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Juul Lays Out Plan To Silence Their Haters Juul Lays Out Plan To Silence Their Haters

Juul Labs just laid out more details on their game changing new geo-locked devices

Last week Juul unveiled their new Bluetooth enabled devices which, with FDA approval, will be introduced in the US in 2019. Over the past several years, Juul has skyrocketed to become the face of e-cigarettes. In reaction to media hysteria over teen usage and FDA investigations into vape regulations, the company has stepped up to also become the leader in preventative measures against minors getting a hold of, or using, their products.

Many critics believe that products like Juul are directly leading more kids into a life of smoking, by enticing them with fun flavors. Luckily no research has ever really indicated this is the case, but regardless many parents and politicians are concerned. In what is likely their most significant move yet, Juul is set to release a new generation of devices that are able to prevent students from using Juul on school grounds.

New Features

The new features have two main focuses, the first is usage monitoring, the second is usage prevention for minors. You control both functions of the device from your smartphone, as they connect and update easily. For those looking to end their dependence on vaping gradually, these new devices have usage monitoring, which breaks down the metrics of your usage and gives you the tools to wean or end your usage.

James Monsees, Chief Product Officer of Juul Labs says “If a consumer wants to quit our product…We will give them the toolset to do that in the smoothest possible way.” The data your Juul device collects is put through an algorithm and sent to your phone so that knowing what to do next in your quitting process is more evident than ever. This feature really supports the truth behind vaping, that it is designed to help you quit smoking, and eventually nicotine dependence.

The “Youth Prevention” features are tied more to the proximity of your phone and your device. If your phone is too far away from the device, then the Juul shuts down and is unable to be used. This feature is expressly designed to prevent minors from stealing the devices for their own usage. Once the device can sense the phone back in range, it will be able to be activated.

Juul’s Trying Year

These Bluetooth features are only the latest in a line of decisions made by Juul to keep ahead of regulation and work towards the safety and proper use of their products. Since earlier this year, when Juul came under fire for an influx of teen usage and hyperbolic coverage by the media, Juul has been working to keep the general public happy. They started by pledging $30 million over the next three years to research aimed at keeping kids and teens away from their products, along with general research into the long-term effects of vaping.

Then they set the example for other companies by voluntarily pulling products from shelves that were deemed too enticing for minors and actively worked to prevent underage sales across the US. Furthermore, they altered their brand campaigns, including an entire ad campaign with the singular purpose of educating parents about vaping so they could be more aware of their children’s possible usage. They also switched from using professional models in their social media postings to pictures of real Juul users, who have quit smoking with their products.


Juul is really working hard to take their fame, which largely stemmed from coverage about teen usage, and turn themselves into a recognizable brand the public can trust. By using the platform of these Bluetooth features to remind the public that vaping is not meant to lure teens in, but to help smokers quit, they are helping advance public acceptance of vaping at large.

Vaping is still seen by the majority of the non-smoking public as being as or more harmful than the use of combustible cigarettes. The FDA has not helped that cause by claiming the nicotine in e-liquids makes them just as addictive as cigarettes, instead of acknowledging it as a valuable smoking cessation and harm reduction tool. The public needs to hear more news like this that drives home vaping as a smoking cessation tool. These features help put the public at ease and bring them a step towards acceptance.

Do you think Juul Labs is doing the right thing by appeasing so many? Are these moves going to have the desired effect for their brand? How can we best teach people about the benefits of vaping? Let us know what you think in the comments, and don’t forget to check back here or join our Facebook and Twitter communities for more news and articles.

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