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V2 Cigs Review

1st : V2 Cigs Review

E-Cig Reviews October 21, 2010 83

V2 Cigs’ review first appeared on the site in 2010 and has been one of the most highly rated brands on electronic cigarette reviews sites for nearly 2 years now. They have now established themselves as one of the biggest names in the e-cigarette industry and we’re constantly impressed by how many of our readers have positive things to tell us about them on the site. However, as we’ve seen before, even the biggest and best electronic cigarette names can experience big growing pains, with customer service and delivery times suffering as a result. Will V2 Cigs suffer the same fate this year? Read our full Review now for the full low down on if V2 Cigs is really the best e-cigarette.

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2018 VaporFi Review

2nd : 2018 VaporFi Review

E-Cig Reviews August 26, 2014 16

Updated 10/21/2016 VaporFi just introduced a new way to buy e-cigs that are built just the way you like them. Their Build Your Own Custom Vaporizer option on their website allows you to choose a variety of different options to create something perfectly unique to you. This kit comes... Read more
SmokeTip Review

3rd : SmokeTip Review

E-Cig Reviews November 29, 2009 115

SmokeTip was one of the first brands we reviewed when we launched Electronic Cigarettes Reviews back in 2009. We think it’s a testament to their quality that they haven’t dropped outside the top 10 in our e-cig user review ranking table in nearly 3 years. They impressed us with their easy drag system, which set them apart in the early days, making them out to be the e-cig brand that was passionate about providing a quality and consistent vaping experience. New e-cigarette users can certainly do a lot worse than an original SmokeTip kit to get them started, even in 2012.

However, it’s fair to say that their one standard e-cig kit is starting to show its age amongst mid-range kits. We certainly wouldn’t be surprised to see SmokeTip release an update, which if it showed the same innovation as the original kit, would probably see them rising up towards the top of the e-cigarette rankings once again. Read James’s and user SmokeTip e-cigarette reviews on the full review page.

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South Beach Smoke Review

4th : South Beach Smoke Review

E-Cig Reviews August 12, 2010 42

The name South Beach always seems to conjure up an image of the more glamorous side of life and it seems it’s e-cigarette name sake has lived up to those connotations too. Since launching in 2010, the brand from, believe it or not, South Beach has impressed both our review team and our loyal electronic cigarette reviews community. They started with an aggressive marketing strategy that had many of our readers wondering if they were over compensating for a low quality e-cig. However it seems that getting their products out there has helped establish themselves with a loyal group of Vapers and to continue growing a better reputation in the industry. With South Beach Smoke offering big savings and the fact that they were the first e-cig brand to have a successful cartridge subscription program, it’ll be interesting to see if they can start to dislodge some of the big e-cigarette players. Read Jane’s full South Beach Smoke e-cigarette review for everything you need to know.

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Blu Cigs Review

5th : Blu Cigs Review

E-Cig Reviews August 25, 2009 211

It’s hard to deny the fact that Blu Cigs is one of the real big electronic cigarette names. Their trademark black battery, blue tip and charger pack (the first big brand to offer this) has been the subject of much debate amongst our e-cigarette review community. It is true that they still remain our most reviewed e-cigarette brand of all time. From flavor of the month one moment, to some serious quality control issues with their old 3-piece design, for a long while it seemed that the e-cigarette community had a love/hate relationship with Blu.

However, 3 years on it seems like these rough and smooth experiences have really benefited Blu. Not only now having a solid e-cig but they are actively driving innovation with their new social charger pack, which has drawn attention and compliments from the mainstream technology media. Also recently, somewhat controversially, they become the first electronic cigarette company bought out by one of the big tobacco giants. So it looks like Blu Cigs remains a hot topic amount our readers on electronic cigarette reviews. Read our review and hundreds of user opinions in our full e-cig review.

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ECR White Cloud Review

White Cloud has been one of the most hotly debate brands in electronic cigarettes since their launch in 2009. Often boasting to be the world’s most expensive e-cigarette, they market themselves as having the most advance and cutting edge e-cig technology. On the last point it’s hard to argue with them, innovating both the e-cig cartridge and battery in the past 3 years they always seem to be one step ahead of the rest. However, the debate amongst our readers surrounds the topic if they get charged too much of a premium for being the first e-cigarette owners to have these advanced features.

One thing that is clear is they have a loyal following, but the high end price tag has probably stopped them from being one of the most highly ranked e-cigarette brands on the site. We’ve always been impressed with White Clouds Cirrus range, now in its 3rd incarnation the ‘X3’ with batteries that seem to last forever. Therefore we’ve always been keen to recommend them to those that demand cutting edge technology from their gadgets and have less budgetary constraints than your average Vaper. Read our team’s review and full White cloud user Electric Cigarette Reviews for the complete story.

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JUUL Review

7th : JUUL Review

E-Cig Reviews March 24, 2017 5

Table of Contents JUUL Introduction JUUL Popular Products JUUL Device Review JUUL Liquid POD Review JUUL Accessories Review Summary of JUUL JUUL Introduction Juul is a brand of electronic cigarette made by PAX Labs, Inc and it has taken the market by storm since it was released. PAX Labs... Read more
Halo Cigs Review

8th : Halo Cigs Review

E-Cig Reviews June 27, 2012 19

Halo Cigs have always seemed to have a great reputation on e-cigarette forum among pro-vapers for awesome e-liquid. With this experience behind them, is it time to start considering them as serious player in the kit market too? We decide to give Halo their first full review on the site this year. We were certainly impressed by their kit offerings. With an exciting G6 entry kit and their Elements kit aimed at the e-smoke connoisseur they have something for everyone. So before we rave too much about them, we always like to hear from some of our army of e-cigarette reviewers. Will this year see Halo rise to be a big player in the kit market? Read our full e-cig review for our team’s thoughts.

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Apollo Fine Electronic Vaping Review

Apollo Fine Electronic Vaping has evolved over time into a one stop shop for vaping. They went from having basic cig-a-like starter kits to offering box mods, tanks, mechanical mods, and simple tank systems. So now they have a kit for everyone from entry level to advanced user and even carry some products that aren’t made by their brand to offer a better range of products. On top of that, they have an impressive e-liquid catalog to order from so you will never get bored with vape flavors again and you can find the perfect fit for you.

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Firebrand Review

10th : Firebrand Review

E-Cig Reviews June 26, 2012 15

Firebrand has had a bit of a reputation as one of the go-to brand for amongst pro and hobbyist vapers. Despite their niche following, we were receiving more and more calls from our community to give them a review on the site. We’ve always been impressed by their passion and you can really tell that has been transferred in their standard kits. The Millennium Cyclone is your standard pen-cig style e-cigarette that sits alongside the tank style Diablo Falcon. Although not a quality everyone looks for, both produce massive amounts of vapour and cartridges benefit from their years of e-liquid production experience. However passion doesn’t always transfer into long term durability, so as always we’re excited to hear how people got on with firebrand in real life day-to-day use. Read our full e-cigarette review for Firebrand Cigs and get our review team’s full breakdown.

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V2 Vertx & Vertx Plus Review

V2 Cigs’ review first appeared on the site in 2010 and has been one of the most highly rated brands on electronic cigarette reviews sites for nearly 2 years now. They have now established themselves as one of the biggest names in the e-cigarette industry and we’re constantly impressed by how many of our readers have positive things to tell us about them on the site. V2 just released their Vertx and Vertx Plus micro-cigs, which harness the power of a tank vaporizer in a portable e-cig. Read our full Review now for the full low down on if V2 Cigs is really the best e-cigarette.

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Krave Review

12th : Krave Review

E-Cig Reviews April 23, 2015 0

Krave is a brand that offers high-quality products for an affordable price. Check out our review of their Krave Classic and Krave King Rechargeable Starter Kits.

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EonSmoke Review

13th : EonSmoke Review

E-Cig Reviews November 25, 2013 0

EonSmoke claims to offer a “long lasting, great tasting electronic cigarette”. We put their products to the test and found that this brand actually has a lot of potential. They currently offer four starter kits in a variety of price ranges and nicotine strengths are available as high as 30mg. You can choose from 16 flavors so there are plenty of options to keep you from ever getting bored with vaping.

After we tried EonSmoke, this brand definitely shows some promise. The vapor is thick and we loved some of the flavor choices, but there were several aspects they could improve on. Read our full review to get the scoop on the pros and cons of EonSmoke.

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ZeroCig Review

14th : ZeroCig Review

E-Cig Reviews February 20, 2012 10

Another new e-cig brand trying to grab your attention this year will be ZeroCig. This charming, if unspectacular e-cigarette seems to be gaining buzz from electronic cigarette users that want solid, no-gimmick value for money vaping experience. Don’t expect any clever sales message and flashy packaging, but rather a large selection of quality e-cigarette options and cartridges.

We’re certainly interested to see if e-cig fans can see past their plain branding and haphazard website and really start appealing beyond the serious e-cigarette enthusiasts. We feel that those who do take the plunge may be pleasantly surprised. As with all new e-cig brands, we look forward to seeing if they can established themselves and get our readers leaving their own electronic cigarettes reviews and opinions. Compare ZeroCig against the best e-cigarettes by reading our full review.

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Premium Vapes Review

15th : Premium Vapes Review

E-Cig Reviews May 30, 2012 106

Premium E Cigarettes was one of the first electronic cigarette brands we reviewed on the site. We complimented them on their solid products and it seems that getting the basics right have really benefited them in the long term. They have stayed near our in our top 5 since their first user e-cigarette review back in 2009. Not one for flash marketing, focusing on the build quality, an awesome selection of cartridge flavors, and an open ear to what the e-cig consumer wants, has helped Premium establish themselves as a heavy hitter in the industry. As they expand their product line, will they be able to maintain their reputation among the electronic cigarette reviews community? Compare Premium against the other best electronic cigarettes by looking over ours and other user e-cig reviews.

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eSmoke Review

16th : eSmoke Review

E-Cig Reviews February 4, 2010 12

Back in 2010 when eSmoke hit the pages of electronic cigarettes reviews, they caused quite a stir. Claiming to be the first US based e-cigarette manufacturer, it seemed like a selling point that would really capitalise on the initial uncertainty among e-cigarette users that were worried about quality. However, with the ‘made in USA’ stamp came a heavy price that was beyond the reach of many of those wishing to dip their toes into the world of e-cigs. As much as we wanted them to be better (who doesn’t want to root for the home team), unfortunately their quality and features didn’t surpass their Asian import cousins.

These high expectations meant that they struggled initially to get many positive user e-cig reviews. The hype however did somewhat mask what was a very good quality e-cigarette. eSmoke has expanded their range of products and prices have fallen over the past year or so. They offer some nice accessories along with offering some mods for the more advanced or hobbyist Vaper. We feel that further price drops could see them gain more of a following and therefore more positive reviews within the site. Read our eSmoke review and compare them against other electronic cigarettes.

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Eluma Review

17th : Eluma Review

E-Cig Reviews March 3, 2010 40

First reviewed by us in 2010, Eluma electronic cigarettes provided a solid product and it’s often agreed by us and user e-cig reviewers that they are a solid base to move on. Following the similar practice of having just one Standard e-cigarette starter kit it’s hard for us, and probably many electronic cigarettes users, to find an angle which makes Eluma stand out. Add to that some seriously mixed reviews regarding cartridge and customer service; and they quickly fell off our top rankings after a promising start.

After regrouping and changing focus to the already competitive entry level e-cig market, Eluma has employed a new aggressive pricing strategy to gain some market share. We expect many new user reviews over the coming year as they target this new market. Read our full Eluma E-cigarette Review and see what real users thought too.

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VaporX Review

18th : VaporX Review

E-Cig Reviews April 30, 2015 1

VaporX is a brand that specializes in bringing you the highest-quality vaporizers, e-liquids, and cartomizers. They offer many different types of kits on their website to appeal to just about anyone. Their e-liquids come in 17 tasty flavors, and they’re all available for a very reasonable price.

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EverSmoke Review

19th : EverSmoke Review

E-Cig Reviews December 16, 2011 21

Ever Smoke is one of the new kids on the e-cigarette block, having only launched last year. Despite their infancy, our electronic cigarette review team were pretty impressed with the kit we reviewed. Early impressions from our readers suggest that this could be a mid-priced e-cigarette with a bright future. However despite having an attractive branding and product, the current e cig product range is lacking more starter kit options. On the other having a standard foundation could be the perfect spring board for them to jump off in the industry. Our loyal community of electric cigarette reviewers will have the final say on that matter.

Recently they appear to be dropping their kit price to gain some market traction and sales, so it’ll be exciting to see what our trusted e-cigarette reviewers make of EverSmoke over the coming year. Read ours and the e-cigarette community’s view on this brand in our full e-cig review.

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Bloog Review

20th : Bloog Review

E-Cig Reviews October 11, 2009 10

It feels like Bloog has been around forever and they have cemented a really strong relationship with the enthusiast vaping community. They love Bloog for solid electronic cigarette products and personal service. However more mainstream e-cigarette users have yet to really catch on to Bloog, which has resulted in a lack of e-cig reviews on the site and therefore escaped a good ranking. However their Maxx Fusion Kit can compete with the best e-cigarettes, added to their experience and a growing reputation; this could be Bloog’s breakthrough year. Read Jane’s full review for everything you need to know.

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VaporIn Review

21th : VaporIn Review

E-Cig Reviews March 4, 2015 22

VaporIn is a company that’s been in the e-cig industry for a while.         They’ve recently re-vamped their website and it’s definitely worth checking out.  VaporIn offers a wide array of e-cigs that are cartridge and e-liquid compatible, and also offer wax and herb vaporizers too.  If you’re looking... Read more
Smoke Fifty-One Review

Smoke51 is another electronic cigarette brand that has been hotly debated over the years for both good and bad reasons. Despite having a good product and a respectable range of e-cigarette kits and cartridges, it appears that they have let a number of customers down in terms of service (including to us) and overall quality. Read Dustin’s in-depth analysis and breakdown of Smoke51 e-cigs before you buy.

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Cigavette Review

23th : Cigavette Review

E-Cig Reviews November 15, 2013 0

Cigavette is a unique brand that is much different from the typical e-cig company we review. Their kits are a good middle ground between disposable ecigs and full starter kits. They don’t include a ton of products in their kits, but that also means the Cigavette ecigarettes are highly affordable. For around $30, you get great performance at an affordable price.

Compared to other brands out there, we thought Cigavette was definitely impressive. These e-cigs give you a good throat hit and a huge cloud of vapor to match. We also love that they offer a “Special Deals” section on the website where you can get really great prices on their merchandise as it rotates on sale. Keep reading to hear more about Cigavette and what our review team thought of their products.

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Vapage Review

24th : Vapage Review

E-Cig Reviews November 17, 2013 0

Vapage is gaining some traction among e-cig fans so we took it for a test spin to see what this brand had to offer. After trying the Premium kit, we thought Vapage was a solid option with some great potential. They offer both white batteries with orange tips and black batteries with blue tips. After trying the starter kit with a variety of the flavored cartridges, we were pretty impressed.

The cartridges had a good, easy draw. Though it takes a little priming, if you use the right technique, Vapage will give you plenty of vapor and a satisfying throat hit. Overall, Vapage is right above average. Read our full review to find out more about the pros and cons of Vapage and what kind of smoker is best suited to use this e-cig.

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Henley E-Cigarettes Review

25th : Henley E-Cigarettes Review

E-Cig Reviews November 18, 2013 0

Henley is one of the newest brands we’ve tried, but it is definitely worth a look even for experienced vapers. They offer a variety of starter kits and a disposable option and overall, this is a really solid product. Even better, Henley is affordable!

When we tested the Henley e-cig, the vapor level was satisfactory but not overwhelming. It was pretty close to the amount of smoke you get form a tobacco cigarette. It had a good throat hit and a big bonus is that Henley offers a ton of great flavor options in their cartridge selections. Read our full review to find out which flavors we tried and what we thought of the various starter kits and accessories that Henley has to offer.

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NicStick Review

26th : NicStick Review

E-Cig Reviews November 21, 2013 0

We tried dozens of brands before NicStick, but this e-cigarette still stuck out as one of the most unique. In fact, we’ve never before encountered an electronic cigarette with the same look and appeal that NicStick provides. This brand only sells tank style e-cigs to insure that every customer gets an excellent quality experience with vaping from the very first puff.

For those that are leery of trying a tank system, NicStick makes it easy with a great user manual that gives step-by-step directions. Our review team tested several of the NicStick products and overall, we really liked it! They are a cutting edge brand that is not content to offer the same options as the rest of the industry. Read our full review to learn more about NicStick’s products and what our review team thought of their performance.

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Go! Electronic Cigarettes Review

The iGo3 and iGo4 offer the best new technology to vapers that want something a little more than the basic e-cig. Both of these models utilize tank system technology to give you bigger throat hits, bigger vapor clouds, and an overall bigger vaping experience. After trying both of these options, we loved the iGo4 most! With a 2.5ml tank, this e-cig is the ultimate tank model. It even has a new LED display to show how many puffs you have used and how many you have left before you need to recharge your battery. Of course, you won’t have to charge all that often because the iGo4 will last for 1000 puffs!

Read our full review to find out more about the iGo3 and the iGo4. Both of these e-cigs are great options for the experienced vaper that wants to take it to the next level.

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Urus Cigs Review

28th : Urus Cigs Review

E-Cig Reviews November 25, 2013 0

Urus Cigs is an attractive electronic cigarette option with tons of products to choose from and a crisp, clean design. You can choose from two starter kits and both of them are reasonably priced. After putting the Urus Cigs electronic cigarette to the test, there were several things that our team really liked about this brand. It is definitely a well-made quality e-cigarette.

Unfortunately, we found a few problems as well. After trying multiple flavors from Urus Cigs, we were overall disappointed with their cartridges. Their flavors definitely need some work and some of them were actually pretty unpleasant. However, that doesn’t mean you should rule Urus Cigs out completely. This brand has some good potential and if you find the right flavor, it might be a good option for you. Read our full review to learn more about what our review team thought of Urus Cigs.

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Cloud 9 E-cigs Review

29th : Cloud 9 E-cigs Review

E-Cig Reviews August 11, 2010 4

Back in early 2010 we certainly thought Cloud 9 had a set of e-cigs that had some potential. Despite some mixed user e-cig reviews we thought that they may kick on and offer some top of range e-cigarette options for our community to review. Despite offering both a 2 and 3 piece e-cigarette kit alongside their own brand of e-liquid they haven’t really grown or offered much to make them stand out from the crowd. However we feel they still have the potential to spring a surprise and get the electronic cigarette reviews community talking again. Real our full Cloud 9 Review to see our full review.

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Crown7 Review

30th : Crown7 Review

E-Cig Reviews June 26, 2012 4

Crowd7 have been around for nearly five years now but only came to our attention recently. Starting small and building seems to be a strategy that is really starting to work out for them. Our first impressions are that have a solid product and competitively priced too, which will certainly help them grow. Their Hydro Imperial battery feels and lasts great, as do their cartridges. However official cartridges are priced particularly high, so unless you love them, you might be looking for a cheaper supply from a 3rd party vendor. Alongside some sleek branding but reasonably priced for the kit, Cown7 are a brand that should turn heads in a rapidly overcrowding market. Read our team’s full review of Crown7 electronic Cigarettes alongside e-cig reviews from our loyal community.

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