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New Report Says Vaping Bans Are Increasing Smoking-Related Deaths Each Year New Report Says Vaping Bans Are Increasing Smoking-Related Deaths Each Year

The R Street Institute supports the use of e-cigarettes for smoking cessation. Says local bans are actively limiting the number of smokers attempting to quit

A report released last week lampooned the countless vaping bans popping up all across the country for making it harder for smokers to quit. It’s no secret that there’s been lots of research published the last few years that indicates an extreme amount of harm reduction value to e-cigarettes. In spite of this, lawmakers and public health officials in America continue to treat vaping as no more than another alternative way to smoke, such as hookah or pipe.

The report was published by the R Street Institute, a think tank based in Washington D.C. Their founding roots go back more than 30 years in Washington, where they’ve always worked to promote the free market. Their report found that vaping is a handy smoking cessation tool, and that actively suppressing them was effectively leading to more smoking-related death and disease each year.

It’s been shown to help smokers quit smoking, as well as being much safer overall. A University of California study from earlier this year found that Americans were indeed having more success at quitting if they used vaping regularly. Even in the face of all this mounting evidence, politicians choose to push bans based on little more than false narratives.

Unfair Testing

In 2015, the Veterans Affairs of San Diego Healthcare System was decried for admitting to promoting misleading test results in their press releases about the study. This study in question did not actually find e-cigarettes and combustible cigarettes to have the same amount of cancer risk. However, they said they did, and in the process, the entire thing became a big news story. Researchers eventually admitted to testing under circumstances that wouldn’t be replicated in real life scenarios. Their synthetic cell structures were also brought into question for not being correct. But even though it was proven to be misleading at best, many people only heard the original story and as a result, have a vastly misinformed view of vaping’s risk.

The president of the American Vaping Association, Gregory Conley, tore into the researchers for purposefully spreading a falsehood that impacts the well-being of real people. He said of the release, “The press release for this study was distributed just days before millions of American smokers make New Year’s quit attempts. This is shameless and transparent behavior aimed at discouraging smokers from quitting.”

Actively Against Vaping

The FDA and CDC have mostly taken a stance against vaping. They claim it’s due to the lack of evidence, but as the evidence has grown, their perspective has not. The “The Real Cost” campaigns don’t do much but help to equate the risks of vaping and smoking in the mind of the public. This is just untrue, as a consensus is growing that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking.

Some have even suggested that the intentions of the FDA are much more malicious. Saying they stand so firm against vaping to keep big pharma’s nicotine replacement therapies profitable. Recently it was shown that nicotine patches and gum are statistically no more successful than trying cold turkey. Giving more weight to claims about the connection of anti-vaping pharmaceutical companies and the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products.


It’s clear that something has to give. More and more research like this is published every week, and the public health officials in America have stayed mostly resolute in their stance against vaping. Whatever is the real reason behind this, it’s a significant problem for vaping and their already weak public reputation. But the R Street Institute’s report only goes to show what is at stake. The health and wellbeing of millions of smokers across the country. That’s why we must spread this sort of report to anyone willing to listen. That’s the only chance we have, to rally enough of the general public, so the powers at be have no choice but to no longer deny the truth.

Do you think most people in your life understand the real risks of vaping? How can we fight back against government and big pharma working together? Was there anything you believed about vaping before you started because of misinformation? Let us know in the comments.

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