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Beginners Guide To Vaping Weed Beginners Guide To Vaping Weed

Vaping marijuana can be a bit more complicated than regular e-liquid vaping, so we made this guide to help

Many of us have been vaping e-liquids for years now, but something that is becoming more and more popular these days is weed vaping. While weed vaporizers have been around for as long as any vaporizer, it’s only been with the recent rise of legalized marijuana that weed vaping has truly taken off. Some people want to vape weed for the medicinal purposes, while others are just in it for fun, but regardless it’s a much safer habit since it doesn’t require combustion.

Like with most types of vaping, there are a plethora of options to choose from, so knowing what you’re looking for is critical. We can help you understand the basics so you’ll be sure to have a consistently fantastic experience no matter what you end up buying. With that in mind, the first thing to ask yourself is what type of materials you will be using?

Different Materials

The most common vaporizers found are made for use with e-liquids. These vaporizers have a tank that you either refill or that comes preloaded with nicotine e-liquids made from a mix of Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, and flavorings. You may be asking yourself if you can use those devices for vaping weed, and the answer for most people, the answer is going to be no. That is unless you’re using cannabis oil, which can be used with a standard mod and tank. Although you may want to try adding some oil to your favorite nicotine e-liquid first since pure THC oil is so potent.

The other, more common, materials for vaping weed are concentrates, such as wax and dabs, as well as ground up buds. Both of these distinct types of material require special atomizers that have been designed to vaporize them. Luckily many devices these days have the capability of functioning with more than one of these materials. Generally, that’ll mean switching cartridges out, but some devices even use the same atomizer with a simple screen added for vaping concentrates. But not every brand is the same, so you’ll have to make sure they work with your desired materials before you buy.

Optimal Usage

Buying the right type of device is only part of having a consistently fantastic experience. Proper usage is key. If you’re using oil and you’re already a vaper, the transition is rather easy. As mentioned above, the best way to vape cannabis oil is to add it to your favorite e-liquid. You should do this, at least at first, because oil can vary significantly regarding strength, so starting out with pure THC oil could prove to be too potent. The other materials can get a bit more complicated if you’ve never used them before, but once you understand the basics, you’ll be able to fine-tune your approach.

If you’ve opted for a vaporizer that functions with dry herbs, you’ll find that the process is somewhat similar to packing a regular bowl. First, you’ll need to finely grind your buds, making sure to remove any stems. Depending on what type of vaporizer it is, they may require you to pack the bowl loosely or tightly, so consult your manual to make sure. The trick I’ve found for fostering a fantastic experience is to use a folded piece of cardboard as a funnel. This will help you efficiently pack the cartridge no matter how tightly they suggest to do it.

Concentrates get a bit more complicated. While there are several different semi-solid types of concentrates, from dabs, to wax, and shatter, they all are vaporized in more or less the same way. You should take a small amount of your material and place it directly in the chamber. I’ve found that for the messier materials, like wax, it’s best to use a small metal tool to transfer them from their storage spot to the vaporizer. This helps keep things from getting too messy, as well as preventing you from wasting any excess materials. Depending on the device and how much you use it, you may need to replace the coil or cartridge after a few weeks or a month. If you plan on vaping concentrates often, it’s best to go for a device that has replaceable coils, so you don’t have to keep replacing the cartridge itself.


Vaping continues to grow as more and more people are convinced about their significantly reduced harm compared with smoking. While nicotine e-liquids still reign supreme, weed vaporizers are quickly becoming an influential player in the industry. But unlike with nicotine vaping and e-liquids, which are uniformly used, there are a lot more things to consider for weed vaping. Even after you’ve already decided on your perfect device and material, you’ll still usually have to fine-tune your approach before feeling totally satisfied with the result. So while at first, it may seem like a bit more of a hassle than simply smoking, many people, myself included, find that vaping is the best way to get a clean high.

Have you ever tried vaping weed? What’s the most challenging part to get right in your opinion? Should vaping e-liquid and weed be treated the same, and if not, how should it differ? Let us know in the comments.

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