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Play Vapor Review
Kit Price: $24.99
Flavors: 2
Nicotine Levels: 5
Warranty: 30 Days
  • Good Value Entry Kits
  • Free Shipping
  • Limited Product Range
  • Expensive Cartridges
1.4 of 5

Play Vapor Electronic Cigarettes are a uniquely packaged newer brand of electronic cigarettes. They come in clear casing, are backed by great marketing, and are just a little bit longer than an analog cigarette. This review will find out how Play Vapor stacks up against the other brands listed on ElectronicCigarettesReviews.net.

Play Vapor only has one starter kit option with 3 flavor options. Those flavors are Real Tobacco, Light Tobacco, and Menthol. We tried out each of these kits and they also sent us replacement cartridges so we could try each of their flavors. The flavors available in refill cartridges are Real Tobacco, Light Tobacco, Menthol, Blueberry, Watermelon, and Orange. Outside of the traditional flavors (tobacco and menthol), the three they do offer are a perfect combination for summer days.

Using the electronic cigarette the first time required a few puffs to get it primed and producing maximum vapor and optimal flavor. After those first 3-5 puffs, things were going well. The vapor production itself is mid-ranged compared to the brands on our site. Being mid-ranged isn’t so bad when you are stacking up against some of the brands we have on the site. The vapor produced from the e-cig is the equivalent of a traditional cigarette’s smoke cloud. You can get more vapor by executing a technique of slow draw and expanding your cheeks to pull the e-liquid through the atomizer built into the cartridge on this unit.

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  • $24.99

The throat hit produced by PlayVapor actually surprised me quite a bit. Being so close in size to a traditional cigarette, you would normally expect little to no throat hit for a lot of brands out there on the market today. My personal preference is the Real Tobacco as it has a better tobacco taste when comparing to cigarettes. The Light Tobacco is still a good flavor, but it has some sweetness to it.

The Menthol flavor is touted by Play Vapor as being one of the best on the market according to their customers. While it has a bit of a minty taste, it is relatively close to the menthol you would get out of a brand like Camel Crush. It isn’t that Newport flavor that many menthol smoking consumers are trying to find with e-cigs. It is however one of the better options out there for menthol smokers. The watermelon, orange, and blueberry flavors match their name perfectly. You could choose which is which without ever seeing a box or knowing what the flavor choices were ahead of time. So that is a success. The watermelon is more of the Jolly Rancher candy taste than a traditional watermelon fruit taste, so keep that in mind if you order that flavor.

In summation, the Play Vapor electronic cigarette starter kit is a good option for someone looking for affordable choices. It blows most of the rechargeable competition out of the water at a $25 price point. We would like to see the flavors and accessories available both expand to a larger variety of products, but we do understand that it can take time with a new brand. Check out their very cool website today and order Play Vapor.

Play Vapor has many starter kits to choose from, all of which are reasonably priced. They also offer free shipping.
  • Good Value Entry Kits
  • Free Shipping
  • Limited Product Range
  • Expensive Cartridges

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1.4 of 5
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James Johnson

James Johnson - ECR.net Review Team

James was an original founder of ECR.net back in 2009. His passion for vaping is only second to his family and his expertly restored classic Fords. An ex-smoker of nearly 15 years and a vaper of nearly 7, James has watched the e-cig industry explode in front of his eyes. A proud business owner, he vapes happily away all day in his car shop.

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