Reviews

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Vapor Couture Review

Vapor Couture is without doubt the most highly anticipated electronic cigarette launched of 2012. Having been in development for several years and with its launch date being pushed back more time than we probably care to remember, the industry’s first designer cigarette is finally here. Unashamedly targeting the much underserved female e-smoker, it’s stylish with the feminine touch that’s often missing from the rather masculine e-cigarette designs. However, will these fantastic looking e-cigs match up in terms of experience and build quality? Read our exclusive world first full review of Vapor Couture along with the impressions of our e-cigarette review community.

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NJOY Review

32th : NJOY Review

Best Electronic Cigarettes August 25, 2009 87

NJOY was the original e-cigarette innovator in their day, and was one of the first electronic cigarettes we came into contact with before starting the site. Unfortunately for them being one of the first e-cigarettes to appear in the USA didn’t result in them becoming one of the big names. Slow to update their products and their most recent update already fell behind other brands at launch. However, with rumours of a recent venture capital injection, NJOY could soon be on the rise up our e-cig rankings again.

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Breathe Fresh Review

Breathe Fresh is a new option, but it is already gathering plenty of positive feedback from our review team and our readers. In fact, this is one of the most impressive new brands we have encountered in a long time! The Breathe Fresh experience is great from the moment you visit their website. It’s easy to navigate and you have quick access to live support in case you have questions or need help choosing a starter kit.

Right now, Breathe Fresh is offering two starter kit options and a disposable version. Their prices are more than reasonable and the kits we tried performed surprisingly well considering the low cost. This is definitely an above average brand and we encourage you to give it a try! Read the full review to learn more about why we liked Breathe Fresh.

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Green Smoke Review

Green Smoke was one of the first electronic cigarette brands to really establish themselves and gain some headway in the e-cigarette industry. Launching in 2008 with a mission to be the industry leader in innovation, they were the first mainstream company to sell the now industry standard format of the 2 piece style e-cigarette. This leap forward in quality meant that our review team and our readers were gushing, and they dominated the top of our e-cig reviews chart for most of 2009 and 2010.

However, with others electric cigarette companies, often inspired by their blue print, the competition soon heated up and it felt like our readers fell out of love with Green Smoke for a while. However, a recent revamp of their batteries and cartridges have helped GreenSmoke climb back up the e-cig rankings. It feels like 2012 could be the year they re-take first position on the site amongst our army of e-cig reviewers. Get the full story by reading our full Green Smoke Review.

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E Cigs Inc were one of the first 5 brands we reviewed on the site and have always have always had a strong line-up of reliable e-cigarette products. Despite what we considered to be a good kit in our review, we had a number of complaints from our community of user electronic cigarette reviewers that perhaps customer service and delivery times weren’t quite up to scratch. Also having such a generic brand name could often confuse potential e-cigarette users who might be keen to find out further information about their products. These are all factors that have Electronic Cigarettes Inc languishing among what our readers would consider the ‘average’ e-cigs.

However a new focused website and the addition of the new Vapor Storm amongst its kit range could see E Cigarettes Inc return as one of the heavy e-cigarette hitters on the site. Read our opinion, along with tons of real user e-cig reviews of this brand in their full breakdown page.

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Pure Cigs Review

It’s not often that a new electronic cigarette brand escapes our attention, especially when they have people raving all over the internet about their products. However that is exactly what happened with Pure Cigs and we were pretty late getting our hand on one of the best new e-cigarette we’ve reviewed in a while. We certainly feel that for the price point there are not many better e-cigs out there. From their solid starter kit, that comes with one of the better personal charger packs in the game, to their pro vapor cigarette the ‘XL’, first impressions among our review team were very positive.

However if a growing reputation that has seen them rise up the e cigarette rankings, increased focus will be on their ability to offer consistent quality and service to our e-cig reviews community. 2012 could be the making or breaking of Pure Cigs. Read our full review and see if you think Pure Cigs could soon be considered one of the best e-cigs.

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The Safe Cig Review

The Safe Cig has a claim to be the first American E-cigarette companies having launched in 2007. They came to our attention in early 2010, becoming a personal favourite among two of our review team. Along with some strong scores from our Electronic Cigarette reviews audience, it saw them dominate the top spot for most of 2010. However it appears that success may have caused them some serious growing pains, with their recent e-cig customer reviews complaining of stock shortages and customer service issues.

However it appears after a difficult 2011 the safe cig might be on the rise again. With some innovative new products in the form of the Micro e-cig and Blink e cigarette personal charger pack, it has lead to some favourable new user e-cig reviews on our site from you guys. Read Dustin’s full Safe Cig Review for the full story.

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Cigirex Review

38th : Cigirex Review

Best Electronic Cigarettes November 23, 2013 3

Cigirex electronic cigarettes are well known because they are widely available in retail stores. We decided to take them for a test drive to see how they compared to the other popular e-cig brands. Cigirex builds their entire brand on a close replica of tobacco cigarettes. These e-cigs are made to look like cigarettes and perform as close to a cigarette as possible without the tar and tobacco.

To keep it as authentic as possible, Cigirex has limited their selections to tobacco and menthol flavor options. Even though you won’t find any fruity flavors with this brand, they are still worth a try. We tested their starter kits and disposable e-cigarettes and overall, they seem to be a solid product. Read our full review of Cigirex to get a complete look at their available products.

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Charlie’s Club Review

Charlie’s Club is a brand new e-cig membership program that delivers cartomizers directly to your door each month, eliminating the need for you to go to the store or online to buy new refills. Enrollment in a monthly membership qualifies you for a free member’s package, which includes all the hardware necessary to start enjoying Charlie’s Club, free of charge. Charlie’s Club offers three great-tasting flavors that you’re sure to enjoy. Read our full review now to see what sets Charlie’s Club apart from the rest.

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Victory E-Cigarette Review

When we tried Victory electronic cigarettes, there were some major advantages and a few problem areas as well. We really loved the design of this e-cig. It is nicely designed and made to resemble an analog cigarette. It comes ready to vape the minute you take it out of the kit, which is a huge plus in our book! In terms of vapor production, Victory was decent but it wasn’t the best vapor we have seen by far. Still, it was adequate and a first-time vapor would probably do fine with this brand.

While Victory is still not ready to be ranked at the top of the market, it is definitely a decent product. Read our full review to find out more about what we liked and what we hope to see improved in future versions of the Victory e-cig.

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Play Vapor is still pretty new to the e-cig market, but they are already off to a fantastic start! We were thoroughly impressed with their marketing and we also give them a lot of credit for their affordability. Right now, Play Vapor only offers one starter kit, but it is available in three flavor varieties. Our team tested all three of the kits to see how they would stack up against the competition.

While Play Vapor doesn’t have a lot of variety to offer, the products they do have are solid and perfect for someone with a smaller budget. We have high hopes for this brand as it continues to expand and grow. Keep reading to get our full review of all of Play Vapor’s products.

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AquaCig Review

42th : AquaCig Review

Best Electronic Cigarettes November 20, 2013 1

AquaCig made its appearance for the first time in July 2013 so it’s still fairly new to the e-cig industry. Even though it’s still a rookie in the market, we couldn’t wait to test it out and see how it ranked with our leading brands. After trying the Ultimate Kit, we were really pleased with AquaCig’s first product line. Everything was nicely packaged and the overall design was stylish and functional.

One of the first things we always look for is vapor performance and it was definitely there with AquaCig. Plus, it had a nice throat hit. We tried several different cartridge flavors, but the cherry flavor was the best hands down. Read our full review to learn more about AquaCig and find out how it compares to other long-standing favorites at ECR.

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Smokeless Delite Review

Launching in 2009 with a bang, at around the time as we were getting started as an electronic cigarette reviews site, we speculated that Smokeless Delite might be on the way to the top. At the time they had one of the better new generations of two piece e-cigarette designs and some really impressive and engaging marketing material, which caught our reader’s and our attention. However after a few dissenting voices about cartridge consistency, it feels like they lost momentum in our e-cigarette rankings.

Still offering a simple e-cig kit range, it wouldn’t be unfair of us to insinuate that it is starting to show its age. However with this being another brand that has focused on a low pricing strategy, we believe you can do worse for your money if you’re looking for electronic cigarette to get you started. Compare Smokeless Delite against the best e-cig starter kits and see what real users thought in our full review.

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Electronic Cigarette Free Trials

This review page has turned into a focus for many user e-cig reviews of the free electronic cigarette trials across the internet. Many of these companies offer a free e-cigarette for 30 to 60 days before they charge you for the full price of the kit if you decide to keep it. However, some more unscrupulous companies hide an often expensive e-cig cartridge subscription that is triggered after the free trial time period in their terms and conditions.

Mixed in with some poor customer service experiences, or even worse, just non-contactable telephone support, many of these brands gained poor reputations and BBB consumer complaints by the boat load. That’s not too say some of these programs should be lumped into the same group. Some of the better trials offer an excellent opportunity to try e-cigarettes for nothing and can be more than helpful if you do experience any issues. Originally this page took a look at the Rite Smoke program, which seemed to close just as quickly as we got a review posted. Read our full breakdown to find a free trial that both we and our electronic cigarettes review community found to be worth a try.

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NUCIG Review

45th : NUCIG Review

Best Electronic Cigarettes December 1, 2009 3

When we received a package from the UK we were excited to see what e-cigarette guys were doing across the pond. We were pleasantly surprised with Nucig’s approach to Electronic Cigarettes. The original kit really looked great a few years ago and performed admirably against its American cousins. Although if we’re honest it started to show it’s age quickly and it didn’t seem to make much of a splash into the American market. However if a recent update to their standard kits and a new focus on the US Vaper’s, we’re happy to hear what the e-cig review community thinks of Nucig. Read Jane’s full review for the complete Nucig overview.

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46th : INSTEAD Review

Best Electronic Cigarettes September 30, 2009 23

Instead was quick to make itself popular in the e cig hobby community as one of the first reliable
e-cigarette liquid suppliers. However we never felt that their basic kits were really going to set the world alight. Three years later and they feel completely out of date along with their rather poor website. We still believe they probably have a loyal customer base because of their great personal service. They haven’t been making much noise recently, so it’s hard to tell where the future lies for this e-cigarette. Read our complete Instead product breakdown in our full e-cigarette review.

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Prado Free Trial Review

Prado has had mixed reviews since first appearing on the site. From customer service horror stories to those that were over the moon to get the chance to try an e-cigarette without an initial large investment. Like many electronic cigarette free trials the actually quality of the product is a standard affair, but they still offer enough to be a good gateway into e smoking. Over time user reviews seemed to have improved and being one of just a few free trails to last more than a few years, they must be doing something right. Read Dustin’s full e-cigarette review to get everything you need to know.

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Smart Smoker Review

As far as we can tell the Smart Smoker Electronic Cigarettes Company is no longer in business. They were one of the first e-cig trials we saw appearing and we received mostly negative feedback from our user e-cigarette reviews. So unfortunately it appears they were no great loss to world. The full review is still available for archive purposes.

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Cigarti Review

49th : Cigarti Review

Best Electronic Cigarettes November 18, 2009 16

Having found a review of themselves on the site in 2009, Cigarti had already established a good reputation for itself as favorite among the vapor cigarette community. Despite this, they never really seemed to gain much attention for more casual e-cigarette buyers. Which is surprising seeing as they are one of the only brands to offer an awesome selection of skins, which can be used brighten and style your e-cig batteries. They still offer some really cool designs that make a boring electric cigarette battery seem really cool or glamorous.

It appears in the last year that they have refocused to appealing to a more mainstream e-cig audience. They offer a single starter kit, which is a pretty good buy at the price. However Cigarti are a brand we’ll be watching this year to see if they can innovate their basic products and take advantage of being an e-cigarette style leader. Read Jane’s view our user electronic cigarette reviews for the full low down on Cigarti.

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Cigana Review

50th : Cigana Review

Best Electronic Cigarettes September 28, 2009 13

Sleek and solid Cigana impressed our e-cig review team when they first launched. After a good first impression they never seemed to make much headway with electric cigarette users and we haven’t had a review about them for some time. Despite trying to corner the high end e-cig market, without an update they are looking extremely overpriced these days. We thought they always had potential, so don’t rule out a comeback just yet. Read the full review of what we felt about Cigana.

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JUUL Review

51th : JUUL Review

Best Electronic Cigarettes March 24, 2017 5

Table of Contents JUUL Introduction JUUL Popular Products JUUL Device Review JUUL Liquid POD Review JUUL Accessories Review Summary of JUUL JUUL Introduction Juul is a brand of electronic cigarette made by PAX Labs, Inc and it has taken the market by storm since it was released. PAX Labs... Read more
Smoking Everywhere Review

One of the more troubled brands, Smoking everywhere has attracted a record for negative electric cig reviews on the site. A mitigating factor is that they were battling the FDA for nearly 18 months to get their products back after being seized. Although it appears the service isn’t up to acceptable levels, they won that important legal battle which has allowed many other e-cig companies to stay in business.

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Premium Smoker Review

These guys initially impressed our electronic cigarette reviews team as one of the better free trail products. Sadly we never got any feedback from our readers as they quickly went out of business in the e-cigarette gold rush. The full review is still available for archive purposes.

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Luci Review

54th : Luci Review

Best Electronic Cigarettes August 25, 2009 40

Back when we first reviewed Luci they quickly established a big reputation for offering some awesome and diverse e cig cartridge flavors. Along with a sleek black kit it attracted a lot of interest among E-cigarette early adapters. However some mixed review regarding consistency and delivery let them down and they haven’t really recovered since. They still seem to be coming strong in 2012 and we’re always interested to hear how the electronic cigarette reviews community feel about them today.

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