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Business Insider Unveils Vaping Etiquette Rules Business Insider Unveils Vaping Etiquette Rules

E-cigarettes took center stage this week at Business Insider, where a new article featured nine “laws” of etiquette for e-cig users. The article featured a new infographic outlining the new rules to help vapers know what is appropriate and what is not. Here is a quick overview of the article’s proposed rules. Check them out and then let us know if you agree that these should be the public vaping “laws”.

1. Don’t Vape at the Movies

When you go to a theater to watch a movie, the general etiquette is to keep all lights off. We’ve all seen someone messing on their cell phone during a movie and that light from the tiny screen is distracting to everyone. In the same way, the lighted tip of an e-cigarette might be small, but it is still distracting. Plus if you are puffing vapor clouds, that could hinder someone’s view of the screen. So as a general rule, no using e-cigarettes in the movie theater.

2. Don’t Vape When You Go Out for Dinner

Smoking was banned in restaurants for a reason. Smoking at the table is rude and the same is true for e-cigarettes, right? Well, according to Business Insider this is a big social no-no so stay away from vaping at the dinner table. We tend to think it depends on what kind of restaurant you are in. You probably shouldn’t puff on your e-cig in a fancy steakhouse restaurant, but when you’re eating wings at the local pub, why not?

3. Don’t Vape in the Office

This third rule is a little baffling to us. Business Insider justifies this rule by saying that vaping should be discreet and when you do it in the office, it’s disrespectful. Once again, we say this probably depends on your situation. You might not vape in your office, but we do! Ultimately, it’s really up to your boss and it will vary depending on your personal work environment and how laid back it is.

4. Don’t Vape on the Toilet.

When you need a nicotine break, you should find somewhere to use your e-cig other than the bathroom. Business Insider says that vaping on the john is rude. According to the article, it’s wrong to pretend you are taking a bathroom break so you can use your e-cig. Just find a quiet corner where no one is around or walk outside.

5. Don’t Vape and Smoke.

The article really hit hard on people who use an e-cig and also smoke analog cigarettes. In this fifth rule, the article states that smokers should just stick it out and get over the hump to give up their tobacco cigarettes. It says that using cigarettes part-time makes other vapers look bad. On this item, we again tend to disagree. Pretty much every e-cig user is a smoker in the beginning. Some of us choose to transition into vaping full time, but others just use e-cigs in social settings when smoking isn’t allowed. There is nothing wrong with that! If you want to be a part time vaper, go for it. Choosing e-cigs over tobacco is a good move anytime.

6. Don’t Vape on Public Transportation

When you’re on a city bus or train, there is no way your fellow passengers can get away from your vapor cloud. It’s probably best to avoid vaping in this setting to avoid offending people around you that don’t know the difference between e-cigs and regular cigarettes.

7. Don’t Act Superior to Smokers

Business Insider points out that sometimes vapers tend to stick their nose up to regular smokers. In this etiquette rule, the article suggests that we are all different, but regular smokers are not “less”. We agree that you should treat smokers with kindness, but there is definitely nothing wrong with giving them some info on vaping so they know they have options.

8. Don’t Vape Around Your Kids

According to the article using e-cigarettes around children is a big mistake. Kids might not understand that your e-cig isn’t an actual cigarette so they might think that smoking is okay. However, the article doesn’t mention the scenario of parents that have been smoking around their kids from the beginning. If that’s you, vaping is definitely preferable.

9. Don’t Leave E-Cig Cartridges Lying Around

This is one rule that we definitely agree with! Don’t leave your e-cig trash sitting around the house or office. Throw away your old cartridges and wrappers properly. Don’t forget that those cartridges have nicotine inside, which can be deadly if ingested by children or pets!

So after reading these 9 rules of vaping etiquette, what are your thoughts? Which rules do you agree with and which ones should be changed?

Dustin Erickson

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