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Bloog Jane 3.5
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Melanie Dushbek :: 10/22/09

I like these Bloogs. Been using for about 4 weeks and really like the taste and amount of "smoke."

visit_website review by Jane

Bloog is one of our top 10 brands because it packs a lot of power. This brand is well suited for an experienced vaper that is ready to take their e-cig habit up a notch. We recently tested two of Bloog’s kits and we’ve detailed our thoughts on each one of them below.

Bloog Deluxe SK Kit

This entry-level starter kit comes with everything you need to get started. In our kit, we had 2 automatic batteries, 2 velvet battery pouches, a USB charger, a wall adapter, and 5 flavored cartomizers. The kit offered a great first impression. The Bloog logo is on every single item and it was all packaged nicely. I liked the little battery pouches too. While I don’t typically love the idea of carrying these pouches around, I think Bloog has an attractive pouch that would work for carrying your e-cig in your pocket or purse. I also liked that Bloog lists all the ingredients on their cartomizers so you can actually see them quickly without spending forever searching online.

Overall, this is a really attractive e-cig. The batteries are silver and the cartridges are black. The tip lights up blue so it has a nice look to it. The Bloog logo is on both the battery and cartridge and they line up nicely. Overall, it just seems like a really well made e-cigarette rather than a cheap version you would pick up at a gas station.

In terms of usability, I give Bloog two thumbs up. This e-cig has a really strong throat hit and tons of vapor. I was using the 36mg cartomizers and they were really unbelievable. Honestly, the throat hit is insane.

As a general rule, I think that Bloog offers stronger throat hits, stronger flavors, and stronger vapors. So this is a good ecig for experienced vapers that want a little something more than the typical e-cig. It’s really designed to give more advanced users a few more options with nicotine strengths, flavors, and refillable cartomizers.

Bloog 650 Kit (ego model)

Next up, I tried Bloog’s ego model. It came with 1 battery, 2 refillable clearomizers, and one 30ml bottle of Bloog Liquid Fusion. When I took this one out, I thought it had a really sleek design. It’s a standard ego model that utilizes clearomizers that you fill with e-liquid. The clearomizer for this kit holds up to 1.6ml and it has a long wick that goes down both sides. It has a safety lock feature , which is always great for reserving battery power. You click the button five times to lock or unlock the e-cig.

The battery is 650mah and it has five tiny holes in the bottom. This is probably to combat any risk of explosion by allowing a safe way for pressure and heat to vent. I give Bloog a big thumbs up for this because explosions are definitely something the industry is concerned about. The tiny holes light up as an indicator of when you lock and unlock the e-cig so that’s a nice touch.

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  • starter

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  • Jane 3.5
  • $49.95

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  • 650 Kit
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  • 2
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  • yes
  • no
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  • no
  • no
  • Jane 3.5
  • $64.95

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  • Ultimate Kit
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  • 2
  • 5
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  • yes
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  • yes
  • yes
  • Jane 3.5
  • $104.95

When I tried the 650 kit, I was blown away. The first thing I noticed was the incredible vapor production. The cloud of vapor from one puff is equivalent to about three times the smoke you get from a puff on a cigarette. Honestly, you just don’t get much better than that unless you are dabbling in heavy mods (which I don’t recommend!).

It is pretty easy to fill and I liked that the e-liquids are clearly labeled with dates that they were manufactured and the expiration dates. Just a quick tip though – after you fill it, wait a few minutes to let the wick soak and you will get better results and won’t have to prime it so much. After using my 650 for awhile, I can say with confidence that this ego doesn’t leak. Plus, you have tons of great Bloog e-liquids to choose from.

Bloog E-Liquids

Honestly, the big variety of e-liquids is really Bloog’s claim to fame. People love their liquids because they come in high nicotine levels and offer insane throat hits. I tried several of the Bloog liquids and they were all really good. My absolute favorite was the Bogart’s Blend. It has a sweet tobacco taste with a slightly smoky hint to it. It’s really well balanced and I will definitely vape this liquid over and over again.

The 555 liquid is also a good choice. It has a nice tobacco flavor and huge levels of vapor. I thought the throat hit was definitely strongest on the 555. For all you Red smokers, the Bloog Red liquid is going to be a perfect fit. It gives that signature strong vapor production with the taste of a Red cigarette. And last, all you coffee junkies will love their coffee liquid. I tried it and hated it because I absolutely despise coffee. So that’s pretty much a good sign that coffee fans will love it.

Bloog produces e-liquids that not only taste great, but they are extremely high quality. In fact, they recently changed their entire e-liquid lineup by moving manufacturing to a pharmaceutical facility that is FDA-registered and DEA-approved. That means that every single Viquid comes with a certificate disclosing a full list of ingredients, the distinct batch number, a release date, and an expiration date. The Bloog liquids have a two year shelf life, which is really amazing compared to most competitors that only last for around six months. When you choose Bloog e-liquids, you can have peace of mind that your liquids are made using strict quality control standards and highly tested ingredients. It is all made in the USA and packaged according to FDA standards. That’s another great advantage of using Bloog!

Bottom Line on Bloog

To sum it all up, Bloog is awesome. Both of the kits were better than I expected and the Bloog e-liquids were just as good as everyone said they would be. If you want to progress to a more advanced vaping experience, check out Bloog! You won’t be disappointed.

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