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7 Famous A-List E-Cig Smokers and 7 That Probably Aren’t 7 Famous A-List E-Cig Smokers and 7 That Probably Aren’t

In these tough times it’s quite easy to be envious of celebrities. Their lifestyles seem so luxurious and mysterious. They take exotic vacations all over the world. They spend their free time signing autographs for adoring fans and dodging the paparazzi. They are young, smart, and often astonishingly beautiful. Who wouldn’t want to be a celebrity, right?

However far apart their lives may seem from our own, just like us celebrities have their vices too including smoking. It’s no surprise then that celebs were quick to get on the e-cigarette bandwagon. However the past few years the internet and Twitter has been awash with news stories, rumors and PR stunts of A-List’ers allegedly spotted e-smoking. With many e-cig brands quick to jump on any sign of a story to use as a marketing tool (nothing is more marketable than a celebrity endorsement after all!) it has all got a little confusing out there.

You may have become aware of or even bought your first e-cigarette off the back of a celebrity e-cigarette story. After a little digging we found that not all these stories were completely as them seemed. So if you have heard rumors that your favourite celeb is using e-cigarettes, it’s time to find out if the rumors are really true. Here is ECR’s break down of 7 famous A-List e-cig smokers and 7 that probably aren’t.

Let’s Take a Look at the 7 That Definitely use E-Cigarettes.

#1 Charlie Sheen

E-cig’s Are Yet to be Tested With Tiger Blood

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is not only a proud smoker of electronic cigarettes, but he also briefly tried selling them online. He partnered with his troubled friend Lenny Dykstra to sell his own brand of e-cigs called “NicoSheen” which they advertised as the “Winning” e-cigarette. Despite offering pre-orders in early 2011, they never actually made it to market. Although Sheen has been the source of a lot of controversy in the past few years, it seems that he has made at least one good decision by ditching his long standing habit of smoking tobacco cigs for the more innovative electronic cigarette.

#2 Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay is flipping the scipt on her habbits

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is trying to clean up her act. As a child actor turned into a drug abusing troubled adult, her fans have watched and anguished as she fell hard into the pitfalls of Hollywood. Fortunately, Lindsay is cleaning up her act. She is ditching the drugs to renew her career and focus on making new movies. She has dropped the bleached blonde hair for her natural red locks, and now she is even ditching tobacco cigarettes for electronic cigs. Lindsay has been spotted smoking thousands of times, but most recently, she has been photographed smoking e-cigs rather than tobacco smokes. Good decision, Lindsay!

#3 Katherine Heigl

Puff E-cigs Everywhere, Even on Primetime!

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl is America’s sweetheart and she’s also a big fan of electronic cigarettes. In fact, she openly enjoyed her e-cig on the Letterman show and even encouraged the late night host to try the e-cig for himself. Young starlets have often looked to Katherine as an example of a stunning actress who keeps her personal life in check. Her one downfall has been smoking and now she has managed to ditch the tobacco too! She told Letterman that she tried patches and gum to quit smoking and nothing worked. Then she found e-cigs and finally kissed tobacco good-bye. Katherine Heigl makes e-cigs look amazing.

#4 Johnny Depp

Johnny Quits Tobacco & Shaving

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is the epitome of sexy and an e-cig never looked quite so good! While filming “The Tourist”, Depp puffed on an e-cig during the train scene and sent fans scurrying to find out where to get an e-cig like the one he was using. Fans were also happy to see that Depp had traded in his typical tobacco cigarette for the electronic cig in this movie.

#5 Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo Now Avoids Ice Bergs By Biking Everywhere

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio has been very open about his struggle to stop smoking. He has done multiple interviews where he shared that tobacco was his pitfall, but it seems that the “Titanic” superstar has finally found the answer he needed. Leo does indeed use electronic cigarettes and has been photographed using e-cigs on many occasions. It looks like this star has finally found a way to kick his bad tobacco habit to the curb.

#6 Paris Hilton

Nicotine Helps Paris Focus On Spending Money

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton might be the fashion queen, but she has also been labelled the party princess. Papparazzi have captured Paris at thousands of parties in the last few years and often she was drinking heavily and smoking a cigarette. Fans will be happy to know that Paris has now given up tobacco and is using electronic cigarettes instead. She has been spotted in her car, in restaurants, and at many nightclubs with an e-cig in hand. If anyone can make an e-cig the trendiest new fashion accessory, it’s Paris Hilton. She looks oh so cool with the e-cig in hand.

#7 Catherine Zeta-Jones

No Oscar’s for the Zorro Movies?

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones battled to give up smoking when her husband Michael Douglas was fighting throat cancer. If something could ever motivate you to stop using tobacco, it would be a loved one with throat cancer. Today, beautiful Catherine is smoke free and her answer came through e-cigarettes. She has been spotted around many swanky restaurants using her electronic cigarette while happily chatting with friends and family.

Despite Rumors to The Contrary, 7 Celebrities That Probably Don’t Use E-Cigarettes.

#1 Kate Middleton

Kate’s Unexpected Wedding Gift From Florida

Kate Middleton

When someone sent a South Beach Smoke e-cig kit to Kate Middleton as a wedding gift, rumors started to fly that the beautiful new princess was also a closet e-smoker. It turns out that the rumors are simply untrue and the gift was only a publicity stunt.

#2 Ryan Seacrest

Unfortunately Seacrest is Definitely Out

Ryan Seacrest

Rumors have been flying that Ryan Seacrest was spotted puffing on an electronic cigarette at a party with Paris Hilton, but unfortunately there are no photographs to prove this claim. While Ryan is definitely a trend setter on the Hollywood scene, it hasn’t yet been confirmed that he is also taking on the trend of e-cigarettes.

#3 Kate Moss

Miss Moss Really Making E-cigs Vogue?

Kate Moss

Kate Moss has been a smoker for ages so it’s easy to see why people might think she would be an e-cig trend setter among celebrities. Unfortunately, the stories that surfaced all appear to be publicity stunts. Kate was spotted with a cigarette in her mouth and photographed from a distance. Although the photo has been used as a publicity stunt for many e-cig brands it certainly hasn’t been confirmed that it was an e-cigarette.

#4 Britney Spears

Quit Me Baby One More Time

Britney Spears

Britney has been a long time smoker, but recently rumors claimed that she had ditched cigarettes as a favour to her new fiancé. While we all hope that Britney is making some healthier choices in life, there is no photograph to confirm that she is using e-cigarettes. Britney, make we humbly suggest that you give them a try?

#5 Kevin Connolly

Remember ‘Unhappily Ever After’? We Wish We Didn’t!

Kevin Connolly

Kevin Connolly is another one of the celebrities that has been frequently linked to e-cigarettes with no evidence to back the claims. While we think the Entourage star would look hot puffing on an e-cig, there are no photos out yet to show that he has indeed made the switch.

#6 Robert Pattinson

More Likely to be Sucking Blood Than An E-cig

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson has long been criticized for his unhealthy smoking habit. As today’s big teen heart throb thanks to the Twilight movies, many parents have complained that Pattinson should ditch the cigarettes, at least while he is out in the public eye. Recently, rumors spread that he had thrown own his smokes and was using electronic cigarettes, but this has not been confirmed. All recent photos show Pattinson with his typical cigarette in hand, so for now we simply aren’t too convinced.

#7 Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed

2 Young Actresses In The Twilight Of Their Careers

Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed

Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed are two more Twilight stars who have been criticized because of their smoking. Just like co-star Robert Pattinson, these two ladies have never been photographed with an e-cig, despite rumors and pr stories saying that they use them.

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