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JUUL Review JUUL Review
Kit Price: $49.99
Flavors: 5
Nicotine Levels: 1
Warranty: 1 Year
  • Higher Quality Nicotine Liquid
  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Auto-Ship Program
  • Charging Limitations
  • Limited Flavors Currently
  • Single Color Option for Device
0.7 of 5

JUUL Introduction

Juul is a brand of electronic cigarette made by PAX Labs, Inc and it has taken the market by storm since it was released. PAX Labs comes from originally making the Ploom One and the wildly popular Pax line of vaporizers. One thing has been consistent over time for this company, innovation drives them more than anything.

The company was founded by two Stanford Design Program graduates in San Francisco with the mission focus of creating beautiful technology that has advanced features compared to what’s available on the market. They took the market by storm with the Pax being regarded as one of, if not the best, dry herb vaporizer on the market. They soon launched the Ploom One as their first entry into the electronic cigarette market. This device never gained traction because it used butane to vaporize pods of actual tobacco. They went back to the drawing board and came up with something totally unique that matched the consumer’s needs in the JUUL electronic cigarette.

We got a hold of our own JUUL device and will review the device to find out if this closed-system vapor device really is the iPhone of e-cigs as some major tech publications have proclaimed. They also make claim that it is smoking evolved, which in a market saturated with e-cigarette devices is a big claim to live up to.

JUUL Popular Products

JUUL Device Review

The JUUL Device is the only vaping product this company offers. Unlike many other companies trying to diversify into having many products, they believe they have created the best product available so they only offer the one. You can buy it as a standalone device $34.99 or buy the starter kit for $49.99 before any coupons.

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  • starter

  • JUUL Device
  • Cartomizer
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  • $34.99

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  • JUUL Starter Kit
  • Cartomizer
  • 1
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  • no
  • $49.99

As you can see, the starter kit just includes everything in the Device purchase but also comes with a 4 pack of JUULpods. It is important to note that you won’t even get a sample JUULpod with the purchase of the device alone too.   Since you’re going to need a JUULpod to start out, we recommend going with the starter kit which will save you $2 from buying them separately. The device only comes in one color, a silver that looks very nice, but offers no personalization due to the lack of colors.

The kit came packaged very nicely and on the one side was the device and USB charger displayed prominently when you open it. On the other side, it came with the 4 pack of pods in 4 different flavors. We had Virginia tobacco, cool mint, fruit medley, and crème brulee. We’ll cover the review of those in the section below. It seems surprising, but that’s all you need to use this device. There are no cables or wall plugs, just the small USB charger (pictured below) that you stand the device in with a magnetic connection.

The first thing we really noticed when holding the device was that it feels sturdy and durable more than we even expected. The next thing you notice right away is that there are no buttons or switches on the device. After coming from e-cigs that allow more customization and changes, we were a little concerned about the one size fit all approach that the device seemed to have. We also noticed there was a small LED on it that was to indicate the charge level of the device.

We do recommend charging any device when you first get it to ensure it’s all the way full and you get the best experience, so the first thing we did was charge the device. As mentioned above, after plugging in the USB charger, we just put the JUUL on top of it and it snapped into place. The lights will cycle from red (low charge), to yellow (medium charge), and green (high charge) when ready. One thing to keep in mind when charging it is that a laptop works best so it is standing up. You can charge it on a PC but it can be awkward to plug it into a sideways USB and depending on where you PC tower is, could get knocked off by your leg. Some users are creating stripped wire chargers using cables and we strongly caution you to only charge any vaping device with the supplied charger for safety.

Once we had the device charged, we were ready to test this device out. The cartridges come with a colored cap on them to indicate flavor, you simply remove that cap and insert the cartridge end into your device. You will also feel/hear the click when it is seated properly. It’s really one of the simplest setups we’ve seen and since the cartridges are pre-filled, you don’t need to worry about messing with syringes or pouring liquid. The cartridge also acts as your mouthpiece and since the device has no buttons or switches, you simply draw on that to start vaping. You’ll want to take slow long draws to get the best results. Starting out though you may want to take shorter puffs as you get used to the nicotine salt liquid that is different than most e-juices on the market.

As you draw on the device, the indicator from the charger doubles as a pull strength indicator as well to help you draw perfectly. This is truly a unique feature as many new vapers don’t know if they’re doing it right at first. It is a fool proof system that will really help you along the learning curve much quicker if you’re new to vaping.

Having only one nicotine strength was a concern for us as well early on, but we must say because they use the nicotine salts, it’s perfect at emulating the nicotine you’d get from a cigarette. The device also has smart features that ensure from the first puff to the last that you are getting thick vapor with a consistent experience from start to finish. You aren’t going to blow the crazy clouds you see some people blowing with advanced vaping devices but instead you will create a nice amount of vapor like what you would have when smoking a cigarette.

In the past with stronger level nicotine you would get a very heavy throat hit that some people like, but most did not. The JUUL hits very smoothly on your throat and is enjoyable and won’t have you coughing up a lung like some vaping devices can cause.

Since this is a smart device, it does have one more hidden gem we’d like to share with you. If you tap the device lightly twice it will show the battery level on the LED indicator so you can check it at any time. This allows the device to remain sleek looking without having the buttons and switches on it that all other devices rely on.

So overall the design is amazing, the device is about the size of your hand (excluding fingers) and is very lightweight. It is surprisingly thin and shockingly powerful for what the device looks like. We can see why they only made one device as we aren’t sure they could top this device with technology currently available.

JUUL Liquid POD Review

The cartridges and liquid inside of them is a huge part of what makes the JUUL a great device to purchase. The cartridges are sold in 4 packs for $15.99 each and come with free shipping. Each JUULpod contains 0.7mL with 5% nicotine by weight which is the equivalent to 1 pack of cigarettes or 200 puffs. With the average price of cigarettes ranging from $5.19 a pack in Kentucky ($20.76 for 4 packs) to $12.60 in New York ($50.40 for 4 packs), everyone can reduce their cost from smoking immediately and get the same amount of nicotine.

While price savings are a great benefit over smoking for the JUUL brand, pretty much any brand you use will offer these savings as well when switching from traditional combustible cigarettes. Pax Labs set out to make a product that satisfied smokers who switched by reverse engineering the cigarette effect on the body before even creating the JUUL brand. It was a 2-year journey to create something totally different than what was on the market and it paid off greatly.

They used nicotine salts found in leaf-based tobacco as their core ingredient which is very different from other brands of juices on the market today. When you extract and use those salts, you’re able to create an experience more like smoking than any other e-cigarette on the market. The desired result was two times the nicotine strength and 3 times the vapor quality thanks to the juice. They conducted a study and compared the impact of cigarettes with e-liquid and the JUUL liquid. The results were shocking and display how much better their product is.

JUUL Nicotine Graph

As you can see the results are the closest to a cigarette ever recorded resulting in a game changing liquid. We covered all this to show you what differentiates JUUL from other brand products and now we can get into the flavors now that you know the effect of the juice will be outstanding.

The JUULpods come in 5 different flavors being Virginia Tobacco, Cool Mint, Fruit Medley, Crème Brulee, and Mango. We expect more flavors to be added over time, but for now this is variety is adequate to switch you from smoking to vaping. The cartridges are all pre-filled and will never leak and simply get thrown away or recycled after they are used. They come with a color cap on them that will indicate the flavor so you don’t ever have to guess since the actual cartridge is the same color as the device regardless of flavor.

Virginia Tobacco – This is very similar to the flavor of a Marlboro brand cigarettes but does have a slight sweet aftertaste to it.

Cool Mint – It is meant for those who smoke menthol cigarettes and it leaves a refreshing cool taste in your mouth during and after the draw you take. If you prefer non-menthol cigarettes, this probably will not be your favorite flavor at all though. It does a pretty good job of hitting the mark for menthol smokers though.

Fruit Medley – This is the sweetest of all the flavors. It is really refreshing and you can taste the peaches, grapes, and berries in it.

Crème Brulee – This is one of our favorites because it is very smooth and has a slightly sweet flavor with hints of caramel. It does taste like a dessert without being too fruity at all. You can taste the hints of vanilla cake and a custard in it.

Mango – This flavor is brand new and it does a great job of tasting like a fresh mango. It’s probably the most accurate flavor that have for hitting the descriptions and it feels like a great vape on a summer day.

As we mentioned, we hope to see more flavors available as time goes on. We do enjoy the flavors they have and not needing to figure out which strength is right for you is a perfect fit for new vapers. The one size-fits-all approach works really well due to the different liquid they offer compared to competitors. If you want less nicotine, you simply take fewer draws and/or shorter draws from the device. The cartridges by far were the closest we’ve had to a cigarette since reviewing products.

The last thing to cover on the cartridges is the way to avoid ever running out. They offer a great auto-ship program that comes with free shipping and a 15% discount on the price of cartridges. While we were turned off in the past from some shady companies abusing this by signing people up without knowing, JUUL is very upfront about it. You have to choose to opt in and you can opt-out at any time and change your order status at any time. To go further to make sure you’re never charged for something you don’t want, they will email you 7 days before shipment so you can change it or cancel it if you want. This is really the best auto-ship program we’ve ever seen and we highly recommend it.

JUUL Accessories Review

One of the areas lacking in the JUUL product line is accessories. This is however a dual-edge sword, the device is so simple it really doesn’t need anything else with it to perform better or make it last longer. Simplicity is a key focus for JUUL so they didn’t really make accessories for the device.

The only product that qualifies for this category is the USB Charger. The charger itself is great and performs well. It’s also priced low at $9.99 when considering that it’s a smart charger that uses a magnetic connection to charge the device. The magnet is strong and will hold the device at different angles so it performs very well in that aspect.

Something we’d like to see if a couple other charger options. As we mentioned above, people are making their own chargers out of cables not meant for the device and this presents a serious safety risk. The fact that they are doing it though, shows a demand for a charging device that extends away from the computer ports. We’d also like to see a wall charger and car charger be included. While many new cars have USB ports in them, many people are not driving cars with USB ports as well. Since the product is new, we expect that these could be released over time. For now, we’re happy with the lack of need for accessories but look forward to some more coming out in the future.

Summary of JUUL

The JUUL device really lived up to smoking evolved. While we were skeptical that it would be that different from products already on the market, we were quickly convinced when we started using this product. The packaging and presentation along with the build and features of the device result in the JUUL living up to the iPhone of e-cigs description we’ve heard about it.

While the device has limited flavor options and only one color, those are minor and could be improved over time. The charging options are another area we’d like to see improvement in as well. With those being the only drawbacks, the nicotine salt based liquid, innovative features on the device, vapor production, and ease of overall use all outweigh any negatives we had to reach hard to find.

We strongly recommend this device and with it priced under $50 for the starter kit, it is a great price for what you are getting. Be sure to leave your review of the JUUL once you’ve tried it and share your experience with our users to continue to strengthen our community reviews and ratings to better assist everyone looking to switch from smoking to vaping.

Brand new innovative product that stands out as something different in a crowded field of electronic cigarettes.
  • Higher Quality Nicotine Liquid
  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Auto-Ship Program
  • Charging Limitations
  • Limited Flavors Currently
  • Single Color Option for Device

5 of 5

5 of 5

4 of 5

4 of 5

5 of 5

5 of 5

5 of 5

0.7 of 5
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