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Yale Study Shows Vaping Dramatically Increases Chance To Quit Smoking Successfully Yale Study Shows Vaping Dramatically Increases Chance To Quit Smoking Successfully

Researchers concluded e-liquid flavors are an essential part of what makes vaping a satisfying alternative to smoking.

Despite our best efforts over the last several decades, smoking remains the leading cause of preventable death and disease all around the world. That’s not to say we haven’t improved our predicament, as many countries now enjoy all-time low smoking rates thanks to increased information and legislation mitigating uptake. That said, there are still many who struggle to quit smoking. As such, satisfying and effective alternatives to tobacco are always desired, which has helped vaping grow into the industry it is today. Luckily research out of Yale University provides strong evidence the wide variety of available vaping flavors significantly increases the smoking cessation value of e-cigarettes.

One of the biggest hurdles still facing vaping is the poor understanding of the many benefits among the general public. Some polls find that as few as 13% of adults understand how much safer is than smoking, with twice as many falsely believing vaping is just as, if not more dangerous than smoking. This research helps push back against claims that e-liquid flavors serve no more purpose than to attract unwitting teens into a life of nicotine addiction.

Yale Study

A team of researchers from Yale University were led by Dr. Nils Kroemer. They wanted to better understand how e-liquid flavors impact effectiveness as a smoking cessation tool, as well as how satisfying they are. Given the increasing importance of the vaping debate, the team wanted to start answering the question of how much value, if any, is added by the myriad of available flavors. The team employed a conditioning paradigm which was made specifically to study vaping. The participants were asked to try various types of vaporizers for a couple days before being surveyed and run through an MRI machine while being exposed to the produced vapor.

The researchers immediately noticed some interesting patterns. For instance, it was confirmed that sweet e-liquid flavors are much more desirable than tobacco flavored one. They even gave some possible reasons as to why. The sweet flavors were shown to elicit a more robust response from the nucleus accumbens, as well as the variation based on exposure. Further making a case for flavors, the same reactions were not noted when only nicotine was present. The researchers felt more than justified in backing the power of flavors to increase the effectiveness of smoking cessation attempts. “Collectively, these findings demonstrate that sweet taste potentiates the reinforcing effects of nicotine in e-cigarettes resulting in heightened brain cue-reactivity.”

Why Choose Vaping

This Yale report adds yet another critical piece to the vaping puzzle. We’ve known for several years now that vaping as at least 95% safer than smoking thanks to reports by Public Health England. At the time these were game-changing statistics, but these days we get similar findings relatively often. For instance, just a couple of months back we got a study which found e-cigarette vapor has around 93% fewer toxicants than cigarette smoke. But to truly understand how much safer vaping is than smoking, you have to consider the report from the Journal of Aerosol Sciences which concluded the excess lifetime cancer risk of a smoker is about 57,000 times higher than a demographically similar vaper.

That’s just the harm reduction value. We also have several other reports which further make a case for vaping as an invaluable tool in the continued fight against tobacco. For starters, a report out of the University of Louisville tested all the most common smoking cessation methods and aids to determine which were the most viable. After analyzing all their data, the team concluded not only is vaping effective, it’s actually more likely to succeed than anything else, including prescription drugs. However, for many, the only reason needed to fight against vaping is the impact they have on teens. Luckily the large scale reports we have on the topic seem to indicate this isn’t the case. A study of over 60,000 students by Action on Smoking and Health concluded only between 0.1% and 0.5% of non-smoking teens are ever picking up a vaporizer more than once or twice.


Anyone who is genuinely paying attention should be able to tell by now there is plenty of reason to support vaping. Especially with smoking still killing so many, we must work to support invaluable tools like e-cigarettes. Unfortunately, too many people simply don’t understand how much safer vaping is than smoking. That’s why one of the most important things we can do to improve vaping is teaching those around us everything e-cigarettes have to offer. If more people understand what’s at stake, it would be much harder for any legislator to ban e-liquid flavors, or worse.

What do you think about the Yale report? What’s the most crucial part about vaping in your opinion? How can we effectively teach others about the value of vaping? Let us know what you think in the comments, and don’t forget to check back here or join our Facebook and Twitter communities for more news and articles.

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