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Amazing Electronic Cigarette Info Graphics
Info graphics have been sweeping the internet recently, displaying important and fascinating statistics in stunning and fun graphic representations. Looking through some popular info graphic blogs we were completely inspired by a huge range of topics. Furthermore, we really thought that the story and positives of electronic cigarettes could... Read more
Independence Day Sales

Check out our Independence Day Sale Center where we list all the July 4th Holiday Discounts and Coupons! Sales will be posted here the moment they go live!

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7 Famous A-List E-Cig Smokers and 7 That Probably Aren’t

It seems like there are stories all over the internet claiming that various celebrities are using electronic cigarettes. ECR takes the time out to research these stories and finds 7 celebrities that actually use e-cig and 7 that don’t!

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The 5 Best Recent Electronic Cigarette Innovations

As competition heats up in the e-cigarette industry, it seems to be pushing companies to produce new and innovative ways to make their products stand out. We consider some of the better recent steps forward in electronic cigarette technology.

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Two-Piece vs. Three-Piece: The E-Cig Debate

E-cigarettes come in two standard designs and the debate about which one is better rages on. We reconsider both two & three design e-cigs and investigate which style will suit you better?

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Luxury E-Cigs: The 5 Most Expensive E-Cigarette Kits in the World

Is money not a problem for you in these tough times? Recently celebrated a lottery win perhaps? We allow our day dreams to get the better of us and look into the more expensive side electronic cigarettes. We select the 5 kits we would buy if money was no object.

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ECR’s Official A-Z E-Cig Glossary

Not sure what’s the difference between a cartridge and cartomizer? A PCP or a USB? Fear no more with ECR’s comprehensive guide to electronic cigarette terminology in our all new e-cig glossary.

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