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Premium Smoker Electronic Cigarettes are currently offering a FREE TRIAL for their brand of electronic cigarettes. When you sign up for the FREE TRIAL, you are charged a one-time shipping & handling charge of $9.95. If you decide to keep your Premium Smoker starter kit, you will be charged $89.95 for the kit. You will also be enrolled in the Smoke Star VIP Program, which entails a monthly charge of $29.95 and with this program, you automatically get 15 cartridges sent to you every month. This is convenient for those who keep the Premium Smoker e-cig kit because you never have to remember to order your replacement cartridges, you just automatically get them every month!

When you sign up for the Premium Smoker free trial, you can choose between their Tobacco or Menthol flavors. You will receive 5 high-strength (16mg) cartridges in the flavor that you choose.

Some important features of the Premium Smoker free trial offer include:

Premium Smoker E-Cigs

30-day product guarantee – you really have nothing to lose with the 30-day product guarantee; if you aren’t satisfied, simply return the Premium Smoker starter kit within the specified time and you will only be charged the shipping and handling fee

Free Trial for American customers only – this limited time trial offer is only valid for American customers

There have been a few e-cigarette brands that we have come across that offer a free trial offer. However, with most of the free trial offers, we’ve found that you usually get signed up for a monthly recurring charge for cartridge refills. This is the case with the Premium Smoker free trial offer too. If you choose to take the free trial offer and you aren’t satisfied, make sure to return the starter kit within the time specified and also make sure to cancel the Smoke Star VIP program so that you do not get charged for your monthly cartridge refills.

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