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Name:Dustin Erickson
Age: 27
E-Cigarette Brand: The Safe Cig
Formal Favorite: Parliament Lights
Occupation: Business Consultant

My name is Dustin and I created electroniccigarettesreviews.net because I smoked for 13 years and tried every way possible to quit without success. I heard about e-cigarettes from a friend and I tried my first e-cigarette about two years ago. At first, I just used my e-cig in places where I wasn’t allowed to smoke my Parliaments. After a few months, I started using my e-cig more and more and now I am proud to say that I almost completely tobacco free!! I’ll admit that I do occasionally have a tobacco cigarette, but those times are few and far between now. I couldn’t have done it without e-cigarettes!

Over the past couple years, I have had many people ask me about my e-cigarette when I am puffing it at a bar, bowling alley or restaurant. I made the website because I realized how many people out there don’t know about e-cigarettes and the benefits they provide to smokers. I really wanted to provide a single website where people can visit to read about the various brands of e-cigarettes and hear what other people are saying about certain brands.

Between James, Jane and I, we really want to provide up-to-date and accurate reviews so that visitors to our website can make informed decisions on purchasing e-cigarettes. Not every brand is as good as the next and not every smoker will like the same brand of e-cigs.

When I am not busy running my business, I enjoy bowling, going to sporting events, working out, playing poker and spending time with my friends. I hope that you find the information on this website useful and helpful in making informed decisions on e-cigarettes. Please do feel free to share your own experiences with a certain brand or just on e-cigs in general.

Here’s to our freedom to smoke where we please!

Happy Reading and Happy e-smoking!



Dustin W. Erickson, Founder – ElectronicCigarettesReviews.net



Name: James Johnson
Age: 34
E-Cigarette Brand: Green Smoke
Formal Favorite: Marlboro Reds
Occupation: Car Mechanic

Hi, I’m James and I’m one of the co-founders of electroniccigarettesreviews.net. I’ve been a smoker now for nearly 15 years and an e-smoker for 2 years. I first heard about electronic cigarettes in a bar.

This bar had a smoking ban but I noticed a man smoking what looked like a cigarette at the bar. I had to ask him what it was, especially since I had just come in from the cold because I went outside to smoke a cigarette. He showed me the e-cigarette, and I went home and set out online to buy electronic cigarettes. I must admit I was quite sceptical at first, but I bought my first starter kit in 2007 and haven’t looked backed since.

I’m not going to make it seem like it has all been smooth sailing with e-cigs; I’ve had my share of duds in my time. However, the range, quality and technology available to e-smokers has increased ten fold over a very short period of time. Financially, it’s always made sense to be an e-smoker, but with the range of products out there now, competition is lowering prices and raising quality.

Having been active on many e-cig forums, I helped create electroniccigarettesreviews.net out of my frustration over the lack of quality information available online for e-smoker’s both new and old. Also, I found that one shoe never fits all, so I needed some way to map the overall opinion of you guys out there. Step in Dustin (the brains behind the website), and now we have our own review website, where not only can I share my experiences with fellow e-smokers, but get your ratings and mini-reviews too!

When I’m not working hard or chasing my 3 beautiful kids around the house, I restore classic Mustangs.



Name:Jane Plumber
Age: 51
E-Cigarette Brand: NJOY Through Jan 10th, 2010 — Now Premiums
Formal Favourite: Camel
Occupation: Occupational Therapist

When I heard Dustin and James were starting electroniccigarettesreviews.net, I knew I could help by sharing my experiences with the e-smokers out there. Smoking has never suited my professional image and I’ve always tried to keep the fact that I am a smoker from clients and even some close friends. Since discovering e-cigarettes 3 years ago, I admit to the fact that the biggest savings money-wise I have probably made is not having to carry around enough perfume and breath mints to keep a small army of lady soldiers smiling!

I was more than happy to share my experiences on the website simply because at times, it can be a minefield finding good information on e-cigs. Unfortunately, like most good things in life, once people spot a quick buck to be made, the internet becomes full of people ready to make claims they can’t back up. I am not afraid to admit that I’ve had my finger burnt taking advice that I thought was provided in good faith.

That’s the key to why I feel electroniccigarettesreviews.net will be a success. You don’t have to take my word, or anyone else’s for that matter, on a certain brand. You simply log on and take ‘the pulse’ of the feedback available on a brand and make your mind up. This is truly the only e-cig site by e-smokers… Viva La e-smoker Revolution!

When I’m not running my practice, I enjoying traveling and I’m currently learning to speak Spanish!

  • Judy Hopkins, OTR

    January 25, 2010 #1 Author

    I am also an OTR from TX. I have started E smoking and it is really causing a lot of interest. One patient of mine has started e smoking. He is a stroke patient and in a nursing home. He now is no longer at risk of burning himself, can vape in front of his TV and hopefully will improve his respiratory status. He is so happy now and says he feels like he has gotten his freedom back. Judy

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