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Amazing Electronic Cigarette Info Graphics Amazing Electronic Cigarette Info Graphics

Info graphics have been sweeping the internet recently, displaying important and fascinating statistics in stunning and fun graphic representations. Looking through some popular info graphic blogs we were completely inspired by a huge range of topics. Furthermore, we really thought that the story and positives of electronic cigarettes could really be enriched by having its own info graphic. We reached out to a few graphic designer friends to help realize our ideas. We provided some key facts and figures and our creative friends have merged them into amazing information graphics.
We’re happy to show you the results of this collaboration, with not one, but two amazing e-cigarette info graphics! We hope this will help promote the e-cigarettes cause across the web. Please share this page with your friends and family. It can help alert them to the benefits of e-cigarettes in a really easy to digest and fun way.

A Breakdown of E-cigs: This graphic looks at some of the issues and stats surrounding smoking as well as the negatives and the potential advantages to using electronic cigarettes. It also demonstrates the typical way e-cigarettes work and some of the financial benefits to current smokers who switch to e-cigs.electronic cigarette info graphic

A Look at Electronic Cigarettes: Our second graphic looks at the two traditional designs of electronic cigarettes and explores the advantages of both. By presenting the two vs. three piece debate in this manner we hope that it allows those who have a limited understanding of e-cigarettes to quickly grasp how both models work, technically and practically, which will allow consumers to come to a conclusion on which model is best for them.

Remember please share but please remember to give us credit and a link back to the site so we can keep making more! No republishing without expressed written permission from the site owners. Both works registered with the United States Copyright Office 2012.

Dustin Erickson

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