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New EX Batteries From V2 Cigs Pre-Launch New EX Batteries From V2 Cigs Pre-Launch

V2 Cigs is on a mission to change the electronic cigarette industry for the better. They’ve joined and helped form industry associations set out to create regulations that everyone can agree with in the electronic cigarette industry. Now they are contributing in another way, with amazing brand new battery technology and designs. They aren’t just normal batteries, they are something much more.

The first thing you’ll notice is the new elegant designs. We’ve got five different ones that V2 sent to us. They are as follows:

  1. Scarlet Metallic – a metallic red color battery kit
  2. Brushed Steel – a silver steel colored battery kit
  3. Bloom Pattern – white with pink flower accents battery kit
  4. Royale Pattern – playing cards symbols with a Spade on the mouthpiece battery kit
  5. Carbon Fiber Pattern – The entire thing is the dark carbon fiber battery kit

[nggallery id=6]

V2 may look to add more patterns later on, but this is a great start and everyone is sure to find one that matches their personality. My favorite is the Carbon Fiber Pattern and the Royale Pattern battery kits because I love playing cards and love cars.

So aside from design, you may be wondering what else is different about these batteries. Well, the first thing is that these are sold under their new EX branding from V2 Cigs. So in the pictures, you will see the cases holding the batteries say V2 Cigs EX largely in the bottom right corner. The EX Batteries are the first installment in the new EX series equipment becoming available from V2 Cigs this year. The new batteries have level indicators near the tip of the battery that show how much charge is left in your battery. This is an industry first for the style of battery and a great feature. They also don’t light up on the tip which is a nice change to us. Since you still get the charge indicator lighting up, you know it’s working, but you aren’t drawing as much attention as you would with a light up tip. It also creates a more elegant feel to the e-cig experience too.

The other change to these batteries is that they have more power than ever before, making them one of (if not the most) the most power regular style e-cig batteries on the market. V2 increased the amount of power in these batteries to drive better performance for those looking for regular style e-cigs. You can get a bigger change out of some huge mods, but not everyone wants to carry something that big around in their pocket, and V2 is there for those who don’t want huge tube style e-cigs protruding from their pockets.

These batteries also come with an awesome cartridge cover that goes over your cartridge to match your e-cig battery design. This is so much better than stickers because you don’t have to keep buying new stickers each time you buy cartridges. It is a solid design that is built to last. Of course, with as new as these are (not even on the market yet to our knowledge) we haven’t done massive durability tests yet. Those will come with time and we will update the product reviews at that time. However, we wanted to get these batteries on your radar so you could check them out as soon as they become available.
The battery kits each come with 3 sealing rings too in order to ensure a tight fit on the cartridge and cover so you don’t lose that cover or have any performance issues. We aren’t sure yet how long each ring lasts, but 3 seems like it will last you quite a long time.

You may have noticed us alluding to something else becoming available under the EX Series above. We can’t tell you much because it is top secret at the moment, but V2 Cigs will be launching the most advanced cartridges ever. The EX cartridges (these are NOT the EX Blanks available today) will become available later and we will push the information out to you as we get more information. We can reveal that the EX cartridges are a game changer from what’s out there today, so be sure to check back for more information!

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