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The 5 Best Recent Electronic Cigarette Innovations The 5 Best Recent Electronic Cigarette Innovations

It seems like electronic cigarette industry is picking up pace as more and more people make the switch from tobacco to e-smoking. Our favourite small device is changing the way the world looks at smoking and it is making a huge difference in the lives of many smokers. Although the size the e-cig market remains relatively small, it is making a big impact as a truly innovative industry.

As the popularity of the e-cig continues to surge, more companies are getting involved in manufacturing e-cigs and the e-cig accessories. As popular brand increase in size they are starting to invest in their product and more money is being poured into research and development to stay ahead of the competition. This has started a continuous stream of amazing new innovations that will hopefully continue to increase quality and change the way we approach e-cigarettes.

The early fruits of this increase competition are starting to become apparent, so we decided to look into the 5 best recent e-cig innovations!

5# FlavorMax Cartridges from GreenSmoke

Green Smoke Cartridges Still Setting The Pace

FlavorMax Cartridges

The guys at GreenSmoke have always been ahead of the curve with their cartridge game, being the first big brand to offer the all in one cartridge and atomizer two piece design e-cig to the public. With their latest incarnation they continue to make strides for e-cigarette innvovayion with their new FlavorMax technology.

These cartridges are longer lasting than any cartridge we’ve tried at ECR. GreenSmoke are even confident enough to make the bold claim that they last 25% longer than other brand. Each cartomizer lasts for around 360 puffs, or as long as 1.5 packs of tobacco cigarettes. They have also stepped up the way cartridges are stored and packed using their new triple seal. Though this is a small touch we’ve been impressed with the quality and freshness of the flavour from the first puff to the last.

4# V2 Universal Adapters

You can jailbreak your E-cigarette just like your phone!

V2 Universal Adapters

V2 Cigs has been a power player in the e-cig industry for a while and they continue to release new, innovative products all the time. Their latest release is the universal adapter, which isn’t a huge advance in technology, but it does show a change in the mind-set of e-cig companies. While in the past, e-cig manufacturers created their e-cigs so that they could only be used with cartridges and accessories from their brand, V2 Cigs is opening the door for using multiple brands with their own and others products.

The V2 Cigs universal adapter allows you to use the V2 Cigs flavour cartridges interchangeably with other e-cig brands. With so many great flavors to choose from, many people consider trying V2, but don’t want to invest in new starter kits. Now they can use the V2 flavor cartridges with batteries from other brands like South Beach Smoke, Green Smoke, Smoke 51, and more.

It can be frustrating when you find a great e-cig but the brand’s cartridges suck! We hope other e-cig brands open up their systems and create better competition in both cartridges and the actual delivery systems.

3# White Cloud Cirrus 3X Battery

White Cloud’s answer to the infamous pink bunny!

Cirrus 3X Battery

If you have ever felt annoyed with the frequency of charging your e-cig batteries, the Whit Cloud Cirrus 3X battery is the news you have been waiting for. This new battery lasts three times longer than a regular e-cig battery. White Cloud claims that the Cirrus 3x will last for up to 600 puffs before it needs to be charged. The kit includes 3 batteries, giving you 1800 puffs before ever needing to mess with a charger. That is equivalent to 8-9 packs of tobacco cigarettes.

So ultimately why we are so impressed is this new innovation takes e-cig battery technology to a new level with weekly charges rather than daily charges. Although it is expensive, it’s the ultimate in convenience so it might be worth the investment. We hope that the Cirrus 3X will push the envelope and battery life of this kind will soon become the industry standard!

2# The Safe Cig Micro Kit

The little e-cig that proves size doesn’t matter!

The Safe Cig Micro Kit

We often hear that people worry that using electronic cigarettes will make them stick out in a crowd. They fear that the e-cig will look different, smell different, and just open a social stigma that would isolate them from friends who smoke. The new Safe Cig Micro Kit solves this dilemma, with the first micro-sized e-cigarette that works with as much power as their original fully sized battery. This kit is the first step towards e-cigarettes becoming as small, as light and therefore as convenient for users as traditional tobacco cigarettes.

The Safe Cig Micro Kit has surged in popularity since it was recently introduced and it is now the best-selling e-cig package from the Safe Cig. The Micro starter kit has everything you need to get started, from batteries to USB chargers, car chargers, wall chargers, and refill cartridges in your choice of flavors. The only let down is that the Micro Kit is only currently available in the 18 mg nicotine strength. However the Safe Cig plan to release additional strengths in the near future to give vapers more options.

1# Blu Cig Social Pack

This can charge your e-cig and your social life!

Blu Cig Social Pack

Blu Cig created probably the best new e-cig innovation of 2011 with the Social Pack. This extension to their already popular personal charger added a social feature that lets you know when another Blu user is nearby. When you turn on the social feature, the Blu logo on the front will light up and the pack will vibrate if another Blu user is within 50 feet. Talk about a great icebreaker at a party! You have an instant conversation topic when you identify other Blu fans in the room. We found this a particular interesting develop because the only real pleasant side effects of smoking tobacco has always been the social element.

The Blu Cig social pack also has proper charger indications, which is a new innovation for personal charger packs. The pack also features a no screw battery charger, which constantly monitors your battery and will charge your spare one automatically. You can see the charge icons on the side of the battery pack to quickly check your progress and see when your battery is ready to go again. The pack also has a mini USB for ultimate charging convenience.

All in all the Blu Cig Social Pack is a major step forward for e-cig technology. In the future we can it being implemented into social media apps for Facebook or Twitter. The smart charger system could even monitor and limit how much the user vapes. With this exciting move towards social technology the sky is the limit for the new opportunities and ideas the Blu Cig Social Pack could potentially spark.

There you have! It’s never been a more exciting time to be an e-smoker. Did we miss anything? What would you like to see in the future? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below and thanks for reading!

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