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Confirmed! The Secret To Fighting Teenage Smoking Is Vaping
A new CDC report claims to hurt vaping, but the numbers suggest otherwise As long as parents have been aware of vaping, there has been concern about teens. Many people who are critical of vaping feel that if it were to become widely accepted as a harm reduction and... Read more
Dr. Farsalinos Published A New Replication Study, What He Learned Could Be Massive
The famous vaping advocate recently published work that indicates there’s no real connection between vaping and COPD Gaining more widespread acceptance continues to be a significant challenge for the vaping industry. It can come in the form of politicians, or just general media, but everywhere you look it seems... Read more
Clever Prisons Using Vapes To Solve Serious Issues
E-cigarettes have been shown to lessen chaos in prisons where tobacco is banned Traditional cigarette smoke, as well as secondhand smoke, can be extremely detrimental to your health and well-being. The UK government has been working tirelessly to help people quit smoking and have become huge supporters of vaporizers.... Read more
Huge News! Buying A New Vape Could Cost Way More Starting Next Week
July 6th marks the first round of tariffs on Chinese imports, which includes most vaping products Vapers today are increasingly used to new taxes imposed on their favorite harm reduction habit. It seems like every other week overzealous legislators are considering an additional fee for individuals merely looking to... Read more
Great News! How Can Vaping Potentially Help Non-Smokers?
A team of renowned tobacco control experts explains how vaping could improve quality of life for patients Switching from smoking to vaping can dramatically improve your health, at this point if you’ve read most any article on this site you will know that. This likely includes a paper published... Read more
Major Key! New Research Shows WHY Vaping So Effective At Helping Smokers Quit
Research indicates several reasons e-cigarettes are better than traditional NRTs at helping people quit Smoking continues to be one of the most significant public health crisis’ around the world, as its the leading cause of preventable death and disease almost everywhere. So while it’s still a huge problem overall,... Read more
Why Juul Is About To Destroy Anti-Vaping Moaners!
The cig-a-like giant is changing their social media strategy to focus on smoking cessation Today’s world is completely inundated with social media. What started as a means of connecting us with our friends and family has turned into an often volatile playground for misinformation and misunderstanding. Vaping has not... Read more
U-Turn! The American Cancer Society now FULLY Backs Vaping
After hinting at it a few months back, the ACS now stands firmly by vaping as a safer alternative to smoking Back in February, the American Cancer Society (ACS) released a statement that vaguely supported vaping as a harm reduction tool. In that statement, the overall feeling was not... Read more
Department Of Housing And Urban Development Shows How To Regulate Vaping Correctly
HUD is acknowledging the fact that vaping and smoking are different, while the FDA refuses to agree Public perception of vaping is often tainted by lack of knowledge or plain misinformation. Despite the growing stock of scientific evidence, many people still believe vaping is as harmful, or even more... Read more
Penn. Set To Allow Vaping Under Their Medical Marijuana Laws
Previously the law only allowed for liquid or pill forms of marijuana, but now dry herbs can be purchased if you agree to use a vaporizer Over the last ten years or so the legalization of medical marijuana has gained popularity and acceptance for helping so many with debilitating... Read more
Juul Labs Funding Campaign To Teach Parents About Preventing Teenage Vaping
This is just the latest move by the successful vaping manufacturer aimed at curbing concern their products attract students For as long as vaping has been visible in the public eye, questions about their effect on teens have run rampant. Some see acceptance of vaping for its smoking cessation... Read more
Yale Study Indicates Vaping Greatly Improves Smoking Cessation Efforts
The researchers wanted to understand the effect of incorporating vaping into other smoking cessation programs There are several sides to the vaping debate. Some people are concerned about the impact of vaping on the youth. Others question whether vaping is actually safer than cigarettes. One issue that has seen... Read more
Survey Shows Awareness To Benefits Of Vaping On The Rise
The latest numbers show that public perception of vaping is at an all-time high A survey in the UK, published late last year, found that almost half of the surveyed adults now believe vaping is safer for your health than smoking. This is a fantastic leap forward for the... Read more
Research Indicates FDA Flavor Ban Would Help Big Tobacco
The study was conducted to understand better what a flavor ban would actually mean for the industry Since e-cigarettes were first introduced, the FDA has been concerned with how these products might affect the public and their overall health. In spite of the growing number of respected and peer-reviewed... Read more
Britain Aims To Become A “Smoke-Free” Nation Over The Next 20 Years
Going at their current pace, England should be able to get under 5% smokers by the year 2040. The report even indicates they could get down to 0% by 2050 Even with all the progress society has made in the fight against tobacco, smoking remains the number one cause... Read more
Research Shows Prescription Drugs Alone Not Enough To Help Smokers Quit
Researchers found that vaping may be vital in making other smoking cessation tools more effective Prescription drugs are becoming more and more prevalent as a smoking cessation tool. However, a study out of the University of California at San Diego’s School of Medicine has found that the real effectiveness... Read more
Americans Over Five Times More Likely Than Brits To Believe Vaping Is As Dangerous As Smoking
Latest poll numbers show a growing gap in public perception of vaping in the two countries Vaping has long been the victim of bad publicity. Ever since it first rose to prominence almost ten years ago, many legislators and health organizations have warned of potential risks of long-term use.... Read more
Study Shows Vaping Isn’t A Gateway To Smoking
Research proves that e-cigarettes do not lead to cigarette use, in fact, it may be preventing it Teenage use has dominated the conversations surrounding vaping and e-cigarettes. Those familiar with the facts about vaping know that it is a safe and powerful cessation tool that could be key in... Read more
European Health Leaders Say Vaping Is Key In Fight Against Smoking
Dr. Riccardo Polosa and MEP Giovanni La Via both believe that e-cigarettes are a valuable harm reduction tool Smoking rates have been plummeting for the last 30 years, but in spite of that smoking-related diseases are still the leading cause of preventable death in the world. With that being... Read more
Yale Lecturer Says Concern Over Vaping Will Ultimately Hurt Smokers
Dr. Sally Satel is a respected psychiatrist who writes about the intersection of medicine and society Concerns over the effect of vaping on teens have been going on as long as vaping has been around. Some worry that accepting e-cigarettes for their smoking cessation and harm reduction benefits will... Read more
New Zealand To Soon Decide Fate Of Vaping
New Zealand is at a crossroads regarding vaping rights, if a new bill is passed it could be a much needed boost for worldwide vaping. But if it fails it’ll set a precedent that only helps Big Tobacco In New Zealand, a bill has recently been proposed to Parliament... Read more
Who’s Truly At Fault For Vaping Problems In Schools?
Is the vaping industry at fault for teenage vaping or are public officials not doing their part Despite a steady decline in recent years, reports about the dangers of school age vaping have started a flurry of news stories and articles about the teen vaping “epidemic.” Many of these... Read more
Alaskan Committee Rules That Vaping Is Not A Tobacco Product
Thanks to a vote by the Alaskan House Rules Committee, vaporizers will not be affected by new tobacco control bill in the state It seems like every week that we hear a new story about a state or local legislator deciding to regulate e-cigarettes under the same rules as... Read more
New Study Supports Belief That Very Few Never-Smokers Vape
Evidence harms the argument that acceptance of vaping leads to a large number of non-smokers picking up the habit For as long as vaping has been popular, people have been debating whether or not legitimizing vaping for its harm reduction value would cause non-smokers to pick up the habit.... Read more
Florida Voters To Decide Fate Of Vaping In November
After being agreed on by a 33-3 margin, Florida will vote on vaping and offshore drilling under the same proposed amendment this fall Once every 20 years, a team of 37 commissioners come together and decide if the state constitution in Florida ought to be modified in any way.... Read more
Vaping Aids Smokers In Battle Of The Bulge
“We are not suggesting that we should promote e-cigarettes to people who haven’t smoked. But for people who are thinking about the best way to stop smoking and are concerned about weight gain, I think what we are suggesting is that e-cigarettes should certainly be considered.” As smoking rates... Read more
What Steeping Is And How It Can Vastly Improve Your Vaping Experience
In this short guide, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about steeping your e-liquids Steeping your e-liquids is something you may have heard about if you’ve ever spent any time in vape shops. Most people immediately think of steeping tea bags in hot water to... Read more
The FDA’s Deeming Rule Is Killing The Independent Vaping Industry According To New Review
A review published in the Brooklyn Law Review concluded that the deeming rule is extremely detrimental to the overall value of vaping There are many hurdles left for vaping to overcome before it can reach its potential as a game-changing smoking cessation tool. But there are few more pressing... Read more
Members Of UK’s Parliament Call For More Acceptance Of Vaping Among Colleagues
With VApril kicking off in the UK, some members of parliament are asking their peers to start being more “vape friendly” The United Kingdom has long been the face of how to properly utilize vaping as a smoking cessation and harm reduction tool. From Public Health England’s 2015 report... Read more
New Study Finds E-Cigarettes Don’t Stain Your Teeth
Research published by British American Tobacco looked at the discoloration associated with smoking and vaping and concluded that vaping isn’t a risk factor At this years American Association for Dental Research conference, a new study was presented by researchers from BAT. They were testing the difference between traditional cigarette... Read more