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Cigirex Review Cigirex Review
Kit Price: $29.95
Flavors: 2
Nicotine Levels: 3
Warranty: 30 Days
  • Nice Entry Rechargeable Kit
  • Good Quality
  • Short Warranty
  • Limited Flavors

1.8 of 5

Cigirex electronic cigarettes are becoming one of the most well known options for smokers who want to try vaping for the first time. They are widely available in many retail stores, but you can often get the best prices on their products by shopping online. The Cigirex website is very well put together. It has a nice layout and it’s easy to navigate so you can quickly access all of the starter kits and disposables with just a few clicks. Cigirex currently offers five starter kits and three disposable e-cigarettes.

Cigirex Starter Kits

Their starter kits include the Black Ops, Regular, Menthol, Light, and Zero. The Black Ops kit is a special high nicotine kit designed for experienced vapers who prefer the higher nicotine levels for a stronger vape. The Cigirex Regular and Menthol kits have 16mg of nicotine and the Light has 11 mg of nicotine. The Zero kit is a unique option with no nicotine at all. Each starter kit is color coded so you can quickly identify which kind of kit you are looking at. The regular is red, light is gold, menthol is green, and zero is blue.

The starter kit we tried was the Cigirex Light. The pack looked a lot like a regular cigarette pack with a flip top box. The design was actually really cool and the pack would fit easily in your pocket or purse. The kit included one battery, two cartridges, and a USB charger. There was no wall charger included so that would have to be purchased separately if you wanted one. According to the packaging, each Cigirex pack is supposed to equal 70 cigarettes. So you could probably expect each cartridge to last as long as 35 cigarettes. That seemed about accurate after we tried it.

Once we removed the e-cig from the packaging and screwed the cartridge to the battery, the design was really pleasing. It looks a lot like a real cigarette. The soft outer design and lightweight feel makes it easy to think that you are using a real cigarette.

Overall, the Cigirex Light had a pretty enjoyable taste for a light cig. Overall, the flavor was pretty good. The e-cig draws easily and has a very mild throat hit. The vapor production is decent, but it’s gentle enough that this e-cig isn’t hard on the throat at all. When you draw in on the Cigirex, the tip lights up red, which adds to the look that you are smoking a real cigarette. You could probably pass this off without friends noticing any difference unless they were close enough to notice the lack of odor.

After using it for a while, I would definitely say that Cigirex offers a really decent electronic cigarette. I would rate the Cigirex Light at above average (4 out of 5 stars).

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  • $29.95

Cigirex Disposables

The Cigirex disposables come in two sizes: regular and slim 100’s. The slims are longer and thinner, with a similar look to a Virginia Slim cigarette. I liked the size and the design of the Slims so I decided to try that one first.

At first glance, the packaging is nice and simple. The e-cig comes capped on both ends. According to the label, the Cigirex Slim 100 disposable is supposed to last as long as approximately 2 packs of cigarettes. Getting it out of the package is pretty easy, but putting it back in was difficult. Of course, most people wouldn’t put it back since it’s a single use e-cig. For me, I like to be able to store it inside the package when it’s not in use because I’m constantly trying a new kind of e-cig. This might not be an issue for the average consumer though. The bar code and instructions are on the box, so I’d say the labeling is good. Overall, I give Cigirex disposables 4.5/5 stars for presentation.

The Slim 100 is a one piece unit made with a softer design. It feels a lot like a real cigarette with the squishy outer cover and light weight. The slim is about the length of a 100 cigarette, so it’s very light weight and functional.

I picked up both a regular and menthol Cigirex Slim 100, but I tried the Regular flavor first. At first, it lit up right away but there was no vapor. It really had to be primed hard core. After about 10 puffs, I got a tiny bit of vapor, but it still wasn’t nearly enough to be satisfying. I could feel that the e-cig was warm where the atomizer was heating up so maybe the vapor was just a lot less because of the slim design. Even with long drags, I didn’t get much vapor. The small amount of vapor I did get was really harsh on the throat hit and made me cough. Overall, this first disposable e-cig was very disappointing. I figured it was possible that I had just picked up a dud (It happens!) so I moved on to try the Menthol.

Thankfully, the Menthol Cigirex Slim 100 had much better vapor production and a strong throat hit. It was much better than the regular so it looks like that first one was just a faulty unit.

Next, I tried the regular Cigirex disposable. This one had 16 mg of nicotine and it was identical in size to an NJoy King. It had that same squishy design that made it feel a lot like a regular cigarette. I was pleased to get much more vapor from this one, but it had a less severe throat hit than the Menthol Cigirex Slim.

After a few puffs to prime it, the regular disposable was pretty pleasant. It was definitely comparable to a cigarette drag in terms of the amount of vapor. As I continued to use it, the vapor production increased. I like how it is light weight and felt very natural. The only downside is a slight whistle as you are inhaling through the cartridge. But ultimately, it draws easily and the airflow is nice. This one is definitely a viable option for someone who wants to try out e-cigs and get a good first experience, unless they get a unit that doesn’t work correctly.

The Cigirex regular disposable lasts for 500 puffs or 42 cigarettes (2 packs of cigarettes). I like that Cigirex labeled it by puffs rather than nicotine equivalent. That gives consumers a more realistic view as opposed to brands like NJoy that rely only on nicotine equivalents.

Overall, I would give Cigirex 4 out of 5 stars. It was a really good e-cig and despite one fault disposable unit, I was really pleased with the products I tried.

Cigirex e-cigarettes are a smooth, enjoyable e-cig that gives off a lot of vapor.
  • Nice Entry Rechargeable Kit
  • Good Quality
  • Short Warranty
  • Limited Flavors

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1.8 of 5
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    I truly enjoyed the taste of the Gold Cigirex. It satisfied my craving for a cigarette where you aren’t allowed to smoke. This is better than the E-cigarettes.

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