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Psychology Today Joins the Conversation on Electronic Cigarettes
In a new article from Psychology Today, a brand new perspective enters the global e-cigarette conversation. Seth Meyers, a licensed clinical psychologist wrote the article after he used electronic cigarettes to quit smoking after twenty years of tobacco use. According to Meyers, e-cigarettes offer a valuable alternative to smokers... Read more
New Government Study Reveals That Fewer American Adults are Smoking
Fewer U.S. adults are lighting up these days, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). After years of smoking rates remaining mostly unchanged, the CDC reports a definitive decrease in the past year. For more than seven years, smoking rates remained around 20% and then dipped... Read more
New Law Stops Minors From Buying E-Cigarettes
As of July 1, a new law will prevent minors from buying electronic cigarettes in Indiana. The General Assembly recently enacted House Bill 1225, which will act as a safe guard to prevent children and teenagers from having access to e-cigarettes. The bill states that selling e-cigs to a... Read more
New E-Cig Regulations Begin for Britain in 2016
There are currently 1.3 million people in the UK who use electronic cigarettes, but there are still plenty of questions surrounding these tobacco-free devices. Skeptics have often campaigned to see e-cigs regulated and it seems that they will soon get their wish. On June 12, Britain’s MHRA (Medicines and... Read more
University of Connecticut Seeks Smokers for New E-Cig Study
Electronic cigarettes continue to be highly controversial and skeptics often refer to the lack of research as their biggest concern. The University of Connecticut is seeking to change that by launching a brand new study with a goal to better understand the full impact of using electronic cigarettes. Dr.... Read more
Smokers Wanted for New Study of E-Cigarettes
The University of Connecticut Health Center is looking for smokers to participate in a brand new study of electronic cigarettes. Headed up by Dr. Cheryl Oncken, this study will evaluate how e-cigs impact smokers in regards to pulmonary function, nicotine levels, and the ability to quit tobacco. Participants must... Read more
Music Superstar Bruno Mars Invests in NJOY E-Cigs
NJOY is well known as America’s leading e-cigarette company with a huge fan base that includes several celebrities. We’ve seen Courtney Love using and promoting NJOY everywhere she goes and Charlie Sheen loves e-cigs so much that he created his own brand called NicoSheen. Now another celebrity superstar is... Read more
Memorial Day Sales
  We hope you’re enjoying your Memorial Day weekend. While our Armed Forces are protecting our country, take this opportunity to enhance your life. Use these coupon codes to save money on electronic cigarettes. Be all that you can be! V2 Cigs Memorial Day Sales      Vapor Couture... Read more
A New Study Examines How E-Cigs Impact Lung Function
Prestigious medical journal Inhalation Toxicology recently published a new study that examines how electronic cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes impact lung function. After examining the affects of both first-hand and second-hand smoke and vapor, the results clearly showed that e-cigs do no have any significant impact on lung function. Researchers... Read more
New Study Shows Nonsmoking Hotel Rooms Still Contain Smoke
When you check into a nonsmoking hotel room, you probably expect to be staying in a safe, smoke free environment. Unfortunately, that might not be the case. According to a new study published in Tobacco Control, you could be a risk from third hand smoke if the hotel allows... Read more
Utah Politicians Hope to Create Misguided E-Cig Legislation
Politicians in Utah are turning their attention to electronic cigarettes in an effort to protect children. Despite laws prohibiting the use of e-cigs among children and teenagers, many students still find a way to access electronic cigarettes. According to data from a 2011 survey by the Utah Department of... Read more
Blu Cigs Welcomes A New President As Jason Healy Steps Down
In a May 9 press release, Blu Cigs announced that Jason Healy has stepped down to make room for new president Jim Raporte. Healy began the Blu Cigs company in 2009, establishing a reputation for excellence and superior quality. In April 2012, tobacco giant Lorillard Inc. acquired the North... Read more
Citigroup Names E-Cigs Among Top 10 Technologies to Change the World
On May 1, Citigroup released a new report listing the top ten disruptive technologies, poised to change the world as we know it. The list is full of game changers ranging from 3D printing to personalized medicine and even solar power. E-cig fans won’t be surprised to learn that... Read more
Female Smokers Face Higher Risk Of Colon Cancer Than Men
According to new research from the American Association for Cancer Research, female smokers are at a higher risk for developing colon cancer than Men. While most people associate smoking with increased risk for lung cancer, new research in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers, & Prevention suggests that smoking increases risks for... Read more
V2 Cigs Announces New Partnership With National Tobacco Company
V2 Cigs is already dominating the electronic cigarette industry as a consumer favorite, but now they are expanding even further by partnering with National Tobacco Company. On April 22, 2013, V2 Cigs announced the new partnership with plans for a whole new line of e-cig products that will be... Read more
3 out 5 FDA E-cig Letter Signatories Connected To Tobacco Lobbyist Cash
An April 16 letter signed by five United States senators urged the FDA to regulate the sale and marketing of electronic cigarettes. Upon further examination, it appears that three of the five letter signatories accepted lobbyist cash from tobacco companies in 2012. Could there be a connection between cash... Read more
Five Senators Urge the FDA to Regulate E-Cigarettes
It’s a new headline, but it’s really the same the old story. Once again, Washington D.C. is up in arms about electronic cigarettes and this time it started with a letter issued from five senators, urging the FDA to begin restricting the sale and marketing of electronic cigarettes. The... Read more
Season Ticket Returned to E-cig Using Sports Fan
In recent news, a UK man made the headlines after he was kicked out of a Manchester City game for using an electronic cigarette inside the stadium. In an embarrassing spectacle, the man who chose to remain nameless was handcuffed and removed from the stadium after using his e-cig... Read more
Employers to Start Requiring Fees From Employee Smokers?
As if smokers don’t already face enough frustration with rising cigarette prices and social stigma, now a whole new realm of problems is coming up in the workplace. Employers like CVS have recently announced their intention to charge employees a fee each month for smoking and other unhealthy lifestyle... Read more
Study: 90% of Smokers Quit Tobacco Forever with Electronic Cigarettes
For smokers who have contemplated switching over to electronic cigarettes, the time has never been better. The newest research shows that electronic cigarettes have successfully helped nine out of ten cigarette smokers give up tobacco for good. In fact, many smokers start using e-cigs without the intention to abandon... Read more
Digging Up the Truth Behind Electronic Cigarette Health Concerns
Another scare tactic has been launched against the e-cigarette industry, thanks to yet another typical media piece meant to scare the public. The recent report claimed that e-cigs are a health risk, quoting Mike Goldsby of Health and Human Services. Goldsby insisted that because e-cigs are relatively new dating... Read more
V2 Cigs Perfect Match
There are many reasons the ECR.net team loves V2 Cigs. They provide our readers with great products and customer service as well as big discounts. And they always are willing to work with us on fun contests and giveaways. This month ECR and V2 are teaming up to help... Read more
FDA Hosts Public Hearing Concerning New Nicotine Replacement Therapies
On December 17, 2012, the FDA conducted a public hearing to discuss new nicotine replacement therapies. After years of debate, the FDA is still struggling to push back against the popularity of electronic cigarettes. While e-cigs were not the primary topic of this hearing, they did come up repeatedly. ... Read more
New Year’s Sales
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Christmas Sales
This Christmas, do yourself or a loved one a favor and try an e-cig! Whether this is your first time buying an electronic cigarette or you’re just looking for good deals on a new kit, cartridges or accessories, you’ve come to the right place. Below you will find every... Read more
Stock Up On V2 E-Liquid with New 50ml Bottles
Just today, V2 Cigs has added yet another product to their quickly growing online store. Customers can now purchase their favorite V2 e-liquid in 50ml bottles for $29.95 or $26.95 with our 10% off coupon below. This is great news for V2 users that refill their own cartridges. 50ml... Read more
Making the Switch: Huge Holiday Savings!
Get ready… it is that time of year again! Time to save money on Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Did you think electronic cigarettes would be left out of all the fun?  Think again!  Read on to find some of the biggest e-cig deals of the year. V2 Cigs... Read more
Making the Switch: Why We’re Thankful for E-Cigs
During the Thanksgiving holiday, we are all reflecting on our blessings and the many things we have to be thankful for. Our team counts electronic cigarettes among our blessings. E-cigs have helped us to lead happier, healthier lives and we want to share this with all of you!  Take... Read more
Making the Switch: Choosing the Right Kit
Christmas is quickly approaching and it’s time to get started on your holiday shopping.  For the smokers in your family you may want to give them a gift they have never tried before… electronic cigarettes.  How do you know which electronic cigarette kit will be best and how do... Read more
Making the Switch: The Advantages of E-Cigs
You have probably heard a lot lately about electronic cigarettes as they are all over the news and in advertisements everywhere you look.  While they are a huge trend right now, that doesn’t mean they are right for everyone. So the question comes… are e-cigs right for me?  You may be... Read more