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Clever New Technology Could Solve The Teenage Vaping Epidemic Once And For All Clever New Technology Could Solve The Teenage Vaping Epidemic Once And For All

An Australian company is set to release a cannabis vape pen which, among other exciting features, is fingerprint protected

Vaping often gets a bad wrap. Sometimes it’s over concerns about long-term safety, other times it’s about the incredibly small threat of battery explosions. But one of the most common arguments you ever hear against vaping revolves around their impact on the youth. Despite those in favor of vaping pointing to the glaring lack of evidence proving this connection, legislators and public health officials seem convinced acceptance of vaping for harm reduction and smoking cessation value will undoubtedly lead to more teens smoking. Luckily, the vaping industry is hard at work coming up with clever new ways to combat the ever-present risk of exposing teens to risk they don’t fully understand.

One of the most exciting of the newly developed technologies to fight underage vaping is something we’ve used for protection for years, our fingerprints. Australian based, Lifespot Health is set to release their very own advanced vaping product, dubbed the Cannamed. Many are hopeful innovations like this fingerprint lock enabled vape will be the real answer to the teenage vaping problem, not misguided regulations which often have many unintended consequences.

The Lifestyle Health Cannamed

For the vaping industry, innovation is nothing new. It seems like every month there is a new device which builds on its predecessors to offer something we’ve never quite seen before. That’s precisely what Lifestyle Health Ltd has done with the new and improved Cannamed. Lifestyle Health purchased the German-based vaping brand, Seng-Vital last year and along with it, their Bluetooth enabled Cannamed vaporizer. Since then Lifestyle Health has been working on a new and improved version with an updated feature set. The announcement was met with a ton of excitement from the vaping community, as the industry struggles with mounting concerns over teenage usage.

As mentioned, the most interesting of all these new features is the ability to lock your vape with only your fingerprint able to unlock it. This simple, but game-changing feature could be exactly the answer the industry has been searching for. Not content with just that addition, they’ve also expanded the Bluetooth functionality of the Cannamed to include dosage control and even geo-location locking. Another incredible feature of the Cannamed is the real-time results it can share with your doctor. This allows you and your physician to track your success and usage until a more refined and informed treatment plan is established. These medical grade vaporizers will be available for purchase in medical clinics for around $200 when they’re finally released later this year.

The Power Of Vaporizers

Solving the teenage vaping problem is likely the most prominent thing still holding the industry back from reaching its full potential as a harm reduction and smoking cessation tool. Luckily, between smart new technology and large scale research, it seems we have very little to worry about after all. A poll of over 60,000 students concluded that only between 0.1% and 0.5% of non-smoking teens are ever picking up a vaporizer regularly, let alone making the jump to harsh cigarettes. We also have reason to believe vaping is the best smoking cessation tool at our disposal. That’s what a study by the University of Louisville found when they tested the success rate of all the most common quit aids and methods, ranging from cold turkey through prescription drugs.

But the case gets a lot stronger when you take a look at the evidence for the harm reduction value of vaporizers. Back in 2015, we got our first report which concluded e-cigarettes are at least 95% safer than traditional cigarettes. This report by Public Health England broke new ground, but it certainly wasn’t the last one. As recently as this past December, researchers have found that vapor contains approximately 93% fewer toxicants than found in cigarette smoke. But the cherry on top has to be the report which concluded the excess lifetime cancer risk of a vaper is around 57,000 times lower than a smoker with a similar background.


If left to their own devices, legislators would likely “solve” the teenage vaping problem with solutions that ultimately do more harm than good, such as ever-popular flavor bans. Instead, more time and money should be placed into technology which can correct the issue. That’s precisely what Lifestyle Health is doing with their thumbprint locked vapes. It’s likely other companies will soon follow suit with similar protections on their high-end vapes. After all, how can you better ensure only legal adults are using your device than by making sure the rightful owner is present when it’s used. This type of solution could prove to be a game-changer for public health, but it will only make a difference if it’s properly supported.

What do you think about a fingerprint locked vape? Do you believe teenage vaping is a significant problem or is it being overblown by the media? How should we be working to educate more people about the value of vaporizers? Let us know what you think in the comments, and don’t forget to check back here or join our Facebook and Twitter communities for more news and articles.

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