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September 29th, 2010
This code will get you 15% off your first purchase. You must use the code each time you make a purchase, it does not “save” under your NJoy account.
Expires: 08/14/2011
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This code will get you 5% off any purchase. You must use the code each time you make a purchase, it does not “save” under your NJOY account.
Expires: 08/14/2011
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NJOY is a well known brand in the electronic cigarette industry with a huge presence in retail stores and a slur of positive reviews online. This brand offers an express starter kit and a disposable model, but the disposable option is by far their most popular product. The NJOY King is small and looks almost identical to a tobacco cigarette. It has a really authentic look and feel and if you close your eyes, it really almost feels like you are holding a regular cigarette in your hand. It is very lightweight and doesn’t feel clunky or awkward like some other brands. Now you can get a great deal on your next NJOY purchase with ECR’s exclusive coupon codes.

The NJOY King comes in both tobacco and menthol flavors and you can choose from two nicotine strengths. The company claims to have sold more than 3 million of these disposable e-cigs since they were first made available. Smokers enjoy the authentic look and feel of this disposable, plus it is widely available at convenience stores and pharmacies.

Unfortunately, buying disposable e-cigs can get expensive. When the e-cig is done, you just toss it and buy another one. NJOY has implemented a new recycling program to offset this program. When you recycle 8 used NJOY Kings, they will provide you with one free in return. Another great way to offset the cost of disposable NJOY Kings is with our coupon codes. It is much cheaper to order this e-cig online and with this coupon code, the savings are really undeniable.

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