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Britain Aims To Become A “Smoke-Free” Nation Over The Next 20 Years Britain Aims To Become A “Smoke-Free” Nation Over The Next 20 Years

Going at their current pace, England should be able to get under 5% smokers by the year 2040. The report even indicates they could get down to 0% by 2050

Even with all the progress society has made in the fight against tobacco, smoking remains the number one cause of preventable death and disease across the world. That’s why it’s so important that we don’t slow down our efforts to snuff out cigarettes for good. England has long been the leader in utilizing vaping as a harm reduction and smoking cessation tool, so perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising that they’re also one of the world leaders in the fight against tobacco.

A report conducted by researchers at Frontier Economics indicated that Britain is right on track to become one of the first truly “smoke-free” countries in the world. The report was actually requested by Philip Morris International, who hired the consulting firm while launching their new non-profit tobacco research organization, Foundation for a Smoke-Free World. According to the results, England is currently on pace to reach under 5% smokers by the year 2040. The report also found that a significant part of their trajectory is the widespread acceptance and utilization of vaping in the nation.

Study Results

The study attempted to paint several accurate, evidence-based pictures of what could happen in England depending on how things start to play out. A steep drop in the smoking rate was noted as beginning in 2012, right around the time e-cigarettes became vastly popular. The smoking rate across the world has already been dropping for several decades, but vaping has bolstered these efforts in places where it’s accepted for its harm reduction and smoking cessation value. This is especially true for smokers who have had trouble quitting using other methods in the past. The steep decline is expected to slow over the coming years, given the rate of new vapers every year has also slowed. Most likely due to the diminishing number of smokers who are unaware of the nature of vaping.

Regardless, the report showed that not only is England on track to reach their goal of 5% by 2040, but they also found that if things continued at the current pace, the smoking rate in Britain could reach 0% by 2051. In addition to their predictions, the report included some suggestions on how to bolster these dropping rates. One of the most significant factors identified as a way to increase their effectiveness was proper support of e-cigarettes. This included more research into the long-term effects and the full range of benefits. According to the report, if all of their suggestions were followed, the goal of 5% smokers could be a reality by as soon as 2029, moving the date for 0% to 2035.

England’s Vaping Strategy

England has once again improved their claim as the leader in how to properly use vaping for all of its benefits. Just last fall they included e-cigarettes as part of their annual smoking cessation push during October, aptly named Stoptober. It was the first time that vaping has been incorporated into a large scale smoking session campaign. The organizers were encouraged by the growing number of ex-smokers who say they were able to finally kick their smoking habit after starting vaping.

Another nation of the United Kingdom, Scotland, is also doing their part to make the world a smoke-free place. They announced last year that they aim to have their first “smoke-free” generation in only 15 years. Commitment like this proves that the UK is the world leader in both acceptance and proper use of e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation and harm reduction tool.


As mentioned above, smoking still kills more people every year than almost anything else. While most of the world has begun to wake up to the severe adverse effects of smoking, many are still limiting their cessation efforts by undermining the effectiveness of one of the best tool we have. That’s why England, and the UK at large, should serve as an example to the rest of the world. They have accepted and legitimized vaping for its benefits more than almost anywhere else, and they are currently enjoying the lowest smoking rate they’ve ever had. Meanwhile, countries that continue to vehemently deny the applications of vaping, such as Australia, have much higher smoking rates.

This makes a lot of sense when you learn that peer-reviewed studies on the subject have found that vaping is the best smoking cessation tool we have. Researchers at the University of Louisville published a report last fall that found e-cigarettes were even more effective in helping smokers quit than prescription drugs. If we genuinely want to get rid of smoking for good, it’s imperative that we support every tool we have, especially ones proven to be so useful. The statistics are clear, countries that deny the benefits tend to have more smokers, while countries like the UK that support the benefits are seeing the lowest smoking rates ever recorded.

Do you agree that vaping is a major key to helping smokers quit? What’s the best way to teach more people about the benefits of vaping? Do you have to improve public perception or is the vaping community alone enough to get change? Let us know what you think in the comments, and don’t forget to check back here or join our Facebook and Twitter communities for more news and articles.

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