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ECR’s Official A-Z E-Cig Glossary ECR’s Official A-Z E-Cig Glossary

As a community of loyal e-cigarette users has spread over the world, it almost feels like the new technology has spawned a whole new language too. We understand this can be intimidating to anyone potentially interested in e-smoking. Being able to comprehend the various terms means being able understand the excellent advice available around the internet. This can empower people to make an informed decisions regarding their brand choice and also getting help when things don’t turn out quite as expected.

So we’re pleased to present the official ECR Electronic Cigarette Glossary! We hope it helps!


Analog Cigarettes – refers to regular tobacco cigarettes

Adapter – small piece that allows cartridges from one style of e-cig to fit onto another style of battery. The adapter lets users mix and match cartridge brands with the battery of their choice.

Atomizer – the electronic component in an e-cigarette that converts the nicotine solution into a vapor that the user inhales.

Automatic – a kind of e-cigarette that comes on when the user puffs on the device rather than requiring a button to be pushed in order to activate the e-cig. This is the most popular version of e-cigarettes that most closely resembles a tobacco cigarette.


Battery – the piece of the e-cigarette that provides power to activate the heating element. E-cig batteries are rechargeable unless you use a disposable e-cig.

Bridge – a tiny piece in the atomizer that is shaped like a U. It absorbs the nicotine solution and sends it to the heating element where it is converted into a vapor.


Cartomizer – the combination of a cartridge and a disposable atomizer.


Disposable E-Cigarette – an e-cig that is designed to be thrown away after all of the liquid inside the cartridge is used.

Drip Tip – an e-cig accessory with a larger opening to make it easier for the user to add new e-liquid into the atomizer. Drip tips can be used with atomizers or cartomizers.

Dripping – adding new liquid to the atomizer. The user adds a few drops of e-liquid to the bridge before vaping. Many e-cig users believe dripping creates better vapor because there is no filler material involved.

Dry Smoking – when the atomizer floods with solution. You should remove the mouthpiece and cartridge, then replace the mouthpiece and inhale. Use caution to avoid overheating the atomizer.


Electronic Cigar – works in the same way as an electronic cigarette, but gives the user the style and flavor experience of a cigar.

Electronic Cigarette – a battery powered cigarette which uses an atomizer to turn nicotine solution into an inhalable vapor. Eliminates smoke and tobacco as is used in analog cigarettes. Also called the e-cigarette, e-cig, and electric cigarette.

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits – a complete kit that includes everything the smoker needs to begin using e-cigarettes. Most kits contain atomizers, batteries, chargers, cartridges, and a manual.

E-Juice – the liquid solution containing nicotine that is used in the e-cigarette.

E-Liquid – another phrase used for e-juice, as defined above.

E-Pipe – a personal vaporizer that looks like a pipe

E-Smoking – using an electronic cigarette


Flooding – when too much e-liquid enters the atomizer. Flooding results in a decrease in the amount of vapor and in the flavor.

FDA – The Federal Food and Drug Administration, a United States agency that regulates the food and tobacco industry.

Filler – absorbent material inside of the e-cig cartridge. Filler helps contain the juice within the cartridge so that it flows to the atomizer without flooding. Most filler is made from Polyfill.


LED – the light on the tip of the e-cigarette that comes on when the user inhales. The LED also gives the user information concerning the battery’s charge when it flashes or changes to green.

Leaking – when e-liquid comes out of the bottom of the atomizer and hits the battery, causing damage to the e-cig. This most often happens when the user adds to much e-liquid.

Low-Resistance – a low rated OHM level that sometimes causes the atomizer to heat quickly and produce vapor at a rapid pace. Often abbreviated as LR.


Manual – e-cigarettes that are activated with a button rather than coming on automatically when the user inhales. A manual e-cig usually has a button on the top or side which must be pressed to begin vaping. Some users prefer manual e-cigs because the seal protects from damage against leaks.

Milligrams – the measurement of nicotine found in e-liquid. Abbreviated as mg. Typical nicotine levels range from 0 mg to 48 mg. The medium nicotine content is 18 mg.

Mini-Cigarette – an e-cigarette that is smaller than the standard model. Mini E-cigs are comparable to the size of an analog cigarette.

Mod – an e-cigarette that has been modified from its original condition.

Mouthpiece – the piece where the e-cig user places his or her mouth to inhale


Personal Charging Case – Often abbreviated as PCC. A case that the user can take with them to charge e-cig batteries while away from an electric outlet. These are popular for e-cigs with lower battery life.

Personal Vaporizer – another name for the e-cigarette. Sometimes abbreviated as PV or used to refer to a modified e-cig.

Propylene Glycol – Abbreviated as PG, the liquid base used to create nicotine solution for electronic cigarettes.

Pen-Style – an electronic cigarette that looks like a ballpoint pen. Used for discreet e-smoking.


Smoke Juice – another term to refer to e-liquid.

Smokeless Cigarette – refers to an electronic cigarette, sometimes used as an alternate name to explain that the e-cig produces no smoke and only emits a harmless vapor.


Throat Hit – the feeling the vaper experiences when e-cigarette vapor hits the throat. Sometimes called a Throat Kick instead.

Topping – adding e-juice to the cartridge to be sure it is full. Sometimes called “Topping Off”.


Wick – a small piece of cotton inside the e-cig cartridge, holds the e-liquid


Vape – the act of using an e-cigarette; inhaling e-cig vapor

Vaper – a person who uses electronic cigarettes

Vaping – inhaling e-cigarette vapor

Vegetable Glycerine – used as an alternative to propylene glycol by people who make their own e-liquid. It is clear and odorless with a sweet base. Some believe it causes vapor production to increase.

Did we miss any key terms? Have you heard any other slang and abbreviations that we’ve missed? Let us know by commenting below and we’ll do our best to add it into our glossary!

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