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Luxury E-Cigs: The 5 Most Expensive E-Cigarette Kits in the World Luxury E-Cigs: The 5 Most Expensive E-Cigarette Kits in the World

The recent Mega Millions draw got us all dreaming about the more luxurious side of life. I certainly found myself laying back, thinking about quitting my day job, buying a massive mansion and jet setting to some of the most glamorous locations in the world. It also got me thinking about some of the purchases I could make if I was without budgetary constraints. I must admit I often find myself online window shopping looking at the more expensive side of stuff I love, and e-cigarettes are no different. So we decided to compile a list of how much bang you get for your buck if money is no object!

We’ve found from reviewing most of the products contained within these kits that the experience does not always increase as you spend more of your hard earned dollars on e-cigs. What you are really buying into is convenience and quality. Imagine never being without a fully charged battery, being able to charge your empties anywhere and having loads of cool gadgets to boot. Just imaging hanging out on the posh South Beach while vaping with a top of the line e-cig. The vapor is smooth and full of flavor and you are obviously using the hottest and best e-cig on the market today!

This is our count down of the world’s top 5 most Luxurious and Expensive E-Cigs

5# The Safe Cig Starter Kit Deluxe ($137.95)

The Safe Cig Deluxe kit is packed with accessories

The Safe Cig Starter Kit Deluxe

This high-end kit will provide you with three batteries, two USB chargers, one car charger and one wall charger, a Safe Case (your choice of one of four colors and a design) and two seven-packs of refill cartridges in your choice of strength and flavor. This particular kit is perfect for very heavy smokers who want to be able to smoke at work, at home or in the car.

4. South Beach Smoke Deluxe Ultimate ($159.99)

SBS Deluxe Ultimate Kit is bursting at the seams

South Beach Smoke Deluxe Ultimate

In the South Beach Smoke Deluxe Ultimate Kit you will find one Deluxe SuperMAX e-cigarette lithium ion standard battery (good for 300-400 puffs), one Deluxe SuperMAX e-cigarette lithium ion high-capacity battery (good for 500-600 puffs), one personal charging case (so you can charge on-the-go), one portable wall charger, one USB charging adapter, one universal car adapter for the USB charger, one universal compact carrying case, fifteen nicotine cartridges/atomizers in the flavor and strength of your choice (equivalent to seven to eight packs of cigarettes) and an owner’s manual.

The atomizer/cartridge combination offers a new and cleaner experience when smoking e-cigarettes. Every time the nicotine cartridge is replaced with a new one, you also get a new atomizer which means you do not have to maintain a separate atomizer unit.

3# Green Smoke Ultimate Kit ($239.95)

GreenSmoke have got the wealthy covered

Green Smoke Ultimate Kit

This kit gives you three electronic cigarette batteries (one long, one short and another one of your choice), two packs of FlavorMax cartomizers (ten cartomizers), one USB cigarette, two USB chargers, one high-powered wall adapter and car adapter, one carrying case and one Green Smoke user guide and membership card. There are seven different flavors to choose from for the e-cigarettes with a no nicotine option as well.

2# e-Smoke Pro Series XXL Starter Kit ($249.95)

This e-Smoke kits comes with about 2 months’ worth of cartridges

e-Smoke Pro Series XXL

With this kit, you will get two short lithium batteries, three tobacco-flavored cartridges, one portable charging case, one USB charger, one wall charger, a car charger, fifty additional cartridges, an instruction manual and an eSmoke membership card. The refills included are equivalent to seventy-five packs of cigarettes. The Pro Series also boasts the world’s lightest and smallest e-cigarette (8 mm in diameter and 85 mm in length).

1# White Cloud Cirrus 3X ($349.95)

White Cloud ensure that charging doesn’t get in the way

White Cloud Cirrus 3X

In this kit you will get three batteries, one Chargebolt USB charger, one AC adapter, five SmoothDraw cartridges and a two-year premium warranty (as opposed to a standard six-month warranty). The C3X is long lasting and can produce more than six hundred puffs on a single charge (this comes from the newly created Chargebolt USB charger). This kit is ideal for moderate to very heavy smokers who do not like having to continually recharge. The cigarettes themselves are also considerably smaller compared with other brands and are compatible with all of the SmoothDraw cartridges.

So there you have, the most expensive e-cig kits money can buy! Did we miss any expensive options? Are the kits missing anything that would make them extra special? Let us know by commenting below!

If like us you have the bank balance of a mere mortal, much more affordable kits are available and rated in our main review section!

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