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Experts Warn New Vaping Tax Could Destroy The Industry
Ohio legislators are currently introducing a new vaping tax which has many worried about its full impact. As vaping has continued to grow into a massively influential industry, there’s been no shortage of ways legislators have attempted to regulate things adequately. One common issue revolves around different methods of... Read more
Yet Another Country Opts To Equate Vaping With Smoking
The Philippines Department of Health recently decided to ban vaping in the same places as smoking Vaping has only been around for the last 15 years, but it seems like the debate over their value has been going on forever. Despite not having much evidence in the early days,... Read more
New Report Reveals Some Interesting Statistics About Growth Of Vaping
The NHS report details several ways in which the UK is once again leading the way in proper utilization of e-cigarettes. It’s very easy to forget sometimes, but modern vaping has only really been around for the last 15 years. As such, governments around the world are still working... Read more
Research Once Again Proves Vaping Is Much Safer Than Continued Smoking
The collaborative research effort uncovered some crucial details about the differences between vaping and smoking. Despite our years of robust smoking cessation campaigns, smoking continues to be the leading cause of preventable death and disease around the world. As such, it’s as important as ever to identify and develop... Read more
You’ll Never Believe How Vaping Advocates Are Making A Strong Case For Support Of E-Liquids
The New Nicotine Alliance has once again proven to be an ally of the vaping community during their presentation at this year’s GFN. It can be easy to forget sometimes, but despite our best efforts, smoking remains the leading cause of preventable death and disease around the globe. As... Read more
CDC Statistics Prove Something We’ve Been Saying About Vaping For Years
Data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention indicates vaping isn’t acting as a gateway to smoking. If you’ve been around vaping for any amount of time, you’ve undoubtedly heard stories about how the growth of e-cigarettes is somehow reversing declining smoking rates and leading to a new... Read more
Report Concludes Widespread Support Of Vaping Would Save Upwards Of 86.7 Million Lived Years
The NYU study also found support could prevent nearly seven million early deaths in just the next ten years. Despite years of robust smoking cessation campaigns, tobacco still causes more preventable deaths every year than anything else. As such, it remains incredibly essential always to have new and effective... Read more
Vapers Celebrate As This Country Decides Against An E-Cigarette Ban
After a lot of speculation, reports indicate Malaysia won’t pursue a vaping ban. It seems like more and more legislators around the world are choosing to restrict access to vaporizers severely. Most of these politicians claim they’re concerned about the growing popularity of e-cigarettes, especially among teens. They worry... Read more
Legislators In This State Aim To Raise Taxes On Vaping
Ohio could soon become the latest state to equate vaping and smoking by raising the vaping tax to match tobacco. Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death and disease around the world. As such, we are in constant need for new and effective smoking cessation tools. Vaporizers first... Read more
This Vaping Company Won’t Back Down After Intensified Pressure To Leave
Juul Labs is once again at odds with San Francisco legislators, who continue to try and force Juul out of their city. Tobacco is still the leading cause of preventable death and disease around the world. Given how much of a public health crisis it is, it’s only fair... Read more
You’ll Never Believe How The Former FDA Head Thinks They Mishandled Vaping Regulations
A few months after formally leaving his post, Dr. Scott Gottlieb has some reflections on his time as the leader of the FDA. Vaping regulations are constantly changing across the country and world. It used to be somewhat understandable, given just how new of an invention they were, but... Read more
You’ll Never Believe Why Another Place Is About To Raise The Vaping Age
Connecticut is one signature away from officially raising the vaping age to 21 Despite continued tobacco control efforts, smoking continues to kill more people every year than any other preventable cause. As such, it’s no wonder why vaping has always been looked at with such caution. Especially in the... Read more
This Major State Could Soon Become The Next To Pass This Misguided Vaping Law
Massachusetts could soon ban e-liquid flavors along with menthol cigarettes. Many people fail to realize just how vital vaping regulations are for the future of the industry. They’re not always a bad thing, in fact, when properly utilized, they can not only help legitimize an industry but also further... Read more
Another Vaping Report From A Renowned Tobacco Control Expert Is Making Waves
Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos is once again proving why he’s one of the leading voices in vaping research. The debate over how to properly regulate vaping has been ongoing for many years now. You don’t have to look very far to find a myriad of different ways governments have decided... Read more
Research Indicates Vaping Nicotine May Have Neuroprotective Properties
The report provides yet another solid reason to support vaping over combustible cigarettes. These days, everyone knows that smoking is one of the worst things you can do for the long term health of you and those around you. Unfortunately, most people are confused about what makes smoking so... Read more
Yet Another Piece Of Evidence Proves Vaping Is Dramatically Safer Than Smoking
The report shows just one cigarette has massive negative consequences while vaping has no apparent short-term effect on the heart. Smoking continues to kill more people every year than any other preventable cause. That’s not to say we haven’t made any progress, as after decades of hiding the truth,... Read more
Concern Rises As Another State Looks Set To Ban Vaping
Reports indicate Minnesota could soon be the latest state to ban vaping by the same rules as tobacco. Experts warn this could have many unintended consequences. Governments across the globe have been given the tall task of figuring out how to best regulate vaping in a relatively short period.... Read more
47th State Set To Regulate Vaping In This Misguided Fashion
Experts believe Alabama legislators will soon become the latest state to apply existent tobacco regulations to vaping products. Vaping regulations around the world always seem to be in some state of flux. When it was a brand new product breaking onto the scene, skepticism was not only fair but... Read more
Huge Win! Judge Rules Portions Of Vaping Law Invalid
Quebec judge rules in-store ban illegal among other things after a challenge from vaping advocacy groups. Life as a vaper is a near constant battle with regulations. What’s worse is these laws are continually being added, changed, or sometimes removed. It can be quite challenging to keep track of... Read more
Great News! Major Bullet Dodged For Vapers In This Vacation Hot Spot
Hawaiian legislators have killed the proposal to ban all vaping flavors across the state, shocking many. Increasing fear over the so-called teenage vaping “epidemic” has sent vaping regulations into overdrive in many places. Both sides of the issue are becoming more and more stubborn as time goes on, and... Read more
Yale Study Shows Vaping Dramatically Increases Chance To Quit Smoking Successfully
Researchers concluded e-liquid flavors are an essential part of what makes vaping a satisfying alternative to smoking. Despite our best efforts over the last several decades, smoking remains the leading cause of preventable death and disease all around the world. That’s not to say we haven’t improved our predicament,... Read more
Proposed Research Could Answer Vital Questions About Vaping
Over $3 million was recently granted to the University of Colorado to create the world’s most advanced fake human lung. Many people are quick to forget that vaping is actually a really new invention. It was just over ten years ago that very few people had ever even heard... Read more
The Final Step To Banning Vaping In This Tourist Spot Imminent
The bill which bans public vaping throughout Florida recently made its way across the desk of Gov. DeSantis. Vaping regulations around the world are constantly shifting based on the currently available evidence. The government must work to agree on the correct path forward with these polarizing devices. Even just... Read more
An Incredible Benefit Of Vaping You’ve Never Considered
Research indicates vaping doesn’t stain teeth nearly as bad as smoking cigarettes does. Most people know that smoking is the leading cause of preventable death and disease around the world. This massive public health crisis has been ongoing for at least the last 70 years, as the public became... Read more
Concern Rises Over Potential Changes By New FDA Commissioner
Ned Sharpless recently became the acting FDA Commissioner, a move which has many in the vaping community worried about the future. The debate over vaping has become incredibly complicated. Governments the world over attempt to hone in on the proper way to regulate e-cigarettes. Things can get even more... Read more
Vaping Ban Shot Down For Having “No Legal Basis”
According to India’s Trade Ministry, they are currently unable to ban the import of e-cigarettes but warn it could be on the horizon. It doesn’t take a lot of looking to realize vaping has been handled quite differently around the globe. Given that we’re still continually learning more about... Read more
Another Tobacco Control Expert Comes Out In Strong Support Of Vaping
In a recent interview, Dr. Mark Tyndall blasts the FDA over how they’re handling the regulation of e-cigarettes. The public perception of vaping seems to change with every new report or condemnation by a misinformed public official. It appears the majority of the public are perfectly content believing whatever... Read more
Survey Shows Most Parents Here Believe Vaping Should Be Banned
The poll conducted in Hong Kong found that about three-quarters of parents believe e-cigarettes need to be entirely restricted. Vaping regulations can vary greatly depending on where you find yourself. They’ve only been on the market for around ten years, so it’s reasonably understandable how so many different routes... Read more
New Research Indicates How Much Vaping Helps Military Personnel
Latest data shows vaping popularity continues to grow in the military, as impending vaping regulations threaten to destroy the industry. Despite our best anti-tobacco efforts over the last 30 years, smoking remains the leading cause of preventable death and disease around the globe. While the smoking rate among the... Read more
You’ll Never Believe What The Latest Polls On Vaping Suggest
A large scale joint-study published recently concluded that nearly half of all adults now believe vaping is just as dangerous as smoking. One of the most important, and longest standing, problems for the vaping industry is the poor public perception of the harm reduction and smoking cessation value they... Read more