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Quebec Health Minister Calls Ecigs Scientific Break-Through for Smoking Cessation Quebec Health Minister Calls Ecigs Scientific Break-Through for Smoking Cessation

Far too often we hear government officials criticizing electronic cigarettes and making faulty assumptions without spending time to do adequate research. But Quebec Health Minister Gaetan Barrette has looked at the facts and now he is calling on the federal government to make wise choices in ecig regulations. In an interview with CBC Daybreak this week, Barrette said ecigs are a powerful tool that could potentially save lives. He hopes they will be regulated fairly in order to empower smokers to use this life-saving option to stop using tobacco once and for all.

“To tell you the truth, I never smoked one cigarette in my life. But what I see on the clinical side, if you let me put on my doctor’s hat today, is that it really, really works. If you speak with doctors in that field, it’s what we can call a breakthrough,” Barrette said.

According to the Health Minister, the major key to ecig success is the ability to address the psychological side of a smoking addiction. Most smoking cessation aids are more focused on nicotine replacement therapies, but few take a real workable approach to behavioral changes that are much needed in order for smokers to actually quit and remain tobacco free over the long term.

Barrette feels that electronic cigarettes are effective because they give smokers to same overall sensation and experience as they get from a regular cigarette so they aren’t missing the old hand to mouth behavior that is so addictive for smokers. “Reproducing the habit – the feel, the behavior that goes with it – in a manner that you reduce your nicotine dosages over time – it works,” he said. “And many, many people at the end of the process keep vaping with stuff that has no nicotine.”

Overall, Barrette said that regulations should focus on banning ecigs from use by minors. But we should not limit ecigs from adult smokers because they could help many stop using cigarettes and ultimately save lives. Do you think there is a way to enforce balanced ecig regulations without harming the industry as a whole?

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