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Five Things To Avoid When Switching To Vaping Five Things To Avoid When Switching To Vaping

Switching to vaping can be very good for your health, but many have trouble when they’re first starting out

Vaping continues to become a more and more popular choice for cigarette smokers looking to quit. The peer-reviewed evidence is growing that not only is vaping much safer than smoking (around 95% safer), but it’s also one of the, if not the best, smoking cessation tools we currently have at our disposal. With this being the case, it’s no wonder why so many smokers are looking to e-cigarettes to help them kick their habit for good. But making the transition to e-cigarettes from combustible cigarettes can be challenging for some, as there’s a lot to learn and keep straight. From different devices to proper atomizer maintenance and technique, there are a few things that many beginners seem to have trouble getting down. With that in mind, we’ve created this short guide to common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Buying The Wrong Device

Purchasing the correct device can be one of the most challenging, yet rewarding decisions you have to make when making the switch to vaping. Do you value thick, full clouds or all-day portability and power? No one vaporizer can do it all, so the best ways to start narrowing down the choices is to ask yourself how you’re planning on using it most. Another critical thing to keep in mind is that you get what you pay for. Just as with most things in life, the quality of your product is directly tied to the amount you invest in it. So we suggest opting for a higher-end device if it’s in your budget. It can end up saving you more money in the long run by lasting longer as well as offering potentially money-saving features not found on cheaper models.

Regardless of which type and quality of device you ultimately decide on, it’s an excellent idea to look at reviews before making a final decision. You should strive to read both expert reviews and user reviews to make sure you’re getting a well-rounded understanding of the product before you make a purchase. Expert reviews may offer more technical information or comparisons, but it’s the user reviews that can often prove to be the most insightful, providing a window into the product from a consumer perspective just like yours.

Using The Wrong Flavor, Balance, Or Strength

New vapers can sometimes go overboard when trying out new and tasty sounding e-liquid flavors. It’s not just the flavors and their aftertastes you have to be careful of, but the contents of the e-liquid itself. That includes the PG and VG balance as well as the nicotine strength. PG and VG are simply the substances used as the vehicle for the flavoring and nicotine. E-liquids with a high Propylene Glycol content tend to produce stronger and more robust clouds, while a high Vegetable Glycerin balance fosters a smoother pull. For many vapers, it takes a period of experimentation before they can find the perfect PG/VG balance for them. So if you’re not satisfied with the quality or flavor of your vapor, try a few things before getting too discouraged.

In addition to the flavoring and PG/VG balance, another significant factor in vapor quality is the nicotine strength of your chosen e-liquid. These days most flavors come in several different nicotine strengths, generally between 0mg and 24mg of nicotine. The best thing about this is that vapers can gradually reduce the level of nicotine they’re ingesting, eventually removing it all together. If you get too high of nicotine strength, you may end up with headaches or nausea, while not enough can produce an unsatisfying experience overall. A reliable rule of thumb when deciding which is right for you is that light smokers shouldn’t exceed 6mg of nicotine, while medium and heavy smokers should aim for 12mg and 20mg respectively.

Pulling Like A Cigarette

Most cigarette smokers take long and hard drags that can be very harsh for non-smokers. Vaping is a bit different, with long draws still favorable but an added focus on softer pulling. The standard hard pull of a cigarette smoker will likely cause coughing with a vape mod. For the best results, we advise that you wait until your device is sufficiently heated, then taking a long, but natural, draw from the vaporizer. This should be more than enough to produce a thick, full cloud satisfying to even the heaviest smokers. It’s a bit counterintuitive, but the softer you pull, the more vapor you’re likely to produce.

Forgetting To Lock Your Vaporizer

Most vaporizers these days have activation buttons that turn the device on and off. When you’re carrying you vape in your pocket, there’s a chance that it could accidentally become engaged, leading to a hot and potentially dangerous coil. Not only could this ruin your battery, but it is one of the primary ways in which vaping accidents occur; Ranging from extreme heat, to fire, or even explosions.

Luckily, any device worth its price has several safety features in place to combat this. But most importantly, it will always have a simple locking mechanism that prevents the atomizer from firing. So as long as you’re diligent to always lock your device before traveling, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever run into any safety issues like this.

Not Learning The Basics Of Vaporizers

For vapers, few things are worse than running out of fresh coils or e-liquid right when you need them most. What can be worse though, is not entirely understanding how to fix things when they go wrong. The parts of a vaporizer aren’t overly complicated, so they just require a bit of reading. For instance, a new coil can be the difference between a fantastic vaping experience or a severely lacking one. Fixing your rig can be a gratifying process, but unless you know what you’re looking at, you may just feel overwhelmed and dissatisfied with your vape. Don’t let an issue you could have been prevented be the reason you end up back on cigarettes.


No matter what you do in life when you’re first starting out you’re bound to make some mistakes. The best way to prevent these errors is to take the time to fully understand your choices before making them. Some are simple, like remembering to keep your vaporizer charged, or adequately cleaning the parts. But some things can usually only be learned through first-hand experience. Fortunately for you, we’ve all already made these mistakes, so you don’t have too. Just follow our simple advice, and you’ll be well on your way to a much healthier life with vaping.

Do you have trouble with any of the items on our list? Is there something you think should have made the list that didn’t? What have you had the most trouble with when trying to make the switch from smoking to vaping? Let us know in the comments.

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