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Why Raising the Legal Vaping Age is a Foolish Idea Why Raising the Legal Vaping Age is a Foolish Idea

Laws are being passed to raise the legal age for buying tobacco to 21, but this includes vaping too. Health advocates claim raising the age will reduce the number of smokers. However, there are more dangerous activities you can do before turning 21 years old.

Will laws be passed to protect specific populations from other forms of harm too? These laws, in fact, seem unconstitutional. Face it, someone who is 19 or 20 years of age is old enough to make their own decisions. After all, the age of adulthood in the US is 18 years old. Yet some lawmakers don’t think it’s old enough to make responsible life decisions.

If the problem is that they aren’t fully developed, then they should not be trusted to regulate themselves. If this is true we shouldn’t send them to war or let them do other things adults are expected to do that could be potentially harmful. Well, not until they are 21 years of age. If this was done, we wouldn’t have this three-year funky age gap, period.

Those under 21 but over 18 already can’t drink, which is another bogus law. You can serve and die for your country while paying taxes, but you can’t order a drink on US soil before turning 21. Just think of the money collected from fines and tarnished records of these people who do get caught drinking under age, but yet are adults. Just as the ability to buy vaping products is being stolen from law abiding citizens in some areas but not others.

Will there soon be underage consumption hearings in adult courts? Currently, there is a total of 250 cities around the country that have laws in place that ups the legal age to buy tobacco products from 18 to 21 years old. Hawaii and California already have these laws. Now Oregon is close to passing its measure, SB754. This is moving quickly to the mayor who has pledged to sign it into law, effectively immediately.

Yes, legal rights stripped away from law abiding adults overnight who are vaping instead of smoking is about to happen, again. Vapers will have to drive to neighboring Washington or Idaho state to make purchases. Interestingly enough, they still can smoke or vape for now. That right, I’m sure will soon be on the list for the group Tobacco twenty-one.

This group is organizing and pushing for the age to be 21 in all states. Those in the vaping communities need to push back and stop more laws like this. They heavily go after cities first and then focus on those states. The see all tobacco products as the same. Likewise, they claim that those under 21 should be treated differently than those who are 17 or 21 years old.

If laws force young adults to deal with decisions that were made for them just how are they to be called adults? We might as well start saying that 21 years olds are the age of true adulthood and stop this 3-year limbo. After all, they aren’t adults legally in all ways. How is it fair to expect young people to have partial adulthood and not be resentful.

If they can’t be trusted for making choices on their own, why make them pay taxes, face drafts, and lifelong consequences of actions like adult jail or ruined credit scores. Moral responsibility for the greater good is the justification those who support these measures cling to. These laws are a tragic case of overreach and thief of liberty that could lead to opening Pandora’s box. Opening this gives legislators a precedent to regulate unhealthy conduct. Unhealthy for some in certain areas but not for others.

How is this legal and above all, what could be next on this list? Will the government start to regulate caffeine or sugary sodas? If it seems people can’t be trusted to look out for their own best interests the moral police will step in and make laws to regulate your choices. There is no concern given to the difference between those who smoke cigarettes and those who vape by these groups.

Lawmakers are smugly saying, we know what is best for your greater good. Even if they have to take away your personal rights to choose. Ouch, this can’t continue. Pro-vapors must find a way to neutralize these groups before they spread more damaging restrictions.

If this continues higher federal courts need to get involved in protecting the rights of the citizens from overreaching laws. In fact, these laws never should have been passed in the first place. If these groups want to view a 3-year gap between 18 to 21 as partial adults then laws changing the age of legal adulthood must change as well. Specifically, stop this insanity of taking away individual rights, especially for those who are choosing to vape.

Those who vape are caring about their health and we should be encouraging them to do this exclusively. Breaking a smoking addiction can be one of the toughest battles some people face. With the aids of Vaping products, the growing number of former smokers is on the rise across the US for all age groups. This is good news because it shows that vaping is an effective harm reduction tool for smokers to use while quitting forever.

Now is the time to question at what age is one considered a legal adult fully? If it isn’t 18 years of age, then laws need to be changed, period.  Stop this foolish behavior and absurdism.

Dustin Erickson

Dustin Erickson - ECR.net Editor

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