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New Research Predicts The Last Year People Smoke Cigarettes Here
The report concluded England’s final cigarette will likely be smoked in the city of Derby in the year 2050. Smoking continues to be the leading cause of preventable death and disease around the globe, making having effective quit aids vital. While most countries support traditional nicotine replacement therapies, such... Read more
Could This Mean The End Of Vaping As We Know It Forever?
Well known anti-vaping haven, San Francisco, aims to implement the nation’s first outright vaping ban as soon as possible. Vapers in America have always dealt with constantly changing vaping regulations. Between legislators often changing their minds, and simple travel to another municipality, Americans always have to be aware of... Read more
You’ll Never Guess What The FDA Commissioner Might Do Before Leaving Office
After being encouraged to push through a potential flavor ban, many in the vaping community are worried about what the repercussions are. Vaping regulations have become an increasingly large part of being a vaper. When e-cigarettes first hit the scene over ten years ago, most legislators didn’t take long... Read more
You’ll Never Believe Which Group Of People Is Coming Around To Vaping
Reports indicate older generations are starting to understand what vaping has to offer as a harm reduction and smoking cessation tool. Over the last decade or so, vaping has grown from a relatively unknown process to one of the most successful and fastest growing smoking cessation tools we have.... Read more
New Study Proves Once Again The Massive Benefit Of Vaping
Researchers recently published findings that suggest BAT’s new vaping product is massively safer than smoking. The debate over e-cigarettes has been going on for over ten years now, and there are no real signs of stopping anytime soon. In fact, many experts called 2019 a “make or break” year... Read more
You’ll Never Believe The Way This Vaping Company Is Aiming To Market Themselves
Juul Labs is currently building a marketing team whose primary goal is growing support for Juul as a smoking cessation tool. Over the last several years, vaping has grown from relatively unknown alternative to smoking, to a multi-billion dollar industry all its own. But with this growth has come... Read more
Brand New Study Shows Vaping 99.6% Safer Than Smoking
Another new study has concluded that switching to vaping from smoking is one of the single best things you can do for your health. It can be easy to forget, but modern vaping has only been around for a little over ten years now. As such, there is still... Read more
Protests Over Encroaching Vaping Regulations On The Rise
Vapers in Buffalo took to the streets recently to rally against an upcoming flavor ban pushed in the Empire State. Tensions over the vaping industry have only risen since they first hit the scene over ten years ago. The debate over their safety has been exacerbated by the rise... Read more
Respected Council Slams CDC Over Contradictory Messages About Vaping
The American Council on Science and Health recently published an Op-Ed which goes after the CDC for a so-called “crusade” against vaping. The fight over how to regulate vaping has been ongoing for almost as long as modern vaporizers have been on the market. But as this debate wages... Read more
With An 86% Tax Looming, Vapers In This State Are Getting Ready For A Fight
Utah could soon become the latest state to implement an insane tax on vaping products under the guise of protecting youth, but they could be making things worse. In the first couple of years that vaping was super popular, a glaring problem for the industry was a relative lack... Read more
Why This Major Health Official Is Making A Rare Public Comment On Vaping
The US Surgeon General recently issued a scathing criticism of vaping after staying mostly quiet for the last couple of years Unfortunately, it seems debate is just an unavoidable part of life for the vaping community, as hardly a day goes by without some type of negative story published.... Read more
Insane Vaping Regulations Set To Be Lifted By End Of April
The United Arab Emirates recently decided to lift their ban on vaporizers, clearing the way for increased smoking cessation Modern vaping has come a long way from the humble smoking cessation tool invented just over 15 years ago. It’s grown to become a massive industry in its own right,... Read more
Clever New Technology Could Solve The Teenage Vaping Epidemic Once And For All
An Australian company is set to release a cannabis vape pen which, among other exciting features, is fingerprint protected Vaping often gets a bad wrap. Sometimes it’s over concerns about long-term safety, other times it’s about the incredibly small threat of battery explosions. But one of the most common... Read more
Why The Latest Anti-Vaping Regulation Should Motivate Anyone To Fight
Another state is set to take away one of the most important parts of what makes vaping so effective All across the world, governments are simultaneously facing the decision of how to properly regulate e-cigarettes. While it was understandable at first, being a relatively new phenomenon, these days there’s... Read more
Proposal Could Make It Much Harder To Vape In This Popular Tourist Spot
Despite critics questioning his methods, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is making a hard push against the vaping industry If you look at any three random places, it’s likely they all have a different idea of how to properly regulate the vaping industry. As more research is conducted and published, legislators... Read more
What We Now Know About Vaping Could Change The Industry Forever
A brand new report indicates once again that vaping is an extremely effective smoking cessation tool As we settle into 2019, some things have changed for e-cigarettes, while others remain exactly the same. One of these ongoing challenges for the vaping industry has been fighting misconceptions about their risk... Read more
Experts Believe 2019 Is A “Make Or Break” Year For The Vaping Industry
Concerns are growing over the future of vaping as several different battles are happening at the same time It’s no shock the vaping industry has a public perception problem. Despite a growing pile of peer-reviewed evidence supporting their value, many still call into question if they do more harm... Read more
All The Proof You’ll Ever Need Big Tobacco Plans To Take Over Vaping
New marketing pushes are just the latest in a list of recent moves which point to one conclusion; Big Tobacco wants control of the vaping market It’s easy to forget, but modern vaping is still a relatively new invention having been invented less than 20 years ago. In that... Read more
How A Major US City Is Actively Working Against Themselves With Latest Vaping Bills
Baltimore recently became the latest city to ban on e-liquid flavors, but the logic behind their move is seriously flawed according to experts Even in 2019, smoking is the leading cause of preventable death and disease around the world. As such, public health experts are always in need of... Read more
Many Vapers Concerned As New Regulations Begin Popping Up
The latest session of the US Congress just recently got underway, but it already has the vaping community feeling anxious It seems like the more questions we ask and answer about vaping, the more complicated the topic becomes. As a very new technology, it’s not entirely crazy that so... Read more
You Won’t Believe How Much This Vaping Company Gave Their Employees As A Bonus
As part of their deal for a 35% stake in Juul Labs, Altria gave $2 billion which Juul Labs is splitting among their employees Over the past decade, vaporizers have proven themselves to be massively successful devices, not only in effectiveness but also in popularity. Indeed, over the last... Read more
Another Country May Soon Ban Vaping Products While Letting Smoking Continue
Pakistan became the latest nation to float the idea of a total vaping ban, but their logic doesn’t seem to line up with the reality of the situation Vaping bans are becoming more and more common as legislators struggle to come up with adequate ways of regulating the popular... Read more
New Study Uncovers A Huge Uncomfortable Truth About Vaping
The new report by Cancer Research UK found many people still underestimate the value of vaping, and it’s doing harm Misinformation is exceptionally rampant in the internet age. This is as true for vaping as anything else, with the industry constantly under attack from anecdotal and fear-based evidence, while... Read more
How A Shady Deviation By Two Companies Could Endanger The Entire Future Of Vaping
A 35% stake sale of Juul Labs to Altria has put both companies in the hot seat with the FDA, but some worry the consequences could impact the entire vaping industry The ongoing debate over the efficacy of vaping is reaching a boiling point for many. Between new taxes... Read more
Why A Top Ranking Health Official Is Set To Meet With Vaping Companies
The FDA announced that Commissioner Gottlieb would be meeting with the executives at several vaping companies about their promise to fight teenage vaping As we turn over into a new year, concerns over vaping remain at an all-time high. People have been debating the efficacy of vaping ever since... Read more
Insane New Rules That Will Change Everything About Vaping
Health officials in Washington are currently in talks over a new set of vaping taxes aimed at curbing teenage usage Vaping continues to be the cause of plenty of debate among the public health community. On the one hand, they’ve been shown to drastically reduce the level of harm... Read more
Another Big Tobacco Company Is Attempting To Take Over Vaping
BAT recently launched an all-new vape called the Vype iSwitch in the UK with plans for an early 2019 expansion The vaping market has continued to grow at a breakneck pace ever since they first hit the scene about ten years ago. But as all vapers know, this growth... Read more
New Study Indicates Another Massive Benefit Of Vaping
The researchers proved that vaping is much less toxic than smoking cigarettes The ongoing battle for vaping rights is something near and dear to the hearts of many vapers. As a group that predominantly escaped a life of tobacco smoke thanks to vaporizers, the vaping community truly understands the... Read more
Research Indicates A Massive Way Vaping Helps Cancer Patients
It’s important to understand how e-cigarettes are affecting the lives of patients according to a team of researchers We’ve known for several decades beyond the shadow of a doubt that smoking is one of the worst things you can do for your long-term health. In fact, it continues to... Read more
The Massive Reason Vaping Is So Much Better For Your Lungs
We now know a primary reason that vaping is so much safer than smoking for your respiratory system The battle over how to properly utilize and regulate vaping has shown no real signs of slowing down. Some countries have taken a strong stance in favor of the benefits of... Read more