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Forbes: “Health Fascists” Should Back Off Electronic Cigarettes Forbes: “Health Fascists” Should Back Off Electronic Cigarettes

Far too often, the media is filled with negative stories from ecig skeptics, but every once in awhile we find a little bit of reason mixed in with the usual chaos. That’s what happened this week when Steve Forbes delivered one of the most balanced looks at vaping that we’ve seen published in quite a while. In an epic rant against “health fascists” looking to kill ecigs, he urged them to reconsider their stance or at the very least back off.

Forbes pointed out that every new innovation is met with controversy and there will always be naysayers. But he insists that electronic cigarettes are a break through that could save thousands of lives and as such, it deserves a fair chance. “One breakthrough that gets absolutely no respect – in fact, it’s aroused intense hostility from people who should know better – is the invention of e-cigarettes,” he wrote. “These battery-powered vaporizers contain nicotine and give users the feeling that they’re smoking. But the beauty of them is that there’s no smoke involved. No smoke is going into anyone’s lungs.”

Many have argued against electronic cigarettes, fearing that they will only hook teens on smoking and lead to a growth in tobacco use over time. However, Forbes said that is total nonsense and there is no scientific data to back up those fear-mongering tactics. “Without a shred of credible evidence, these nanny-naggers also claim that e-cigs are a gateway to smoking. The real world shows the opposite: Since the invention of e-cigarettes a few years ago, teenage smoking in the US has fallen by half! Teenage use of vaporizers has kept teens from getting hooked on a truly lethal habit!”

There is much to lose if our government takes the wrong stance on ecigs. Tobacco kills thousands of people each year and if ecigs can help people escape the grasp of this powerful addiction, then it would be ultimately damaging to the American people to enforce unfair vaping regulations. “These vaporizers are more effective than patches, gum, or any of the other things smokers who want to quit have employed,” Forbes said.

Far too often, we come across reports warning people that ecigs are dangerous with no real science to back those claims. So it’s a breath of fresh air to hear someone as wise and prestigious as Steve Forbes speak out to defend the e-cigarette movement. How can we sway others to give ecigs a fair chance? What can the vaping community do to paint ecigs in a more positive light?

Dustin Erickson

Dustin Erickson - ECR.net Editor

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