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New Company Rethinks The Best Method For Vaping Marijuana Concentrates New Company Rethinks The Best Method For Vaping Marijuana Concentrates

Arizona based company Jupiter Research spent over a year and a half researching and developing their new system for vaping weed concentrates

When Senior Vice President of manufacturing and product development for NJOY, Mark Scatterday decided to leave his high ranking job in an established e-cigarette maker, many thought he was crazy. But what Mark and his business partner, Bob Crompton knew was that the way vaping technology currently functioned would present problems for marijuana concentrate vapers moving forward. At the time, the vaping of marijuana using similar technology to e-liquid vaporizers was just starting to become a much more viable sector of the industry. What Mark and Bob saw was a niche needing to be filled with a new type of vaporizer that wouldn’t burn all plant-based substances used for marijuana vaping. You see, the traditional variety of wick-and-coil devices would be unable to vaporize the high-viscosity cannabis oils and concentrates adequately. However, Mark and Bob knew that they could improve this technology and deliver the concentrates without ruining their flavor or high.

Focused Approach

One of the most significant parts of their plan from the start was to focus on their new type of disposable atomizer by outsourcing the concentrate manufacturing to other companies. This approach had two significant benefits, first allowing their team to spend more time focusing on making a high-quality atomizer. Second, it ensured the extracts used in their devices would be top quality, coming from producers focused on their craft. One of their partners for over a year and a half now is Sublime Brands, another Arizona based company.

Rickie Hendrickson is the director of operations for Sublime Brands, and she believes that since the extracts they make are thicker than most, Jupiter’s attention to higher viscosity liquids makes their devices perfect. “The market was made to fit more cigarette oils. As a dispensary that uses cannabis oils, we see that (Jupiter) has more of a benefit to us and patients,” said Hendrickson.

Being based in the US is another major selling point for Jupiter’s partners since they tend to offer more robust customer service than many overseas companies. In line with their original goals of improving technology through specialization, they provide direct professional engineering support to any of their partners. This strategy has earned them a strong reputation and the business of well-known manufacturers such as Sunday Goods, Naked Vape, and many more.

A Better Way To Do Things

But before any of that was able to happen, they had to develop a better way of vaporizing the all-natural plant extracts. Jupiter Research initially spent a year and a half developing a new ceramic technology that could better handle the thicker oils. Their new atomizers well outpace the taste and consistency of traditional devices. In the year and a half since they officially launched, their company has grown from a two-bedroom apartment to a full facility in Phoenix and another office in China.

It seems that Scatterday and Crompton had been right about the direction of vaping, especially marijuana vaping. According to Business Intelligence and Strategy Research, the vaping industry is expected to be worth more than $47 billion by 2025, with weed vaping being the fastest growing segment of them all. This has been the case so far, as their company now generates an annual run rate of over $50 million. They’re even projected to top $100 million this year.


What Jupiter Research did is take advantage of a change in the market that they saw coming. But the method in which they chose to do it is the most significant piece. By deciding to focus solely on making the best atomizer for weed concentrates, Jupiter Research was able to combine a high-quality vaporizer with high-quality disposable concentrate cartridges. The result is a fantastic product for an excellent price.

As the vaping industry continues to grow and find its way as an independent business, new technology will be needed that don’t sacrifice the quality of liquids and extracts. So other companies looking to make a splash in the industry should consider following a similar game plan to Jupiter, allowing themselves to focus on what they do best.

How often, if ever, do you vape weed concentrates? Have you ever tried using extracts in a wick and coil type of atomizer? Do you agree that more businesses should follow a similar strategy to Jupiter? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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