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Two-Piece vs. Three-Piece: The E-Cig Debate

E-cigarettes come in two standard designs and the debate about which one is better rages on. We reconsider both two & three design e-cigs and investigate which style will suit you better?

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Luxury E-Cigs: The 5 Most Expensive E-Cigarette Kits in the World

Is money not a problem for you in these tough times? Recently celebrated a lottery win perhaps? We allow our day dreams to get the better of us and look into the more expensive side electronic cigarettes. We select the 5 kits we would buy if money was no object.

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ECR’s Official A-Z E-Cig Glossary

Not sure what’s the difference between a cartridge and cartomizer? A PCP or a USB? Fear no more with ECR’s comprehensive guide to electronic cigarette terminology in our all new e-cig glossary.

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