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Pure Cigs Coupon Codes

November 29th, 2011

Pure Cigs offers vapers a good selection of disposable e-cigarettes, starter kits, and refill cartridges in multiple flavors and nicotine strengths. This brand offers a high quality e-cig at a really affordable price, making it the perfect choice for both new vapers and the more experienced e-cig user. You can choose from five starter kits and they are all priced reasonably under $80. Once you are all set up with a starter kit, you can select your cartridges with seven yummy flavors to keep your palate from ever feeling bored. Now ECR is offering a coupon code to help you enjoy Pure Cigs at the lowest price ever!

If you are struggling to find the perfect kit from Pure Cigs, check out the XL Starter Kit. We love this kit because it includes a powerful battery that lasts three times longer than a typical ecig model. That means you will get up to 900 puffs from one charge, which is equal to three packs of cigarettes. The XL Kit comes with two batteries and four cartridges along with a USB charger so you can easily power up your ecig whenever the need arises.

When you try Pure Cigs, you will quickly discover why this brand is highly rated by consumers in reviews. You will get superior clouds of vapor, a satisfying throat hit, and a great variety of flavors to make it the ultimate vaping selection. Grab one of our coupon codes today to order your Pure Cigs starter kit at a discount.

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