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Series of Burglaries Leaves Colorado Vape Shops Frustrated Series of Burglaries Leaves Colorado Vape Shops Frustrated

Electronic cigarettes are quickly becoming more advanced and more expensive. As the technology continues to improve and more inventive mods hit the market, people are often willing to shell out a lot of money to purchase one of the high-end ecigs featured in vape shops around the country. Unfortunately, these expensive ecigs are also attracting criminals. A recent string of vape shop burglaries in Aurora, Colorado has left many ecig store owners feeling uneasy.

J.R. Robinson is the owner of Perfect Alternatives, a modern vaping lounge that attracts dozens of customers everyday. On Monday, Robinson arrived at the shop and found that someone has smashed in the door. When he continued inside, he saw that his cash registers were gone, along with hundreds of vials of e-liquid and about two dozen high end electronic cigarettes. All together, the thieves took around $10,000 worth of merchandise from the shop.

Robinson spoke out about the incident after he viewed surveillance videos. He said it was obvious that the two burglars were specifically looking for the pricy ecig mods from the first second they entered the building. “You can tell by the video footage that they knew what they were looking for,” he said. So what would a couple of criminals want with all those ecigs? It appears that they are hoping to make a profit by selling the vaping supplies. “They’re expensive; some of them they can run as low as $20 all the way up to hundreds… They went straight for my good stuff of course,” he said.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time an Aurora ecig shop has been robbed. In fact, just two weeks Smooth Vapes was robbed just a few miles away from Robinson’s store. Josh Turley, the owner of Smooth Vapes, said the break-in left a lot of damage to his shop. Plus he lost thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. Both owners are hoping that police will step in to help find the criminals responsible for the break-in’s. They are concerned that the increasing number of vape shop robberies will continue. Aurora police said that the situation is definitely a problem, but the number of robberies was still around average. It just seems that thieves are specifically targeting ecig shops rather than houses or other retail stores.

Have you noticed increasing robberies at ecig stores in your area?

Dustin Erickson

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