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The Massive Reason Vaping Is So Much Better For Your Lungs
We now know a primary reason that vaping is so much safer than smoking for your respiratory system The battle over how to properly utilize and regulate vaping has shown no real signs of slowing down. Some countries have taken a strong stance in favor of the benefits of... Read more
Why This Major State May Stop Selling Vaporizers
A bill in California would ban the sale of flavored e-cigarettes across the state, leaving online sales as the only option for vapers, as well as closing countless shops Concerns over the impact of vaping are nothing new. It seems like every week we’re dealing with questions regarding the... Read more
This Could Change Everything About The Vaping Industry Forever
Reports indicate that Altria is in talks of buying a significant minority stake in Juul Labs, effectively making them part of Big Tobacco The public debate over the efficacy of vaping is nothing new. In fact, it’s been going on just about as long as modern vaping has been... Read more
How A Battle Over Regulation Could Predict The Future Of Vaping
New Zealand is currently working to change their regulations on vaping, but are they ultimately making things worse? The fight over how to handle vaping regulations is going on all across the globe. While some places, such as the UK, have gotten on board almost immediately, others have taken... Read more
What The FDA Doesn’t Want You To Know About Their Latest Figures
A new release from the FDA attempts to paint vaping in a bad light, but ultimately highlights that e-cigarettes are incredibly effective Vapers in America have become very accustomed to dealing with shady behavior from the FDA. Going as far back as the heavily contest PMTA, the FDA has... Read more
The Massively Important Secret Anti-Vapers Won’t Admit
Renowned professor indicates why the “gateway theory” will likely never be abandoned despite the growing evidence for vaping These days we know a lot more about vaping than we did even five years ago. The results of this research have been mixed at times, but ultimately overwhelmingly positive for... Read more
The Growing Movement That Could Change Everything For Vapers In America
Despite rapidly expanding regulations, some critics are calling for even stricter restrictions on the vaping industry It’s nothing new for the vaping industry to be woefully misunderstood by the majority of the public. It seems like ever since vaping first hit the scene as a popular harm reduction and... Read more
The Secret To Helping Vaping Is Bigger Than Just Lifting Bans
As the UAE discusses lifting their vaping ban, it could ultimately benefit Big Tobacco more than anyone Even now, after a few generations of anti-tobacco campaigns, smoking remains the leading cause of preventable deaths worldwide. The number of smokers has steadily decreased over time, but it is now, in... Read more
Vapers Around America Brace For What The FDA Has Planned Next
News outlets have started to report that the FDA will begin the process of banning flavored e-cigarettes over the coming weeks Vaping has gone from humble beginnings to one of the most hotly debated topics in just a few short years. Many have wondered what the short and long-term... Read more
After A Hard Fought Battle, We Now Know The Fate Of Vaping In This Popular Destination
Florida voters passed Amendment 9 last night, which bans offshore drilling along with vaping Last night marked a contentious and prevalent midterm election in America. While voters across the country were voting for members of Congress, Senators, and Governors, many places also held votes on proposed laws. In several... Read more
Latest Evidence From The CDC Seems To Help Vapers
A study looking into the effect of second-hand vaping indicates that it’s much safer than second-hand smoking Second-hand smoke is an enormous part of the smoking epidemic, and it’s especially terrible since it affects bystanders, not just smokers. We’ve got decades of research which clearly indicates that being around... Read more
Research Reveals How Vaping Advocates Could Be Hurting Their Cause
A study indicates that the continued comparison of vaping and smoking from both sides is ultimately hurting public perception Vaping has been harkened as a potential game-changer for the smoking epidemic for a long time. In fact, ever since e-cigarettes were first created and studied, they have almost always... Read more
The Latest Shady Actions By The FDA In Their Fight Against Vaping
The FDA is once again proving they care more about stopping vaping than the actual research The general public’s perception of vaping has been proven poor time and time again. When polled only around 13% of adults correctly answer that vaping is safer than smoking. A lot of the... Read more
Another Massive Benefit! Studies Indicate A Clear Way Vaping Could Improve The Onset Of Dementia
Research shows that nicotine replacement therapies can dramatically slow the symptoms that come with age-related cognitive impairment One of the scariest conditions imaginable is dementia related to diseases like Alzheimer’s. Watching a loved one literally forget who you, and they are is truly a tragedy for everyone involved. It’s... Read more
You Won’t Believe Why 21 More Vaping Companies Were Given A Deadline By The FDA
FDA Commissioner, Dr. Scott Gottlieb announced earlier this week that another 21 companies must submit reports on what they’re doing to curtail teenage vaping It’s no surprise to the majority of people in the vaping community that e-cigarettes are woefully misunderstood. In fact, polls have shown that only around... Read more
Another Government Decides To Ban Vaping Outright
Legislators in Hong Kong have pulled a U-turn on their treatment of vaping, with a recent announcement stating they will work to ban vaping entirely Vaping bans are becoming all too common around the world. What’s worse is that almost every country with a vaping ban has done next... Read more
Renowned MD Makes A Case For Vaping, But It Could Be Reinforcing A Larger Problem
Dr. Laura Jean Bierut recently gave a presentation advocating for vaping, but critics have their concerns For as long as vaping has been in the public eye, it’s been a common belief that vaping and smoking are more or less the same. These views are somewhat understandable from an... Read more
Learn The Subtle Way Big Tobacco Threatens The Vaping Industry
As companies like Philip Morris roll-out their Heat-not-Burn devices in more and more places, it’s important to remember what’s at stake India currently holds the second largest population of smokers in the world. With so many that could benefit from using them, it’s very sad to see such strict... Read more
The Most Popular Smoking Cessation Tool Might Surprise You
A new study indicates that while the number of vapers across the country is declining, e-cigarettes are still the most popular smoking cessation tool around According to the CDC, 37.8 million Americans are currently smokers, and over 16 million are living with diseases that stem from smoking cigarettes. Tobacco... Read more
Why The FDA Just Raided A Major Vaping Company
As part of their push against teenage vaping, the FDA recently seized many documents at Juul headquarters Since April the FDA has been expanding their work to reign in and regulate vaping. This effort surrounds what they claim is an epidemic of youth vaping. FDA Commissioner, Scott Gottlieb, has... Read more
Many Are Questioning The Intention Of FDA Grant For Vaping Research
Amid all the anti-vaping speech coming from the administration, they’re funding nearly $20 million in new research into the harm reduction tools The FDA has, for several months, been threatening bans on either e-liquid flavors or even vaporizers outright. Scott Gottlieb, the FDA commissioner, has made his priorities known,... Read more
The End Of Vaping? FDA Commissioner Says Outright Online Vaping Sale Ban Is “On The Table”
In a recent interview, Dr. Scott Gottlieb made some worrying claims about the future of vaping in America As vapers, we’re very used to hearing stories about how vaping is potentially dangerous and could soon be banned. Meanwhile, anyone who’s taken the time to do their research can tell... Read more
Learn How Vaping Is A Human Rights Issue According To Reputable Researchers
Experts at the 2018 Global Tobacco and Nicotine Forum claim that access to affordable vaping supplies must be taken seriously by health advocates Even in this day and age, where smoking rates are on the major decline, tobacco smoking is a worldwide phenomenon, with nearly 1.1 billion smokers globally.... Read more
Proof Of Progress In The Fight For Vaping Rights That Will Inspire You
The latest Action on Smoking and Health report shows more people in the UK are recognizing how much safer vaping is than smoking Around the world, vapers are facing harsh treatment. Some countries have enacted bans, others serious restrictions. Users who do have access to vaping products face increasingly... Read more
Know Anyone Who’s Had Trouble Quitting Smoking? New Research May Provide The Answer
The study shows that nearly half of smokers quit after vaping for as little as 90 days Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death and disease across the globe. While most of us have known about this horrible connection for 30 or more years, there are still many... Read more
The End Of Vaping? FDA Threatens To Take “Aggressive Steps” Against Industry
In a recent press release, the FDA threatened to reign in the teenage vaping “epidemic” Globally smoking remains the leading cause of preventable death and disease. For decades now, there have been countless campaigns all over the world aimed at stopping cigarette usage. These efforts have been especially interested... Read more
Juul Lays Out Plan To Silence Their Haters
Juul Labs just laid out more details on their game changing new geo-locked devices Last week Juul unveiled their new Bluetooth enabled devices which, with FDA approval, will be introduced in the US in 2019. Over the past several years, Juul has skyrocketed to become the face of e-cigarettes.... Read more
Shifting Tide! How Florida Is Using Vaping To Make History
The sunshine state is the first southern state to allow medical marijuana and vaping has been pivotal Many people used to think about medical cannabis as little more than an excuse for stoners to get high. But after over 20 years of medical marijuana laws in the US, we... Read more
New Research Shows How Vaping CBD-Based Medications Improves The Lives Of Millions
A recently published study sheds some light on the massive benefits vaping CBD can offer people living with epilepsy Dealing with new challenges is simply part of living with epilepsy. It can be easy to take for granted many of the everyday things we do for ourselves. The often... Read more
Another Country Is Set To Ban The Biggest Vaping Company In The World
Israel’s Health Ministry made the announcement that Juul devices will no longer be allowed in the nation Concerns over the safety and impact of vaping are nothing new. For almost as long as vaping has been a thing, parents and legislators alike have rallied against the perceived threat of... Read more