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Switching To Vaping Now Could Greatly Improve Your Oral Health Switching To Vaping Now Could Greatly Improve Your Oral Health

Research shows switching to vaping from smoking reduces the buildup of plaque and improves bleeding gums.

Anti-vaping activists have been on a campaign to convince the general public that vaping is just as harmful smoking for nearly a decade now. Despite mounting evidence supporting the contrary, they continue to push misinformation and mislead the general public.

These activists repeatedly misconstrue research and make exaggerated claims about the potential risks of vaping devices and products. They will often repeat debunked myths about vaping such as perpetuating the myth of a vaping as a gateway to smoking.

These anti-vaping activists argue that vaping needs to be regulated just like smoking because they claim it is just as harmful. The vaping community argues that vaping is a proven reduced-harm smoking cessation aid, and added regulation may deter those seeking to quit tobacco.

A study by researchers in Italy has proven once again that not only is vaping less harmful than smoking but making the switch could be very beneficial for your oral health. Research like this continues to document the well-established safety and benefits of vaping as a tool to quit smoking.

Study Of Vaping On Oral Health

The research was conducted by a team led by Dr. Marco Tatullo from the Unit of Periodontology and Oral Hygiene at the Calabrodental Clinic in Crotone, Italy. The researchers asked a group of 350 smokers to voluntarily take up vaping over smoking over 4 months.

The study sought out changes in specific “oral health parameters” such as tooth decay, plaque buildup, and bleeding gums. Researchers also monitored for possible acceleration or deceleration of any underlying periodontal disease such as gingivitis and bacterial infections.

The participants were divided into two classifications based on their prior history of smoking. The first group was comprised of daily smokers with a history of fewer than ten years of smoking, with the second group compromising daily smokers going over the 10-year threshold.

Participants were not allowed to use any tobacco products during the 4 months while they were switching to vaping, so only 110 of the original 350 participants completed the study. The study had come to several interesting conclusions by the end of the research, with nearly 7 out of 10 participants rating their general health as better, and several biomarkers of oral health gradually improving for a majority of participants.

Why Vaping Is Important

Research continues to emerge showing the ever-growing list of benefits smokers may have from switching to vaping. A study conducted by a research team from the University of Louisville shows vaping to be the single most effective tool smokers have at their disposal for quitting, beating out patches, gum, and even prescription drugs.

According to groundbreaking research performed by Public Health England, vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking. This study also shows that most of the public is poorly informed about the benefits of switching to vaping.

This confusion may come from the misinformation often perpetuated by politicians and the media, such as the myth of the teen vaping “epidemic.” A report by Action on Smoking and Health featuring over 60,000 teenage participants found as few as between 0.1% and 0.5% of non-smoking teens take up vaping after trying it a handful of times.

Another landmark study published by the Journal of Aerosol Sciences indicates vapers have a 57,000 times lower risk of cancer as opposed to smokers. Their research concluded particulate matter from vapor is far less harmful than smoke.


Research like this helps to level the playing field and correct the record on the narrative surrounding vaping. It’s important for the scientific community to highlight benefits alongside potential risks of vaping to give the general public all the information they need to make responsible decisions.

There are often flagrant attempts at disseminating misinformation by big media and politicians of all kinds. This kind of misinformation muddle the discussion surrounding an otherwise highly beneficial smoking cessation aid.

These people don’t give the same attention to research showcasing the benefits of vaping as they do fear-mongering politicians. They propagate hysterical myths rather than having objective discussions about the pros and cons of the subject and its potential impact.

It is up to us as individuals to remain adequately informed and be able to counter misinformation as it arises. We can’t allow people to be deterred from a potentially life-saving alternative to smoking just because there is a militant minority of anti-vapers dead set on scaring them away.

What are some of the benefits of vaping over smoking that you’ve noticed? Do you believe media outlets give the same attention to positive research about vaping as they do negative research? How do you feel about the misinformation spread by these outlets? Please be sure to let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and be sure to check back here for our latest news and articles!

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