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Halo Cigs Review Halo Cigs Review
Kit Price: $33.25*/ with Coupon
Flavors: 18
Nicotine Levels: 5
Warranty: 1 Year
  • Great Color Choices
  • Awesome Cartridges
  • Customer Service Complaints
  • Mostly Focused on E-Liquid
4.4 of 5
Halo Cigs Halo offers two high-quality e-cig kits that come in a variety of colors. Their e-liquids and cartridges come in a variety of gourmet flavors.
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Halo Cigs Review

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Halo is a brand that specializes in premium e-liquids and high-quality e-cigs and vaporizers. They have evolved as a liquid company first into a company offering one of the best ranges of products to fit all consumers. Due to their background, they offer some of the best e-liquids on the market and lead the way in producing great flavors and focusing on safety. Our Halo review will walk you through the various starter kits, liquids, cartridges, and accessories available.

Popular Products

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits:

Electronic cigarette starter kits offer the easiest path to new users because they are not complicated and require zero maintenance. While you won’t get the clouds of vapor you see people blowing online that could fill a room with each drag, you will get a convenient device that is simple to use and will meet your nicotine needs immediately.

These devices are similar in appearance to cigarettes or pens and are often referred to as cig-a-likes and vape pens. They usually have a cartridge that is pre-filled or a simple to fill tank without needing to build coils, replace atomizers, or do anything else that would require learning before completing. Check out the devices below if you think you fit into that category and we do recommend it for most who are new to vaping or haven’t been vaping long. Otherwise check out the vaporizers section and see what is available there.

G6 Starter Kit Review

With so many E-cigs on the market it is hard to choose which one will be the best for you. I know that for me, I want the best that my limited budget can buy combining value with the best of technology and I have found it in the Halo G6. This innovative e-cig uses a type of poly fill cartomizer which you can refill with the e-liquids saving you money. However, the technology of the G6 gives you none of the worry about burning the cartridge if not saturated. No one wants to experience the nasty taste that comes with that for certain. This new “flame guard” is unique only to the Halo G6 and I can tell you myself that it lives up to the hype that is perpetuated on its website. In enjoying their unique e-cigs I found only the most flavorful vapor with none of the nasty taste of a burning filter.

In addition, the coil of the Halo G6 is unique in and of itself in its placement. No more of the coil in the middle of the cartomizer, the wire and coil is located in the base of the device. What a huge step up from the other manufacturer’s ideas! It is an advanced device that allows you to have a consistent heating of the e-liquid which only intensifies the enjoyment of the vapor. A bottom coil cartomizer as it is called gives off a much smoother and richer vapor than any other of the e-cigs in its class. What more can you ask for?

Halo Cigs G6 Battery Life

One of the other biggest problems I have found with other electronic cigarettes is the lack of battery life. Who wants to go to enjoy a smoke only to find out that there is no power in which to use it? The disappointment is huge and this alone causes many to ditch the electronic cigarette for good. However, the Halo G6 delivers using yet another new technological advancement known as Infiniglow. This technology not only regulates the battery to ensure an even charge, but it also has an internal switch that rids the e-cig of the dreaded battery drain that comes with all electronics even when you aren’t using them. If you are wanting to be out all night without worrying about the life span of your battery I have found that the Halo G6 is the e-cig to buy.

I loved the whole make up the Halo G6. It is stylish, portable and very comfortable to use. The entire experience was the most similar to a traditional cigarette that I have found in an e-cig anywhere. There is no bulk, and no heaviness to it to distinguish it from smoking a normal cigarette. What a novelty that is for certain.

The style of the Halo G6 is also right up my alley. From the outward packaging to the e-cig itself, it screams quality and style which is incredibly important to me. I don’t want to waste my money on cheap looking products and I have found that the Halo G6 is far from cheap in any sense.

Battery Life 9/10

I found that the Halo G6 has a battery life that is much longer than the other electronic cigarettes in its class. Not only do I not have to worry about it not working when I need it most, I also found that only 2 batteries can last me an entire day at the very least. The less changing of batteries the better and it is a far cry from having to make the switch every couple of hours.

Throat Hit 8/10

The vapor from the Halo G6 was quite satisfying for me as a casual smoker. It was smooth and not overpowering although for someone needing a stronger hit you may want to take a look at the heavier strengths than what I used. I enjoyed the 6 mg cartomizer and found that it was quite perfect for what I needed.

Flavors 9/10

There is a huge variety of flavors available for the Halo G6. You can mix and match to your hearts content with a seemingly limitless combination of flavors and strengths. This allows for a variety of smoking experiences to enjoy.

Value 9/10

The retail starter kit runs only $35.00 which makes it one of the best in value for the technology that you are getting. You can get the refills for just under ten dollars which makes this a great e-cig for the budget conscious. They also have a new portable charging case which will allow you to never have to worry about battery life again no matter how much you smoke. Over all I found the Halo G6 to be an excellent value in both technology and price.

Triton Starter Kit Review

Their Triton Tank System is an advanced e-cig that uses e-liquid to give you the ultimate vaping experience.  You can choose between buying batteries and tanks separately, or you can purchase the Triton Starter Kit to get everything you need to start enjoying your device.

My first impression of the Triton Tank System is that it looks super high quality and has a huge tank on it.  I ordered the kit in Jet Black, but there’s a wide variety of colors you can choose from to personalize your e-cig just the way you want it.  In addition to Jet Black, you can choose from colors such as: yellow, electric lime green, emerald green, deep purple, pink, titanium, midnight blue, red, mocha, and iridescence.  These kits also come with a matching cone that goes over the top of the tank.  I was really impressed with how many different colors there were to choose from.

We received a preview of the Triton Starter Kit that includes just the battery, tank, USB charger, and 7mL bottle of e-liquid in the flavor Tribeca.  The Halo Triton Starter Kit that is displayed on their website comes with this and much more.  It includes: 2 400mAh or 2 650mAh batteries, 2 crystal clear tanks, 1 color-matching cone, 1 USB adapter, 1 wall charger, and 1 Halo Case for $64.99.  I was really impressed by the price of this starter kit.  It’s a really reasonable price considering everything you’re getting.  My favorite part would have to be the fact that you receive 2 batteries and 2 tanks, so even while one is charging, you can continue to use the other.  Or if you’re feeling generous, you can give one to a family member or a friend.

The Triton Starter Kit is of the utmost quality.  It features a robust anti-leak tank system, so you never have to worry about any spills or messes while using this device.  Their batteries are top-notch, and last super long between charges.  If you want more control of your battery, they offer different types, which are available on their website.  They have batteries available from 400 mAh, all the way up to 1300 mAh for vapers who want to go very long without having to charge up the battery.  They also offer variable voltage and pass-through batteries for those who want a more advanced vaping experience.

The tanks that Halo offers are just as impressive as the batteries.  For one, they’re huge tanks.  I’m used to fairly small tanks that I have to refill frequently.  The Halo Triton Tanks have a 2.4ml capacity, so you’ll definitely have enough e-liquid to keep you vaping for a long time.  They’re engineered to stop any accidental leakage that may occur, and are super easy to refill.  They even offer measuring lines on the side of the tank so you see can see exactly how many milliliters of e-liquid are in the device.  They also come in a variety of translucent colors, including: crystal clear, purple, blue, green, yellow, smoke, and red.  I really like that they come in different colors because if you chose a colorful battery, there’s a tank that will match or complement it.

Overall, I was very impressed with the Halo Triton Starter Kit.  The batteries are really nice quality and come in so many colors that you’re sure to find one that you’ll like.  The tanks are super durable and have a huge capacity, meaning you won’t be refilling your tanks all the time.  You also won’t have to worry about accidental leakages due to their anti-leak design.  The Triton Starter Kit comes with so much stuff for such a fair price, you won’t need to look for another e-cig ever again.  I highly recommend this starter kit to those who are looking for a high-quality e-cig at a reasonable price.

Triton II Starter Kit Review

We won’t go into a great detail of depth on the Triton II Starter Kit because this is a kit that is built on improving and changing some features of the Triton we did review in depth above. The device is billed as the smallest sub-ohm device made which is built around a vape pen style. We need to point out that Triton II parts are NOT compatible with the original Triton parts. So you cannot mix and match or use parts from your original if you are changing to the Triton II from the first generation.

The battery has changed on this version to go from 650 mAh to 700 mAh meaning you’ll get more power and a longer lasting battery. While it’s not a huge difference, every mAh added is a good thing with this type of e-cigarette. To accommodate the increased mAh, they had to make the battery 17.5 mm longer but kept the same width of the battery. The other noticeable difference is that the battery cutoff time was increased from 10 seconds to 15 seconds allowing you to draw on the device longer before the safety settings shut it off between puffs.

The tank is going to be where the majority of difference comes into play. You go from 2.2 to 2.4 ohms of resistance on the original into the realm of sub-ohm vaping at 0.75 ohms. This will allow you less resistance on your coils to get bigger draws and the most vapor from a vape pen you’ve seen. You do lose some liquid capacity on the newer version as you lose 0.4mL of space. We find this to be a decent sacrifice to go into sub-ohm vaping though. You will also need to change out coils yourself which is pretty easy but adds an extra layer you wouldn’t have with the disposable tanks in the original Triton.

Overall this is a good logical step up from traditional cig-a-like models into sub-ohm vaping without needing to know too much about vaping. Sub-Ohm vaping was originally something you had to know a lot about to do but this device makes it as easy as swapping a coil. You don’t get the full experience you would get with an advanced box mod but you also have improvement over devices not capable of sub-ohm vaping.


Vaporizers offer the next step for many out there who aren’t quite satisfied with electronic cigarettes. These are generally open systems that use a box mod or mechanical mod to power the atomizer that is rebuildable. You will generally need to know how to wrap coils and need to know Ohm’s law. These are for more seasoned and advanced vapers on the market.

So, if you’re ready to take the next step, check out some reviews on the devices Halo has available for you. They run two models with various versions. You will refill your tanks with liquid in this class as there is no pre-filled option. So please know what you are doing if you are going to purchase one of these items.

Tracer Starter Kits Review

The Tracer Starter Kit range is featured with two options – the Tracer Starter Kit and the Tracer Twist Starter Kit. These are very similar kits with a few different features we will highlight. The kits range from $50 to $55 so the price point is both close and very affordable for both models. This is a sub-ohm focused device that isn’t a difficult box mod and it makes for a great transition device for those looking for a step above the cig-a-likes and even the vape pens.

The battery on both devices is 2300 mAh and will allow you to vape all day. On the Tracer you will get a shorter battery vs the longer one on the Tracer Twist. The battery is also unregulated meaning you’ll want to keep it charged because it will pass through as much of the power as it can to the coil head. So it will be more power and hence more vapor at the beginning of the use with stronger hits. The voltage is going to be between 2.5 volts and 4.2 volts depending how much power is left before your battery is depleted. Rest assured that you’ll still have a good experience at 2.5 volts but you’ll really enjoy the higher voltage if smaller e-cigs weren’t doing it for you.

The tracer kit gives you two options for color being black and silver. If you want more options, you should go with the tracer twist because it has red, white, and blue as well. As far as the batteries go, that’s the only real difference you’ll experience is size and color.

The tanks are also very similar with each operating in sub-ohm resistances. The Tracer kit has a slightly larger tank capacity compared to the Tracer Twist at 4.0 mL to 3.5 mL.  So you can’t go wrong here either. Each tank is designed to put out large amounts of vapor and hold a lot of e-liquid so you won’t need to refill constantly throughout the day.

The biggest selling difference is that the Tracer Twist is designed for stealth use. So if you want to avoid lights and keep a lower profile, it makes it the perfect device. You pretty much can’t go wrong with either of these based on the minimal differences and it’s a great option for sub-ohm vaping for moderately experienced vapers.

Reactor Starter Kits Review

The reactor line is the first line from Halo that fully delves into advanced vaping and each one is a box mod device with a tank on it. There are four different options available being the Reactor, the Reactor Mini, the Reactor Shorty, and the Reactor Mega. These are really geared towards advanced vapers looking to fully customize their vape experience and we cannot recommend this product for someone who has never vaped before because of that.

The Reactor is a device that features a 4400 mAh battery and has adjustable wattage and voltage. It also has a LED screen so you have better control over what you are set to when vaping. The tank holds 5 mL of liquid and uses a 0.5 ohm dual-head coil. This is going to blow clouds for you time after time. This is probably the best fit device for most because of the liquid capacity and battery capacity. The device comes in black, blue, pink, and silver to match your personal style.

If the Reactor isn’t big enough for and you want more power, then check out the Reactor Mega. This lives up to the name boasting a 5000 mAh battery. The wattage on this device can be set from 1 to 80 watts giving you the ultimate control and a lot of power. It has temperature control as well which is the next big thing in vaping. This allows you to set the temperature of the device and vape in that range consistently. The device even has a smart mode that lets you store settings for up to 10 tanks that are attached to it. It truly is the most advanced device they have and the best one we’ve come across. It’s not priced bad either at $75 for the whole kit including the tank and 30 mL of High-VG e-liquid.

The Reactor Shorty is similar to the Mega but smaller and uses an 18650 battery cell that can output from 1 to 75 watts. The tank also only holds 2 mL of e-liquid but it does operate at 0.25 ohm with the included Ni200 (nickel) coil head. While this device is small, it offers big clouds and the flexibility of swapping out the battery so you can always have one ready to go.

The Reactor Mini is the smallest in the class and has just a 2600 mAh battery that operates from 1 to 40 watts. It has temperature control like the others in this class and has an included 0.5 ohm coil. This is a sleek device that fits your hand well and the tank still holds 2 mL of liquid. So, this is a good portable device and will still provide quality vapor production and throat hit.

Cartridges & E-Liquids Review

Halo is known for their liquids and you can get them in a couple different ways. You can either get pre-filled cartridges or you can buy bottles of liquid to fill tanks or cartomizers that are reusable. While pre-filled offers better convenience, you get less flavor options and will pay more than buying the liquid and filling it yourself.

In order to use the cartridges that are pre-filled, you will need to have the G6 device. That is the only one that offers this feature. So, we’ll cover that first and then get into the liquid section. Keep in mind that new liquids are always being worked on by Halo and more could be added at any time!

Cartridges Review

The cartridges for the G6 starter kits by Halo are known as cartomizers. This term was coined by the industry when they stopped making you fill your own cartridges and replace atomizers. It offers the ultimate in convenience because you simply screw on a new one and throw away (or recycle) the old one and you’re ready to go. There is zero maintenance and you get a new atomizer with each cartridge so your device always performs as intended. The cartridge plus atomizer is how you get to the term cartomizer.

The G6 kits do offer blanks that you can fill yourself and even have low resistance blanks that will allow you to get more vapor from your unit and use Halo brand E-liquids to fill it. You will need to use a needle to fill the liquid into blanks so that is a drawback to many people. If you just want to have the ease of use, we recommend the pre-filled ones.

The pre-filled ones run $9.99 for a pack of 5 which equals about 5 packs of cigarettes worth of vaping. You can get them in Malibu, SubZero, Kringles Curse, Turkish Tobacco, Menthol Ice, Torque56, Mystic, Belgian Cocoa, Tribeca, Prime15, and Twister Turnover. So you can see there are a lot of flavor options available. They also feature a wide range of nicotine options sure to please all smokers making the switch. The choices are 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg. If you are unsure what to start with, we’d recommend 12 because that would closest to most light cigarettes. We highly recommend the Tribeca flavor but you should sample and try a bunch to see what your favorite flavor will be!

E-Liquids Review

We just got a hold of some of Halo’s new e-liquids, and wanted to share with you some of the great new flavors they’re offering on their site.  Halo offers a wide variety of flavors that will satisfy your unique individual taste preferences.  With 13 different tobacco flavors, 5 different menthol flavors, and 6 different gourmet flavors, you’re sure to find a flavor you’ll love.

The first tobacco flavor I tried was Tiki Juice.  It’s described as being a spiced tobacco flavor with notes of sweet tropical flavors, with a hint of menthol.  At first I wasn’t sure how this was going to taste, but it ended up being a lot sweeter than I imagined.  It still holds true to a tobacco flavor, but with sweet notes that make it taste excellent.  It really is a whole new take on the traditional “tobacco” flavor.  Although it says it has a hint of the menthol base, I personally couldn’t really taste it.  I got a few hints of it, but nothing that would make it stand out to me as menthol.  It’s a nice traditional tobacco flavor with a robust sweetness that I really enjoy.

The second tobacco flavor I tried was Tribeca.  This one ended up being one of my favorites.  It’s described as being a tobacco flavor with semi-sweet top-notes with hints of vanilla and caramel added.  Honestly, all I could taste was the vanilla and caramel.  This awesome tobacco flavor is super sweet, but definitely not overwhelming.  It’s the perfect blend of tobacco flavor and vanilla and caramel to give it a nice, tasty flavor that you’ll be sure to be vaping all day.  I would definitely recommend it for those who love traditional tobacco flavors, but want a little bit of sweetness to spice it up a little bit.

The third tobacco flavor I tried was Midnight Apple.  At first, I thought this was going to be considered a gourmet flavor, since it has “apple” in its name, but I can see now why it’s labeled as a tobacco flavor.  It’s described as being a rich tobacco flavor with hints of a Granny Smith apple flavor.  I personally really like this flavor.  It gives you that great tobacco taste, but with a hint of green apple to give it a very unique and tasty experience.  The green apple makes it somewhat “dry”, but it tastes great and the tobacco and apple flavors really complement each other well.   I may not vape this all day, because I prefer “sweeter” tastes, but I really do enjoy it.

The next flavors I tried were the menthol flavors.  I was surprised that they had 5 different menthol flavors to choose one.  I didn’t know menthol could be that creative, but boy was I wrong!  The first menthol flavor I tried was Menthol X.  It’s describes as being a smooth tobacco base with eucalyptus, peppermint, and menthol notes added.  It gives you that rich, menthol kick, but also allows you to taste a tobacco flavor as well.  I really liked that, because sometimes e-liquids that are a very strong menthol flavor can sometimes be too much for me.  This flavor is very sweet and minty, while also allowing to taste the tobacco undertones as well.

The next menthol flavor I tried was Mystic.  Mystic is definitely more of a menthol flavor than the Menthol X.  Mystic is described as a menthol flavor that is also sweet.  This e-liquid has no tobacco undertones in it, so you if you want an e-liquid that taste very minty and fresh, this is the one for you.  It’s a very crisp and clean flavor, and is sure to appeal to anyone who loves menthol.  I also think it tastes pretty sweet as well.

The gourmet flavors that Halo offers are pretty unique.  They don’t have your run of the mill flavors like apple, cherry, or other fruit flavors, but instead create unique blends that are truly gourmet.  The first gourmet flavor that I tried is Malibu.  This one is described as being a fresh Pina Colada with a slight menthol taste added.  I personally love Pina Coladas, so this flavor was right up my alley.  I was a little concerned that it would taste a little too much like menthol, but that’s not the case at all.  There’s a slight hint of menthol flavor that complements the Pina Colada taste and makes it almost refreshing in a way.  The throat hit is really smooth, and the flavor makes me feel like I should be on a beach somewhere instead of inside of my house.  I was really happy with this one.

The second gourmet flavor I tried was Shamrock.  It’s described as being a dark chocolate that is rich in flavor, while also combining it with the flavor of Corsican Mint.  At first I was kind of scared to try this flavor, since I’ve never really been big on e-liquids that taste like chocolate (probably because it makes me crave the real thing too much), but this flavor was pleasantly surprising.  The mint taste is definitely there, along with the chocolate, but the chocolate flavor is not overwhelming and gives it a tasty, rich flavor.  It almost kind of reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream.  This flavor may not be for everyone, but I personally really enjoyed how delicious tasting it was.

Halo offers a wide variety of other tobacco, menthol, and gourmet flavors.  Some that I definitely want to try next are: Kringle’s Curse (a peppermint flavor), Twisted Java (a caramel mint cappuccino flavor), Black Calico (danish tobacco with vanilla bean flavor), Voodoo (tobacco flavor with hints of black currant, grape, plum, and a touch of cinnamon), and Torque (an unfiltered tobacco flavor).  Check out their website and grab a few of these unique flavors to try for yourself!


Accessories are a key component to vaping using the vaporizer devices. They aren’t as essential to electronic cigarettes though. So we’ll review what accessories are available for each class and that way you can see what will work best for you.

Keep in mind some starter kits come with some of the accessories included so double check the contents of your kits you are ordering before adding accessories to your cart.

Electronic Cigarette Accessories Review

The G6 is a pretty simple to use design that doesn’t require a lot of extras. Most companies don’t have much of anything for cig-a-like type products. Halo actually stands out because they have come up with some innovative accessories aside from the basics like the charges.

You can get a carrying case for $6 that will hold you device and extra cartridges that we highly recommend to everyone. Then if you want to make your device stealth without lighting up, you can get stealth battery caps for just $0.50 that will prevent anyone from seeing the light on the tip. They also have a range of tools available for those who want to fill their own cartridges to make life easier like tweezers and bottles with a small tip for filling cartridges easier.

The triton accessories are mostly focused around the tank. You can get extra replacement coils that are pre-wicked so you just need to plug them in and don’t need to wrap coils yourself. They have a cone that can go over the tank to give your device a smooth look from top to bottom as well. Then if you want to use another tank on it, you can grab the Triton to EGO/510 Adapter that will allow you more freedom.

Vaporizer Accessories Review

The accessories for the vaporizers are much more focused on maintenance of the device rather than convenience like the electronic cigarette accessories. Halo offers tank parts for each of the devices that include replacement glass and O-rings to keep your device running at its highest potential. They also offer batteries for the devices that have replaceable batteries which is the 18650 battery. It’s always great to have a spare so you never run out of a charge.

You can also get a wall charger and USB cable for the devices with internal batteries to charge your device. It can be useful to have 2 of these, one for work and one for home. Aside from that, there isn’t much to the accessory section and isn’t anything that’s more just for making life easier on you.

Halo Review Summary

Overall Halo is one of our favorite brands on the market. We fell in love with them for their phenomenal flavors but have a continued romance for them because of their exceptional product lines that fit all vapers, new or old.

You can get a basic kit that looks like a cigarette or you can get the most advanced mod that will allow you to change tanks over time so it never goes out of style. They also have everything in-between making them a top brand on our site per our readers.

We highly recommend that if you already have a device that you still give their liquids a chance. These are top notch liquids and you won’t be disappointed in their flavors. They have a following in the vape community that is loyal because of their High-VG liquids and because of their quality standards they hold themselves to.

Be sure to check out Halo today and use our coupon to save 5% off your order. If you have used any of these products, we request that you share below to help our readers make their decision. As a community we can all help each other find the best path to switch from smoking to vaping today.

Halo offers two high-quality e-cig kits that come in a variety of colors. Their e-liquids and cartridges come in a variety of gourmet flavors.
  • Great Color Choices
  • Awesome Cartridges
  • Customer Service Complaints
  • Mostly Focused on E-Liquid

4.2 of 5

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Jane Plumber

Jane Plumber - ECR.net Review Team

Jane joined the ECR.net after meeting Dustin on an E-cigarette forum back in 2009. A now ex-smoker of 25 years, she has witnessed the massive advances in e-cig technology since her first review on the site. Although she doesn't review as often she once did, she still chips in with the odd review. She's currently working hard towards early retirement from her Occupational Therapy practice.

  • Frank

    July 30, 2015 #1 Author

    Frank’s Score

    • Cost/Value

    • Ease of Draw

    • Vapor Production

    • Flavor/Taste

    • Style/Look

    • Customer Service

    • Speed of Shipment

    • Overall Score

    The size of cigs matters. Why else would the big & small tobacco companies have bothered over making different sizes and shapes. I have been having trouble finding a traditional shape king size e-cig that is not disposable and that is colorful. Eventhough Halo offers 2 battery sizes, I was very unhappy with their G6 because their smallest battery (65mm) when combined with their cartomizer = 120mm. Thats the size of a large traditional cig. For example Njoy makes a great disposable king size cig that even feels like paper, but it needs to be more interesting & re-usable. And most e-cig companies, including Halo, don’t post the sizes of their cigs. I urge all companies to post size info, especially those that got a variety of sizes that are accurate to the traditional cigs. They have an advantage and will make more money.

    2 out of 3 users found this review helpful.
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  • Gioia

    November 8, 2014 #2 Author

    Gioia’s Score

    • Cost/Value

    • Ease of Draw

    • Vapor Production

    • Flavor/Taste

    • Style/Look

    • Customer Service

    • Speed of Shipment

    • Overall Score

    Like Zach, I had a shipping(international) problem with Halo. The shipping used to be very efficient, but starting this year it is slow and unreliable. I didn’t even receive my last order which was placed more than three weeks ago. I doubt they will do anything about it from my experience with them in the past.
    I am going to change to another company now.

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  • Zach Weavill

    February 4, 2014 #3 Author

    Zach Weavill’s Score

    • Cost/Value

    • Ease of Draw

    • Vapor Production

    • Flavor/Taste

    • Style/Look

    • Customer Service

    • Speed of Shipment

    • Overall Score

    Do not do business with Halo Ecigs. I have just had one of the worst customer service experiences of my life. An almost $200 order of their products was not delivered due to an error with their packaging. I paid for the ultra fast shipping ($40) so that the package would arrive in 3-5 business days on December 28, 2013. After 20 business days (Jan 31, 2014) without the package (it was sent back from the Canadian border due to improper packaging) I contacted Halo and was told that they would re-ship the product, but that I would have to pay for shipping a second time.

    I exchanged many emails back and forth over the course of 5 days (never expect to get a response back the same day) they confirmed that they would not resend without more money. Why would I pay more for shipping when the error was their fault?

    After a couple more messages I was just too fed up to continue. I’m sure there are lost of other plans that value customers who had spent hundreds upon hundreds of dollars with their business.

    4 out of 4 users found this review helpful.
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  • christine

    November 6, 2012 #4 Author

    christine’s Score

    • Cost/Value

    • Ease of Draw

    • Vapor Production

    • Flavor/Taste

    • Style/Look

    • Customer Service

    • Speed of Shipment

    • Overall Score

    I like the experience of my Halo. HOWEVER, the batteries DO NOT last very long! I am constantly charging and recharging batteries. In my experience a couple of months seems to be about the lifespan I get out of my batteries. Then they begin not performing very well. I have also had some quality issues with batteries and cartomizers. I have had 1 battery that did not work after being charged right out of the box. I have also had a few cartomizers that would not work. Customer service is OK, they like to blame overfilling for any issues. They will replace defective merchandise but they want you to mail it back AND then they will decide if it is in fact defective before mailing you a replacement. I am looking for something better.

    7 out of 7 users found this review helpful.
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