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Another Country Is Set To Ban The Biggest Vaping Company In The World Another Country Is Set To Ban The Biggest Vaping Company In The World

Israel’s Health Ministry made the announcement that Juul devices will no longer be allowed in the nation

Concerns over the safety and impact of vaping are nothing new. For almost as long as vaping has been a thing, parents and legislators alike have rallied against the perceived threat of e-cigarettes. The usual primary attack revolves around the idea that accepting and legitimizing vaping for its harm reduction and smoking cessation value will directly lead more non-smoking teens to start vaping. As far-fetched as that already is, the story gets even more silly when you realize they actually think these kids, who never smoked before, would opt for the burning of a traditional cigarette after getting used to a smooth fruit flavored vape.

The evidence we have on the subject agrees. Large-scale polls have indicated that only between 0.1% and 0.5% of non-smoking teens ever pick up vaping, let alone smoking. But despite all the reason to believe, many politicians are still dead-set on regulating the harm reduction devices to death. The nation of Israel just announced earlier this week that they would be banning the use of e-cigarettes throughout the country starting in only one week.

The Latest Ban

The national Health Ministry announced their decision in a statement to the press, saying the devices pose a deadly risk to the general public. While not getting into too many details, they did reference the concentration of nicotine being a primary culprit of the change. Unfortunately, this latest ban is just the latest in a recent trend of European countries that have placed substantial prohibitions on the San Francisco based company’s product. The ban is all but guaranteed now, having been signed by Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

In response to the news, Juul Labs said they were “incredibly disappointed” in the “misguided” call. While they said they’re planning an appeal of the ban, experts say that it’s unlikely anything changes as it currently stands. Juul had only recently broken into the market in Israel, with a reported 30 or more businesses presently carrying the vaporizers.

Juul’s Tough Year

This latest news is only the most recent setback the rapidly growing company has faced this year. Having become the undisputed market leader in the US at nearly 70%, Juul has incidentally gained a target on their back. After all, they’re the company that most people know, so it’s only natural they get the majority of the public blame. Adding to the overall scrutiny is their popularity with students, who early on used the USB-like design to utilize teacher ignorance and vape in school. This has all come to a head for Juul Labs, as they face increasing calls from governments and parent groups to reign in their usage.

To their credit, the company has gone above and beyond what is required of them. Starting earlier this year, they pledged $30 million over the next several years to fund independent research on the long-term efficacy of vaping. Not long after, they started an ad campaign with the sole purpose of educating parents and teachers about how to spot a child trying to hide their vaping. They even changed their policy on social media to prohibit paid actors, and instead only use real people who have quit smoking thanks to Juul. But perhaps their best move was just recently announced, location locking “geo-fences.” This new tool will prevent Juul from being used in select locations, like schools and medical facilities.


Regardless of the evidence we currently have on vaping, legislators around the world are still working toward harsh regulations on vaping. This latest ban in Israel is only a piece of the puzzle. It seems that many governments are content in dodging their responsibilities and treat vaping as just another form of nicotine intake. But if they took their time to do real research, it would become clear just how much value vaping offers.

That’s why we must work on educating the population about the actual benefits of e-cigarettes. By getting more of the public behind the cause, we could eventually force politicians to listen, over a fear of losing their position. It’s sad that this is what it takes to get the average politician to do their job. But as it currently stands, it’s all we can do. So if we truly want to end the smoking epidemic once and for all, we must first spread the real nature of vaping.

Are you surprised Israel is banning vaping? What do you think would help legislators buy into the value of vaping? What’s the best way to educate the public? Let us know what you think in the comments, and don’t forget to check back here or join our Facebook and Twitter communities for more news and articles.

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