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Think More Teens Are Smoking? Think Again!
The media has repeatedly blabbed on and on about that pesky CDC report that claims more teens are using e-cigs. That one report has been fueling the argument that teens are becoming more addicted to nicotine and politicians are using it as a platform to claim tobacco use is... Read more
E-Cig Companies Could Face New Advertising Regulations
As the e-cig industry continues to boom in the United States, sales are expected to top $1.5 billion by the end of 2013. We’ve watched sales triple since last year and a big reason for the fast growth has been advertising campaigns that extend to television, radio, and even... Read more
European Parliament Says No to Strict E-Cig Regulation
It was a big week for European e-cigarette users. People waited with nervous anticipation to see whether the European Parliament would decide to regulate e-cigs as medical devices and many e-cig critics were sure a victory was right around the corner. But luckily, things turned out well for Europe’s... Read more
UK Woman Suspended for Vaping at Work… Was She Out of Line?
Michelle Capewell is a 41-year-old single mom, working hard to provide for her two children in the United Kingdom. She has worked at Mothercare for three years as a photographer and sales woman, but now she says she is out of a job. Apparently, her boss booted her out... Read more
Lorillard Acquires A Second E-Cig Company
Lorillard is best known as a major player in the tobacco industry with top brands like Newport and Kent, but in the past two years this company has made some significant moves to expand into the electronic cigarette industry. Just last year, Lorillard acquired Blu eCigs, launching the line... Read more
Chattanooga Times Free Press Offers A Different Perspective on E-Cigs
The media is undeniably obsessed with electronic cigarettes lately. Unfortunately, most of the reports are negative and full of myths and conjecture. That’s why we were pleasantly surprised to see a recent article in the Chattanooga Times Free Press that covered e-cigarettes from a completely different perspective. The article... Read more
Attorneys General Ask the FDA to Regulate E-Cigs
On Tuesday, the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) submitted a letter to the FDA, calling for immediate action to implement new e-cigarette regulations. The letter was written and signed by 40 attorneys general and requested that the FDA honor their earlier plans to begin regulating e-cigarettes by the... Read more
Pittsburgh Tribune Discusses Insurance Penalties for E-Cig Users
Everyone knows that tobacco users have higher insurance rates, but now some insurance companies and even employers are penalizing vapers as well. In a recent article by the Pittsburgh Tribune, writer Kari Andren uncovers how these penalties are impacting vapers. The article features a lengthy interview with 29-year-old Matt... Read more
Oregon: E-Cigs Could Be Subject to Tobacco Taxes
E-cigarettes represent a rapidly growing industry as many smokers have ditched their old analog cigarettes in favor of the less expensive, tobacco-free electronic devices. Electronic cigarettes might be a tobacco-free alternative to smoking, but Oregon lawmakers are debating whether they should be subject to the state’s tobacco tax. This... Read more
NC Pediatrician Claims E-Cigs Are “Not Safe to Smoke Around Babies”
Today’s e-cigarette headline from the Charlotte Observer is yet another example of lazy journalism. It seems that we’re seeing a big trend these days. News writers take old research studies and ignore newer studies. They push propaganda that fits the interests of the pharmaceutical industry and big tobacco and... Read more
ECR’s Exclusive Test of the Seego G-Hit
Recently, Chinese e-cig manufacturer SEEGO reached out to us, asking us if we would be willing to do some product testing to help them develop an upcoming e-cig. It’s not everyday that we get the opportunity to try a new e-cigarette before it’s available for sale so we were... Read more
NATO Questions Validity of the CDC Report on E-Cigarettes
The September 5 e-cigarette report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is still making news this week. The report stated that the use of e-cigs among children and teens doubled in the past year. This created a lot of controversy in the mainstream media, igniting debate... Read more
Business Insider Unveils Vaping Etiquette Rules
E-cigarettes took center stage this week at Business Insider, where a new article featured nine “laws” of etiquette for e-cig users. The article featured a new infographic outlining the new rules to help vapers know what is appropriate and what is not. Here is a quick overview of the... Read more
Imperial Tobacco Plans to Launch New E-Cig in 2014
We’ve already watched as British American Tobacco entered the e-cig industry with their line of vaping gear called Vype. Now Imperial Tobacco is also getting in on the action by acquiring their own e-cig brand. It seems the Imperial isn’t buying just any old brand either. They are going... Read more
E-Cigarette Sales Expected to Reach $1.7 Billion This Year
E-cigarettes are quickly becoming a staple for many Americans and sales are sky rocketing faster than anyone predicted. In June, BusinessWeek reported projections that e-cigs would hit $1 billion in sales in 2013. Now, analysts say that this projection wasn’t quite high enough. Today Wells Fargo Securities Analyst Bonnie... Read more
First Soda and Now E-Cigarettes: Bloomberg’s Latest Agenda
In NYC, people are growing accustomed to Mayor Bloomberg interrupting their daily freedoms. First, he waged war against sugary sodas in 2012 and now he has his sites set on electronic cigarettes. Banning e-cigs wouldn’t be easy in a city where vaping is so popular, so Mayor Bloomberg hid... Read more
E-Cigarette Debate Escalates in the UK
Electronic cigarettes have been causing quite a stir in the United Kingdom lately, but the newest debate hinges on whether public service employees should be allowed to enjoy an e-cig break instead of smoke break. Police officers were recently granted the privilege to use e-cigs as long as they... Read more
Laguna Beach City Council Allows E-Cigs in Public
It seemed like a pretty normal news day when we read that Laguna Beach city manager John Pietig was trying to get e-cigs banned in public. Pietig proposed adding e-cigs to the existing ban on tobacco because he believed the vapor was putting people in danger from secondhand smoke.... Read more
Utah Town to Vote on Potential Public Ban for E-Cigarettes
Tooele is a quiet town in northern Utah, but it’s quickly becoming the center for some heated controversy. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the Tooele City Council is giving serious consideration to a total ban of electronic cigarettes in public areas. This ban would make it illegal for... Read more
Lorillard Revenue Climbs Thanks to E-Cigarette Sales
When Lorillard shelled out $135 million to buy Blu eCigs in April 2012, some may have questioned whether it was a smart move. The latest revenue numbers are proving that Lorillard was on the right track by expanding to include e-cigarette sales. According to the newest revenue reports, Lorillard’s... Read more
Race to the Top: BAT Plans to Go Worldwide With E-Cigs
After electronic cigarette sales were projected to hit $1 billion this year, Big Tobacco was forced to take notice of the growing popularity of e-cigarettes. Tobacco sales declined in 2012 as many smokers jumped on the e-cig wagon and decided to go tobacco-free for their nicotine needs. In response,... Read more
Get Ready for New Vuse E-Cigs From R.J. Reynolds
We’ve been eagerly waiting for it to arrive and now tobacco giant R.J. Reynolds is set to release Vuse, a brand new line of electronic cigarettes. In a June 6 press release, representatives from R.J. Reynolds announced that Vuse products were now available for purchase at many retail locations... Read more
New Reports Say 25% of Quiting UK Smokers Turn to E-Cigs
New tobacco regulations are coming to the UK, including a controversial decision to classify and regulate electronic cigarettes as medicinal. The coming changes are slated for 2016, but for now debates continue over whether e-cigarettes should be regulated. As many media outlets cover the arguments, there is one little... Read more
San Diego Fair Bans Smoking For the First Time
The San Diego County Fair is an event that people look forward to for months, but this year there was one big change. For the first time ever, smokers were forced to leave the fair if they wanted to light up with designated smoking areas located only in the... Read more
Psychology Today Joins the Conversation on Electronic Cigarettes
In a new article from Psychology Today, a brand new perspective enters the global e-cigarette conversation. Seth Meyers, a licensed clinical psychologist wrote the article after he used electronic cigarettes to quit smoking after twenty years of tobacco use. According to Meyers, e-cigarettes offer a valuable alternative to smokers... Read more
New Government Study Reveals That Fewer American Adults are Smoking
Fewer U.S. adults are lighting up these days, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). After years of smoking rates remaining mostly unchanged, the CDC reports a definitive decrease in the past year. For more than seven years, smoking rates remained around 20% and then dipped... Read more
New Law Stops Minors From Buying E-Cigarettes
As of July 1, a new law will prevent minors from buying electronic cigarettes in Indiana. The General Assembly recently enacted House Bill 1225, which will act as a safe guard to prevent children and teenagers from having access to e-cigarettes. The bill states that selling e-cigs to a... Read more
New E-Cig Regulations Begin for Britain in 2016
There are currently 1.3 million people in the UK who use electronic cigarettes, but there are still plenty of questions surrounding these tobacco-free devices. Skeptics have often campaigned to see e-cigs regulated and it seems that they will soon get their wish. On June 12, Britain’s MHRA (Medicines and... Read more
University of Connecticut Seeks Smokers for New E-Cig Study
Electronic cigarettes continue to be highly controversial and skeptics often refer to the lack of research as their biggest concern. The University of Connecticut is seeking to change that by launching a brand new study with a goal to better understand the full impact of using electronic cigarettes. Dr.... Read more
Smokers Wanted for New Study of E-Cigarettes
The University of Connecticut Health Center is looking for smokers to participate in a brand new study of electronic cigarettes. Headed up by Dr. Cheryl Oncken, this study will evaluate how e-cigs impact smokers in regards to pulmonary function, nicotine levels, and the ability to quit tobacco. Participants must... Read more