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  • marisky

    December 28, 2012 #1 Author

    I bought a starter kit from Premium based on your review, and I really like them. The only issue I have is that I can’t buy the cartomizers locally. There are a lot of “Blu” products near me. Will BLU cartridges work with the Premium battery? Thanks.

  • Michael

    July 19, 2012 #2 Author

    I am 36 years old, and had been a 2-pack/day smoker for over 20 years until I was introduced to White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes by my girlfriend about 9 months ago. I had tried other electronic cigarettes of lesser quality, like the disposable ones available at gas stations and convenience stores, and found them to be an unacceptable substitute…more like a gimmick, than a true replacement for smoking tobacco. They were made of poor quality materials, did not taste good, did not convincingly replicate the feeling of smoking, and were really just not well thought out, or pleasant to use.
    From the moment I first held a White Cloud Electronic Cigarette, I knew that I was dealing with a drastically superior product; The White Cloud concept is built around high-quality, long lasting, rechargeable batteries coupled with disposable, nicotine-vapor “smooth-draw” cartridges. White Cloud has succeeded in replicating the “feel” of smoking through the use of high quality components and well thought-out design. There are battery options to suit every budget, and each disposable cartridge provides the equivalent of 2-packs of traditional cigarettes at a fraction of the cost.
    Not only is the transition from “real” cigarettes to White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes seamless, it is also far less expensive and more convenient than smoking traditional cigarettes. I have proudly introduced many close friends and family members to White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes, and it is a truly great feeling to help others free themselves from smoking tobacco!
    Please, do yourself and your loved ones a favor, and give it a try. They have recently introduced a low-cost disposable model that makes it simple, and inexpensive to get started.

  • Francisco Alcoba

    July 3, 2012 #3 Author

    Here is why! I used to chain smoke 3 or more packs a day! GROSS!!! I did this for years. I knew I had to stop or cut back drastically. My health was definately at risk my lungs, my skin, my overall well being, my life! I tried lasers, chantix, nicorrete, and the patch. Nothing really worked. And I have to just say I really did enjoy the ritual of smoking. I first heard of ecigs thru a friend of mine that came across a product that you could refill the cartridge yourself. (I don’t want to trash the brand because I am not sure how the law works regarding this type of statment online) He had been using for a couple of months and recommended to me. So desperate to make a change, I jump at this product order a starter kit for approx $150. The kit arrived. And I was amazed it really worked. I stopped smoking. Though it was annoying that the batteries would last about 1 hour or less with my chain puffing but take 3-4hours to charge. Also refilling the cartridge was tricky, to much and you end up sucking on nictone juice to little and not enough vapor. But it was ok. I wasnt smoking. A couple months later. I notice that the batteries were taking a little longer to charge and lasting less. I would use up a battery before the other was charged up. This was a problem ESPECIALLY if I was out on the town at night. I quickly found myself smoking dues to equipment failure. Thinking it was defective product and I exchanged the batteries (this in of it self was also a hassle). They came and at first work ok. But then as before they started to fail. WTF!!! Now lets get to the cartridges. Same story work well e nought at first but then the atomizers attached to the batteries would fail. The quality of vapor quickly degraded. Thinking I needed to add more liquid I would more often than not end up sucking on nictone juice. So I stopped using this product. I started smoking again fulltime as before. Damn it! I had to quite or cut back. So more desperate than ever at the suggestion of another friend a I tried a product he was using. I wasnt to excited the product looked silly to me, a black body with a green tip and sealed cartridges. But if it worked I didnt care. Again, ecig worked ok at first. $130 plus dollars. But then like before the ecig did not truly deliver. The batteries would take 4-5hours to charge and last less than 1.5hrs. This was a big problem for me because they would last thru a night of going out. I would end up smoking. The cartridges would leak often and the ecig looked stupid which is something I could have overlooked if the batteries would have delivered. So back to smoking I went. WTF! For months I smoked and smoked. Then on september 7 2011 everything changed… While in Tampa visitng my buddy who recommended the refillable ecig I came across the ONLY product you should try. I AM A REAL PERSON AND A REAL USER OF THE BRAND I will mention in a second. I needed something to wear to a party that night and also needed to buy a gift for Brian’s sister. So we went to Citrus Park Mall in Tampa. So getting to the point, he mentioned to me that he was sorry that his recommendation didnt work for me and in fact it wasnt really working for him. He recalled that he had seen an ecig vendor at this mall and had been meaning to check it out. I was like ok whatever still with the bad experience of ecigs past fresh in my mind. Over we went. OMG! The vapor was amazing! I could instantly tell this was a superior product. High quality with out a doubt. The particular kit I was eyeing was the Cirrus 3, the brand I speak of is White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes. According to the vendor the batteries would charge in 90min or less and last up to my chain smoking especially due to the fact the kit contained 3 batteries. This mad sense to me. So even if used up a battery it would recharge way before I could use the other 2 up. Brilliant!! Also according to the vendor the cartridges would equal 2 packs of cigs and were truly sealed. Wow! Again, due to the fresh memory of ecig failures in my mind I hesitated and did not immediatley make a purchase. We left the mall only with a $75 American Eagle gift certificate for Kelly and a party outfirt for me. We went to the party. I smoked like a fiend woke up the next day hacking up a lung on my way home to the other side of Florida. F*CK THIS! As soon as I made it home to the internet I went. I researched White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes and studied their products, 30 day return policy, and hassle free warranty information. I was sold. I figured it couldnt be any worse than what I had already tried and certainly seemed like an exponential improvement on the products I had already lost money on. I ordered the Cirrus 3 starter kit on September 8, 2011. The kit arrived the next day on Friday September 9, 2011. I HAVE NOT SMOKED A CIGARETTE ever since. OMG! This has changed my life. It has probably saved my life. This ecig works as promised. It really really does. The batteries charge in 90min or less and for me last from 2 – 3 hours under heavy puffing. I can make it thru of night of going on with out smoking because the batteries perform as promised by the company. The cartridges are sealed. ( It is true that one a few occassions I have encountered cartridges that have leaked. But after 9+ months using this product this amounts to only three cartridges. Not a problem at all) The batteries last. The vapor quality is like nothing else, very thick and satisfying. I did have a problem with one of the batteries (it wasnt holding its charge after about 5months) but they quickly resolved this for me. They sent me a replacement at no cost to me whatsover along with a prepaid container for me to send back the defective battery. Pattie and her team at White Cloud are amazing. The product is the best out there. Again I AM A REAL USER AND LOYAL CUSTOMER so please people quit wasting your time with all these other brands and do yourself a favor a go with White Cloud

  • Chukwuma IGBOGBAHAKA

    June 18, 2012 #4 Author

    Great One Stop Shop For E-Cig Affairs. Congratulations.

  • ken gentile

    June 11, 2012 #5 Author

    White Cloud electronic cigarettes offers a smooth consistent draw on all of their flavors. My favorite is vanilla extra strength. The company has a well-deserved excellent reputation. Their customer service is outstanding. The company is located n Florida but offers free shipping for all purchases greater than one hundred dollars. In the three years I have used their product they have never failed to deliver on a promise. I haven’t tried other brand so I don’t have a comparison but then again I don’t feel that I have to. I have enjoyed both the product and the service and have no need or desire to try a different brand.

  • Cookie Weighart

    November 13, 2009 #7 Author

    hey you really need to update this blog more, its awesome! thanks again!

  • Michelle

    October 12, 2009 #8 Author

    Would you review the intellicig? It’s from the UK but you can get it from VaporsDelight.com. I heard it’s good quality, but I haven’t seen any review sites such as this one review it yet. I’m just not brave enough to buy it yet.

  • julie

    October 12, 2009 #9 Author

    I think i need help to place an order. I tried the 888 number but i cant reach anyone. also the live chat doesent comie up.

  • julie

    October 12, 2009 #10 Author

    I am trying to quit smoking, and this would be my last resort. I think the green smoke has the best overall ratings, and i am ready to try them. However; I couldnt find any information for ordering on this site, or the prices , etc.
    Could you email me with that information?

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