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Rush Limbaugh Takes On E-Cigarette Critics Rush Limbaugh Takes On E-Cigarette Critics

After enduring numerous incidents of biased journalism and faulty reporting on electronic cigarettes, Rush Limbaugh has officially had enough. After trying e-cigs for himself, he has strong opinions on vaping and he isn’t afraid to share them. On March 27, he decided to get in on the fight and defend vaping by exposing the e-cig lies on his radio show. He started his rant by pointing out that the New York Times and other media outlets are “hell-bent on wiping them out” and then he addressed the supposed “concerns” that are triggering ecig bans around the country. Love him or hate him, you have to admit that it’s a huge step forward for the e-cig industry when Rush devotes a segment of his show to expose the lies and give his public support to vaping.

During the broadcast, Rush pointed out everyone wants to ban ecigs to keep teenagers from using them. He thinks that whole idea is ridiculous. “How many years have they been talking about cigarettes as killer and ruination for our children?” Then he follows it up by saying, “They never ban the product. They sell it still.” So why are politicians not banning tobacco products to protect today’s youth, especially since more kids smoke than vape? Rush says it all goes back to the money. He explains that the sales tax from cigarettes goes a long way to line pockets and fund big government so our corrupt politicians allow tobacco products to stay available, despite the threat to kids.

Rush said that the e-cig critics have an agenda that has nothing to do with protecting kids. Instead, they are concerned with vaping because the tobacco industry is losing money now that many smokers have found a way to give up cigarettes by vaping. As a result, the government is losing money and tax revenue from cigarette sales is steadily declining. Until they find a way to tax e-cigs, they are going to try to get rid of them or spread lies through the mainstream media to discourage smokers from switching.

The pharmaceutical companies are also fighting against the e-cig movement because they are fully aware that their nicotine replacement products like Chantix and Nicorette can never compete with the public appeal of vaping. With so much to lose, Big Pharma is willing to do practically anything to eliminate e-cigarettes, even if that means paying off research groups to produce biased, inaccurate studies and then publishing them as factual.

Rush also gave some attention the claims from the New York Times that e-liquids are lethal because people could drink them. “There’s only one problem,” he said. “There’s not one recorded instance of it, because people do not drink it!” Vapers have to laugh at the insinuation that people would drink e-liquid for fun. How many times have you hung out with your vaping friends and said, “Dude, you really have to take a sip of this new cherry flavored e-liquid! It is amazing!” That would never happen. If you have ever accidentally had e-liquid overflow onto your tongue, you know that the experience is dreadful and you immediately want to vomit if even a single drop gets in your mouth. Swallowing it is just unimaginable.

Rush points out that the politicians are hypocritical to fight against e-cigarettes. “Now, we can give them ‘em condoms all day long and say, ‘Go at it!’ We can give ‘em condoms, we can send ‘em to Planned Parenthood, and that’s cool. But that e-cigarette? No way, Jose! We are gonna ram ‘em down everybody’s throat. We’re gonna cancel ‘em. We’re gonna ban ‘em. We’re gonna do whatever we can to get rid of them.”

He completes his rant by stating, “This is no crisis! There is just a bunch of biased nanny, namby-pamby liberals that do not want you to enjoy yourself and want to do anything they can to control you.” He makes it clear that he isn’t encouraging any nonsmokers to start vaping, but he says you have the right to vape if you want to. “My point is if you want to do it, go ahead! Nobody drinks the stuff. It would never occur to anybody to drink it. Nobody has. There has not even been an accidental instance of this, even among children.”

Check out the full transcript from Rush’s show here. Do you agree with his statements about e-cigs? Are recent bans nothing more than a big conspiracy backed by politicians and Big Pharma?

Dustin Erickson

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