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Being the Original Electronic Cigarettes Reviews site, we get asked a lot of questions by our readers and we always do our best to answer them.  In order to assist consumers with their questions in an expedited manner, we have created this FAQ section to answer the most frequently asked questions surrounding electronic cigarettes. What you will find below are the top 25 questions grouped into categories and to find the answer, simply click on the question to expand the answer section.



General Electronic Cigarette Questions

Where can I purchase electronic cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes are sold in a variety of places online and in local stores. You can check in your local smoke shops or you can save more money and buy them online. Reference our e-cig reviews section and you will find over 30 online stores that sell electronic cigarettes. You can sometimes get great deals and find coupon codes to save money on electronic cigarettes by purchasing them online. Take some time to compare prices and keep an eye out for special promotions. There are often free trial offers available and most electronic cigarette companies offer a 100% money back guarantee.

How long will my electronic cigarette cartridge last?

This depends heavily on how intensely you inhale while smoking the electronic cigarette.  Cartridges can also vary based on the kind of electronic cigarette you are using.  If you use a pen-style electronic cigarette, the cartridges generally last the same amount of time as 1 ½ or 2 packs of regular cigarettes.  Cartridges for the mini-style only last as long as a ½ pack of cigarettes.  If you choose the cigar style, your cartridge will last as long as 2 more packs of cigarettes.  Cartridges last longer for smokers who don’t inhale as deeply while smoking.


Is there a warranty on my electronic cigarette?

Probably.  Most manufacturers offer a warranty when you purchase the electronic cigarette.  Each supplier differs in the length and terms of the warranty, so be sure to ask or get it in writing upon purchase.  Most warranties last for one year and only cover actual defects in the electronic cigarette.  They don’t cover accidental loss or damage.  If you drop your electronic cigarette out the car window or lose it in the ocean on spring break, don’t expect the warranty to cover a replacement.  Some warranties only cover specific components of the electronic cigarette, so be sure to notice what is covered when you purchase the electronic cigarette.


Is there any smell in the electronic cigarette smoke?

Electronic cigarettes have an odor that is barely noticeable and it isn’t anything like the smell from a traditional cigarette.  Where traditional cigarettes leave a lingering smell on the smoker, their cars, and their houses, this isn’t the case with electronic cigarettes.  The water based vapor quickly evaporates, leaving no smell behind at all.  One of the chief complaints of traditional cigarette users is the smell that can be nearly impossible to get rid of, but this worry is gone with electronic cigarettes.  The vapor leaves no unpleasant odor behind as evidence of the smoker’s habit!


Can I use my electronic cigarette everywhere?

In most cases, Yes!  Electronic cigarettes are odorless and they emit no second hand smoke.  The vapor that is released is water based and dissipates quickly.  There is no risk to the people around the smoker and most of the time, it isn’t even noticed.  Electronic cigarettes are also non-flammable so there is no risk of fire.  In most instances, you can smoke the electronic cigarette in all locations, including the workplace, restaurants, bars, airports, and other locations where traditional cigarettes are banned.  Because electronic cigarettes don’t carry the same risks to people around the smoker, they are not prohibited under the same laws.


Are electronic cigarettes approved by the FDA and the TTB?

In recent months, many smokers have asked if the electronic cigarettes were regulated by the FDA and TTB.  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has made a statement that the Crown7 model of electronic cigarettes is not a product that they will oversee.  Currently, electronic cigarettes do not fit within the classification system the government uses to patrol and approve smoking products.  The TTB (Tobacco and Taxation Bureau) has stated that they have no involvement or interest in involvement with the regulation of electronic cigarettes because they are tobacco free products.


How will I benefit by switching to electronic cigarettes?

The electronic cigarette has a lot of advantages compared to the traditional tobacco cigarettes.  One of the main benefits is the flexibility it offers.  Smokers can enjoy the electronic cigarette anywhere, even in non-smoking areas.  There is no odor and no second hand smoke to put others in danger.  There are also health benefits to e-cig users.  The electronic cigarette doesn’t have the harmful toxins and tar contained in regular cigarettes.  It still closely resembles the experience of smoking a traditional cigarette and the smoker can still enjoy the nicotine without the carcinogenic substances.  Electronic cigarettes are also much less expensive than tobacco cigarettes.


What is the difference in ingredients between e-cigs and traditional cigarettes?

Traditional cigarettes contain over 4,000 chemicals that are released in the smoke that the user inhales.  Electronic cigarette contain much fewer ingredients.  The e-cig contains propylene glycol, water, and nicotine.  It can also contain other flavorings to mimic the tobacco flavor that many smokers enjoy.  Propylene glycol is the solution that heats up to create the vapor which is inhaled.  According to the United States Food and Drug Administration, propylene glycol is generally safe for use.  It is found in many cosmetics, medications, and foods that we consume on a regular basis.


What is in the smoke released from electronic cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes emit a vapor that resembles smoke from traditional cigarettes.  This vapor is just a water based mist that quickly dissipates and leaves no smell behind.  The vapor has no additional chemicals in it whereas traditional cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals!  With the electronic cigarette, there is no chemical reaction at work so no chemicals are needed to create the smoke.  Instead, the atomizer heats the propylene glycol solution and you inhale the water based vapor to get your nicotine intake.


What is propylene glycol?

Propylene Glycol is a common substance used in a variety of products.  It can be found in hundreds of flavorings and additives used in our foods.  It is also found in cosmetics and medications.  Food coloring often contains propylene glycol as well.  The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) states that propylene glycol is generally safe for use in medications, food, and cosmetics.  While the FDA does not currently list smoking devices in the approved uses of propylene glycol, it is generally thought to be safe.  The electronic cigarette uses propylene glycol to keep cartridges from becoming dry or losing flavor over a long period of time.



Technical Questions

How does the electronic cigarette work?

The electronic cigarette is battery powered.  It is created with three main components: the nicotine cartridge, atomizer, and battery.  Some models have two pieces and combine the cartridge and atomizer into one piece.  The cartridge is the portion of the electronic cigarette that you actually place in your mouth.  When you take a drag, the light on the tip is powered by the battery.  As you inhale, the atomizer heats the air coming in which vaporizes the nicotine solution inside the cartridge.  This vapor is what you inhale.  It looks just like smoke, but it is actually just a water vapor that evaporates rapidly.  It has no odor.


Is it possible to refill my cartridge at home with nicotine solution that I buy online?

Yes.  Some smokers choose to refill their cartridges at home through either the drip method or the injection method.  This is sometimes done to increase the nicotine level or change the flavor of a cartridge.  Purchasing eLiquid and refilling the cartridges at home can save you money, but it can also cause you to void the warranty on the electronic cigarette.  Most companies say that refilling your cartridges at home with eLiquids or cartridges not designed for your device will cause your warranty to be cancelled.  Ultimately, you have to decide what method is best for you, but be sure to check with the manufacturer about warranty requirements first.


Will I know when it is time to replace the cartridge?

When the cartridge needs to be replaced, you will start to notice that the electronic cigarette is producing lower amounts of vapor than usual.  This can also signal that the battery needs to be recharged so be sure to check the charge level before assuming your cartridge is bad.  Most of the time, the light on the tip will blink to signal low battery life.  If you suspect your cartridge needs to be replaced, you can take it out and examine it.  Typically, the cartridge looks very white and dry and when it needs to be replaced.  Sometimes the fibers of the cartridge will look ragged.


How do I maintain my electronic cigarette?

Currently, the only maintenance needed for electronic cigarettes is to keep the batteries charged and cartridges replaced as needed.  From time to time, you might need to replace the atomizer as well, but this is rare.  To keep your electronic cigarette functioning optimally, keep it away from extremely hot or cold temperatures and also keep it away from water.  Some e-cig designs were created to automatically clean themselves after ever 1500 puffs.  The cleaning cycle only lasts around 10 seconds and you can immediately start smoking the electronic cigarette again after it is complete.


How much nicotine is in my replacement cartridge?

Each nicotine cartridge varies in the level of nicotine that is actually present.  You can control your nicotine intake by purchasing cartridges in the strength of your choice.  Most range from no nicotine at all to around 18 mg of nicotine.  The low cartridges contain around 6 mg of nicotine, which is comparable to ultra-light cigarettes.  Medium cartridges have 12 mg of nicotine and are comparable to light cigarettes.  High cartridges have the max at 18 mg which is like a regular cigarette.  You can also purchase cartridges with no nicotine.


How do I know when to recharge the battery?

Electronic cigarettes are made to signal you when the battery is running low.  In most cases, the lighted tip will blink several times to let you know that the battery needs to be charged.  Each manufacturer has a different way to signal that the electronic cigarette should be charged, so be sure to check the directions.  Most starter kits provide a spare battery just in case you run low.  You can also use this extra battery while the other is charging so you never have to go without your electronic cigarette.  If you notice that you aren’t getting as much vapor, this can also be a sign that your battery needs to be recharged.


How do I turn on my electronic cigarette?

Each electronic cigarette is made differently, but most models automatically switch on when you inhale.  The atomizer instantly detects the air flow being drawn into the device and it automatically activates the battery.  A few models have a switch where you can manually turn the electronic cigarette on.  There are pros and cons to these models and each individual smoker will have to decide which design is best for their needs.  Because there is no actual smoke, you do not light an electronic cigarette ever.  There is no flame because the battery is the force that heats the nicotine solution.


How often do I need to recharge the battery?

Each electronic cigarette is different and battery life varies heavily depending on which design you choose.  Whether you use the pen-style, mini, e-cigar, or other designs will make a big difference on the battery life.  It can also vary according to the smoker and how often they use the electronic cigarette.  Most devices will indicate that it is time to charge the battery when the lighted tip blinks 2-3 times in rapid succession.  It’s always a good idea to carry an extra battery on hand just in case you need to stop and recharge.  Then you won’t have to wait to use the electronic cigarette.


How long will it take my battery to charge?

When you first charge a battery, it can take around three hours.  After that initial charge, you can usually have the battery fully charged within two hours.  This can also vary by the design of the electronic cigarette, depending on whether you are using the mini, pen-style, e-cigar, etc.  In most designs, the chargers have a light that will help you know when the battery charge is complete.  The indicator light turns green when the battery is completely charged and ready to be used.  This will help you know exactly when you are free to start using the battery again.



Health Questions

Does nicotine cause cancer?

While research is still underway regarding the long term effects of nicotine, the medical community does not believe that it is causes cancer.  There are definite advantages and disadvantages to using nicotine so ultimately, each individual should do their own research to determine whether or not they feel comfortable with using it.  A common myth is that the nicotine is the cancer causing agent in cigarettes, but this is actually false.  The chemicals also known as carcinogens in smoke are the cancer causing properties in traditional cigarettes.


If I continue smoking regular cigarettes, will this give me nicotine poisoning?

No.  While smoking cessation products such as nicotine patches and gums warn smokers to discontinue use of cigarettes to avoid nicotine poisoning, this is not the case with electronic cigarettes.  When you use electronic cigarettes, you inhale the nicotine and it is absorbed in the body instantly.  You can use regular cigarettes and electronic cigarettes without worrying about poisoning or overdose.  Many electronic cigarettes are made to signal if your nicotine consumption is higher than normal by a blinking light on the tip.  Another advantage of electronic cigarettes is that nicotine levels tend to be a little lower than traditional cigarettes.


Can I use electronic cigarettes if I am pregnant?

Women who are pregnant or nursing should not use electronic cigarettes without first consulting with their health care provider.  Although electronic cigarettes don’t contain tar or the thousands of chemical carcinogens, they still contain nicotine, a substance that can be harmful to the baby.  If you have any existing health conditions, talk to your doctor before using electronic cigarettes.  People with cardiovascular diseases should also consult their physician as nicotine carries major risks for heart health.


Is the electronic cigarette a healthier choice than tobacco cigarettes?

Currently, manufacturers and suppliers are not allowed to market e-cigs as “healthy”.  While many claim that electronic cigarettes are a better choice than tobacco cigarettes in terms of overall health, this claim cannot be used in any way to further the sale of electronic cigarettes.  Each smoker must do research on the risks associated with tobacco cigarettes and compare those with the facts about electronic cigarettes.  Then the smoker will need to form his or her own opinion on which is the healthier choice.


Can I use the electronic cigarette to stop smoking?

While electronic cigarettes are not currently approved as a smoking cessation product, many people do use them in this way.  By law, manufacturers and suppliers are not allowed to market electronic cigarettes as smoking cessation products because there has not been adequate research and testing to back this claim.  People can decrease their nicotine usage by choosing lower nicotine cartridge refills.  Some smokers choose to gradually decrease their nicotine levels over time to prevent withdrawals.


What is nicotine?

Nicotine is a substance found in plants such as tobacco, tomato, green peppers, potatoes, eggplant, cauliflower, and teas.  It is an alkaloid substance and it causes the body to feel relaxed and alert.  Nicotine affects each individual differently.  Some people feel the effects of nicotine for hours while other only experience it for a few minutes.  Experts agree that nicotine is addictive and it can be quickly habit forming.  While plants contain small amounts of nicotine, cigarettes and electronic cigarettes release it in a higher concentration.  Smoking is addictive because of the nicotine involved.




If your question was not answered here, please email us using the contact page and we will do our best to respond to you.  Any questions that are repeated or considered valuable to all our readers will be added to this list, so be sure to check back for more!

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