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Why Juul Is About To Destroy Anti-Vaping Moaners! Why Juul Is About To Destroy Anti-Vaping Moaners!

The cig-a-like giant is changing their social media strategy to focus on smoking cessation

Today’s world is completely inundated with social media. What started as a means of connecting us with our friends and family has turned into an often volatile playground for misinformation and misunderstanding. Vaping has not been immune to this social media frenzy, as most companies who hope to retain their market share are forced to hire social media managers to track and guide marketing strategies online. Many vaping companies fill their pages with beautiful people using their most eye-catching products, all in an attempt to sell more units. Unfortunately, critics believe that Juul, one of the biggest e-cigarettes makers, is using these sorts of images to attract teens to their product.

As a result of the pressure, Juul recently announced that they’d be completely revamping their presence on social media. This includes removing any professional models from their ads, and instead focusing on real-life people who have successfully quit smoking thanks to Juul. This announcement is only the latest in a string of moves by Juul that signal their desire to keep helping smokers quit, while simultaneously not increasing the chances student pick up their products.

Latest Move By Juul

According to Juul Labs, they only recently came to understand just how many teenagers are using their products illegally. While still fewer than is touted by anti-vaping legislators, Juul decided it was time to place their focus more firmly on helping smokers quit. That’s why their new policy states that they won’t use any paid models on their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts. Instead, they’re going to bring in former smokers who have successfully used Juul to quit for good. This falls in line with what has always been the overbearing policy of Juul Labs to provide a much safer alternative to traditional cigarettes to the public.

Part of their new policy is a new in-house team primarily tasked with finding and reporting posts on social media that they believe are either inappropriate or aimed at attracting the youth. According to Juul, they’ve already helped report over 10,000 illegal online sales since February, and their latest push will only increase those numbers. According to CEO Kevin Burns, Juul is taking their already strict marketing code and adding further protections against attracting teens. In a press release that came with the announcement, he said, “We believe we can both serve the 38 million smokers in the U.S. and work together to combat underage use – these are not mutually exclusive missions.”

The Changing Face Of Juul

This social media push is only the latest move by Juul Labs that signals their goal of doing business ethically and sustainably. Some believe this new strategy all began with an FDA probe into Juul Labs and their business practices. Back in April, the FDA sent a request for information to Juul regarding their marketing toward children. It didn’t take long for Juul to respond with a massive pledge. The cig-a-like maker agreed to donate $30 million over the next three years to fund independent research into the long-term effects of vaping on the body. Not long after that, they announced the start of an education campaign aimed at teaching parents about their products. They hope that the extra information will help parents keep the vaporizers out of their underage child’s hand.

Some wonder why Juul is going so far above and beyond in response to concerns over their teenage use. It’s likely due to the large target on their back thanks to being the largest and most well known vaping company in America. But instead of fighting the often reasonable claims from critics, they’re taking matters into their own hands and not letting things get blown out of proportion.


Juul Labs is merely doing what they think is best for not only their company but the prolonged health of our society. After all, vaping was invented as a means of helping smokers off cigarettes for good. It’s great to see an influential company do everything in their power to mitigate the negative impact of their devices, while still focusing on their many benefits. As stated by Kevin Burns, helping smokers quit smoking while keeping their devices out of teenagers hands are not mutually exclusive desires. It just requires some time and effort to ensure more people understand that while not 100% harmless, vaping is shown to be at least 95% safer than smoking. If that wasn’t enough, it’s also been shown to be the best smoking cessation tool we currently have at our disposal, even beating out prescription drugs. The bottom line is that more companies must do the responsible thing and limit any activities that could be attracting non-smoking teens to their products. That’s the best way we can work toward a smoke-free future together.

Do you think that it’s a smart move for Juul Labs to change their social media strategy? Is Juul doing too much in the name of pleasing everyone? How can we improve the public’s understanding of vaping and its risks? Let us know what you think in the comments, and don’t forget to check back here or join our Facebook and Twitter communities for more news and articles.

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